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"I was at a loss. I needed to find some help. I wasn t going anywhere and I was scared that no one could help me. A friend recommended Gary. At first I didn t know if this stuff could help me but I started doing it and it made a big difference pretty quickly. It really works.

"Gary has a scale of treatment success. Out of a possible 4, I rate it a definite 4, without question, and this is after two sessions. The fees were a pretty small price for how I feel now.

"Life is too good to suffer. There are so many people who need help and I want them to know that this worked for me. I m smiling now as I think about this. . . . I will be glad to share my experience with you. Just call Gary and he will put you in touch with me."

Travis Cornish (Click here for more details)
"I was in dire straits. I couldn t work, I could hardly function. I had lack of concentration, loss of self-esteem, I was fit to be tied. Shortness of breath, chest pain, very nervous and basically no confidence in where to go, what to do or how to do it. In bad shape. In church I panicked and had to leave all the time. It would build up till I couldn t stand it. It took five sessions, but I never expected to feel this good. I was recommended by a close friend who said, 'If it hadn t been for Gary Lowe, I wouldn t be living today.' I respected this gentleman and thought that maybe Gary could help me. I ve had a 360 degree turn around. It gives me joy. -- I m back to feeling human, period."
Newt Dunsmore (Click here for more details)
"Gary Lowe is an amazing, compassionate man. At first glance his unpresuming appearance is routine. One would scarcely guess the depth of person enclosed. But Gary was one of my last hopes. I gave him a chance. . . When I faltered, I called and Gary was there for me. He kept me alive . . . it was that bad. For that I thank him. I thank him so much because now I can and am doing great things -- things that I had given up on, that I thought I was no longer capable of."
Debbie Hellbach (Click here for more details)
"When I came in, I was in rough shape... the end of the rope, no light at the end of the tunnel. The smallest chore was overwhelming. I couldn t focus, I couldn t function. I was paralyzed with depression. I regained my self-esteem and self-confidence right off the bat. I felt better right after the first session and I looked forward to each session because I d feel even better each time."
Doug Petersen (Click here for more details)
"I was totally depressed, desperate, crying all the time. I felt totally worthless and had no where to turn. I was skeptical but desperate. I knew the other types of talk therapy didn't work because I had already been there for over 3 years and it didn't help at all.

"Your treatments really helped me. Some issues that never came up in the sessions just went away completely and we never even addressed them. The hatred I had towards some people just vanished. I don't have any hatred and I feel good about so many things...especially about myself and my life. Some of these things that have been hurting me since I was a very small child are just gone. Everything has shifted from black to white.

"I'd be glad to talk to anyone about this because I rate it 4 out of 4 on Gary's scale. You don't have to believe me...just come in and try it out. It sure has made a difference in my life."

Carole Miller (Click here for more details)
"I just could not imagine going through the rest of my life like I was . . . I would just be dysfunctional. I thought this would take years of work, not 4 hours. On a scale of 0 to 4, I would rate my improvement a 4 ."
C. W. (Click here for more details)
"[E]verything has changed. It is even better than finding the last piece of the jig-saw puzzle. On an improvement scale of 0 to 5, I would rate it 6, 7, or 8. It is magic. . . . I would be honoured to talk to anyone about this."
Erika Walter (Click here for more details)
"After working with Gary only 3 times, I feel more in control of my feelings. I now can reason with daily problems and not let them put me into a depression. I am sleeping now . . . and my sleep improved after the first visit."
Gail Wilson-Marcocchio
Tumbler Ridge, B. C., Canada
(Gail has moved and I am unaware of her current location)
Treatment: January 21, 1999 through February 18, 1999
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: September 11, 1999 - minor relapse corrected by telephone.
December 22, 1999 - no further relapse
Problem existed 2 years before treatment

Panic Attacks

"I ve been having panic attacks for the last three years. I couldn t go further than fifteen minutes from my home and around six P.M. I d have to go home or try to hide away . . . I couldn t control it. It was an awful feeling. Two former clients of Gary s told me to try it, so I read the webpage but was really doubtful. I didn t honestly think that it could help me. I thought it was all false.

"I used to have three or four attacks every day. We had only one session and it has now been an entire week without an attack. How do you explain that?"

Josh Lequiere (Click here for more details)
"I could not watch T.V. or even listen to the radio... I would get so panicky. I thought the treatments were effective... a base was established where I didn t have to be scared of things. It is been over a year now and my pills are cut in half."
F. F. (name released upon request)
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: February 1, 1999 through March 10, 1999
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: November 1999 - no relapse, greatly reduced panic level is being maintained at status quo.
Problem existed at least 20 years before treatment

"I was afraid to go out in public. . . . I just didn t know what was happening. . . . I could not work. I had 7 or 8 sessions with Gary and he taught me to deal with the anxiety. I feel better now than in a long time. Things are great. I am back at work and my lifestyle is normal."
Bill Loftus
Fort St. John, B. C., Canada
Treatment: April 11, 1997 through May 13, 1997
Total of 7 sessions
Follow Up: April 13, 1998 - no relapse
Problem existed for approximately 2 years


"I had a horrible fear of riding the elevator and it spread to everyday life situations that I felt uneasy about. Public washrooms became a problem . . . being confined in any way. It started thirty five years ago and was getting worse. I took electroconvulsive treatments to get rid of depression and took talk therapy thirty five years ago but it didn t get rid of the fear. The talk therapy didn t help at all...

"I recently took an elevator ride and I was fine. It is the second time in an elevator and I am O.K. I think this type of therapy can help because it is not like the other types."

Elaine Thompson (Click here for more details)
"I thought I was going crazy and the mental health nurses didn't help. I was trapped in my house for 3 months and no one could help me. My friends would do my was awful. . . . I worked with Gary over the long-distance phone from Red Deer for 4 straight hours. The treatment worked. It is four out of four on the treatment scale. I will tell my doctor about this and anyone who wants to listen. . . there is help out there after all."

March 10, 2003 update: Pamela reports all phobia symptoms are totally gone.

Pamela Mineault (Click here for more details)
A Lifetime of Fear and Anxiety: "I was afraid of everything. Immediately after the third session, my fears left. I was totally surprised and very grateful. I have a feeling of total, total freedom. Absolutely great! My husband was in disbelief."
Katy Dodge (Click here for more details)
"All my life I have been terrorized by my fear of public speaking. In my position, I frequently have to give important presentations and I am a wreck, before, during and after the events. My attitude has turned around 180 degrees after only 90 minutes of treatment. I don t know how it works, but I can t say too much about this therapy. I score it 4 out of 4 on a success scale. It s been over 3 months now and I have a whole new attitude."
Linda Marks, R.N. (Click here for more details)
"I got a new job that demanded that I climb two hundred feet or more. I would try my best to climb but my hands would cramp up. I kept thinking of excuses not to do it. I d probably lose this good paying job soon.

"After the session, I noticed a major change. I could climb with confidence and no discomfort. If you told me that I would do this a year ago, I d say you were crazy. You couldn t even get me to think about going up, never mind going up and down confidently. My job was at stake and in 2 hours, it all turned around. Amazing to say the least. The treatment was 8 months ago and it s been getting stronger and stronger and more comfortable all the time. I told everyone... I rate it 3 out of 4 or higher on your success scale."
Rob Ness (Click here for more details)

Stress and Poor Self-Esteem

"I had gone to regular talk therapy and tried self-help books and tapes for years without results. I had reached a point where I felt it was all hopeles... I just couldn t change how I felt. I had given up and just accepted that I must continue to dislike myself. I would just have to remain unhappy, depressed and frustrated and accept the fact that I just couldn t seemed to get it together no matter how hard I tried.

"My friend said that she was really making progress and having an exceptional experience with Gary s kind of therapy. It amazed her and she said that I should give it a try. I was convinced that I would have to fly from Battleford to Dawson Creek and how could I afford the time or money to do that. I was surprised when Gary said that we could use the telephone just as easily as actually going to his office.

"It s hard to put into words the overall impact of the treatments have had on my life. I was so down that any improvement would be worth the time, distance and money. I never expected to get such results, especially over the phone. I can now live up to my true potential and set goals and really achieve them. If you compare that to having no power and feeling like a victim of life, it s hard to put a dollar on that. The cost was nothing compared to what I got out of it. It s invaluable no matter how I look at it. I d be glad to talk to anyone about this great experience any time. Call Gary and he will put you in touch with me."

Ashala Wraye (Click here for more details)
Battleford, Saskatchewan

"My life was pretty much out of control with anger. Everything I associated with was anger...relationships, work . . . it didn't matter... it was all anger. I couldn't get anything to help me.

"I finally came to a point where I wanted to do something about it and I had read the webpage. I wasn't skeptical as much as uncertain if it could help me. It certainly seemed to help others. My wife worked with Gary several years ago and she noticed very strong and good changes.

"Now that I've got all the old emotional garbage gone, my anger is gone also. It was worth every cent and more."

D.S. (Click here for more details)
(Name released upon request) D.S. will be glad to talk to anyone about his treatments.
"My child got help from Gary, so I decided to work on myself. I ve let go of so many negative feelings that started when I was eight years old. It acted as a chain reaction that kept going over the years. I am more in control of my life and that was my big goal. I am making beneficial choices for myself rather than listening to other people. I have less negative thoughts about myself and have become more assertive."
Kathy Murphy (Click here for more details)
"I needed help taking exams but I also had problems with anger and past issues. My skepticism was very high because everyone makes such huge promises and it doesn t work or last. I always felt so much better after each session and it seems to stay with you. Don t judge Gary s work the same as all the others. This is important work."
Dave Gray (Click here for more details)
"I was terrified and angry that this person had done this to me. It was ruining my life. It was overwhelming. Everything happened at once -- within a few days. I couldn t do my work. I took time off, I couldn t think. He was still free and I was getting paranoid. I spent over two hours reading every testimonial fully from the website. It was hard to believe the testimonials but I kept an open mind... there had to be some truth to this... I noticed right after the first session my anger was really down, I was more relaxed almost immediately and I could think clearly. There was such a big difference so fast."
Klaus Walter (Click here for more details)
"I had long term almost unbearable overwhelm and stress. I was in a lot of physical pain.A friend who Gary treated recommended I come in. It took me six or seven months to finally phone and I am so glad I did. I feel free . . . that s how to describe it. It s only been two sessions and I now feel freer and happier than I have in years."

March 8, 2003 update: "I've had pain in my wrist for years. When we treated for my emotional upsets, that pain immediately went away. It has not been back since. And that was three months ago. I'm feeling at least 50% better about everything that we worked on."

Miriam Kjos (Click here for more details)
"When I came in I was full of anger and resentment towards other people and myself. I was paranoid and thought that everyone was against me. I was having serious panic attacks, couldn t sleep and it was getting worse all the time. This had been going on for years but this last year really hit me hard. I felt that I was failing in every aspect of my life... I was at the end of my rope. Everything I did seem to have a negative slant on it. I couldn t see good in anything.

"I rate this four out of a possible four on Gary s scale of treatment effectiveness. My panic attacks are gone, I m sleeping fine and I definitely have a positive outlook on my life now. There are still people that don t like me and I m O.K. with it now. I m off all my meds and the real beauty of the treatment is that it has given me a goal to my meditation."

Ray Gairdner (Click here for more details)
"I had workplace problems. Certain people were robbing me of my self-confidence. I have done many important things in my life but I was feeling weak and unhappy. The treatment doesn't create a dependency on drugs or the therapist and I like that. I'm in charge of my emotions now."
g.r. (name released upon request -- click here for more details)
"I would cry a lot, even in church. I was feeling so down because I had just lost my job and I was taking a very tough college course. The exams had me in tears, then Gary taught me a technique to let me get rid of emotional upset and it works so well for me. It has made such a difference in my life."
Leona White (Click here for more details)
"I'd get angry about the smallest things because I felt other people weren't up to my standards. I'd hurt those closest to me. There was a 100% improvement one day after the first session. My wife kept looking for the old angry responses that weren't there. She said it almost scared her because it was like I was someone else. . . . I was calm and understanding and without anger."
Al Wingerak (Click here for more details)
"When I would see an attractive girl, I would always compare myself to her and feel horrible about myself. I would want to throw up. When I'd look in the mirror, I hated what I saw. . . . It was worth the money because I had been through five years of counselling before without results. I had two friends that you helped earlier, so I had nothing to lose. On your scale, I score it four out of four."
Penny Albrecht (Click here for more details)
"I got into a new business and found myself overwhelmed. . . . I was so frustrated and depressed, . . . someone is always trying to throw you a curve. You helped me with another problem so I thought I would try again. . . . I work more efficiently now and I can laugh at things. . . . I would rate the changes 3.5 out of a possible 4."
S.M. (Click here for more details)
"All my play off nervousness was gone. I was in a terrible slump for over a year. It is so surprising because we only did 2 sessions, . . . most people would not believe it... it is gone from black to white. The inner game is what really counts."
G. C. (Click here for more details)
"It did not seem anything could help my problem. I had taken medication for a number of years... After the first session, I could see that things were actually happening. I never would have believed it was possible. It is amazing."
Pat Kearns (Click here for more details)
"For 20 years I had this problem. I had become a hopeless case. I talked to many other people who said that it worked, so when I came in I was not that skeptical. I was amazed after the first session."
Calvin Haugan (Click here for more details)
"I was an emotional wreck when I came in for treatment and I came out totally sane. Awesome changes. The treatment is 4 out of 4 all the way. It was like going from black to white."
Duane L. (Click here for more details)
"Before, I felt like a desperate individual... life wasn t working for me at all. I had a lot of different issues...anger, sadness and an addiction... and the change has been amazing."
Michelle Dedora (Click here for more details)
"Procrastination and anger were major problems in my life. It all started when I was a kid, . . . and all the reprecussions from those things really affected the rest of my life. I wouldn t let myself win at things, even when I could do better than others. I d rate the treatment at least 3 out of a possible 4 and I d be glad to tell anyone that this really works. If others have similar problems to mine, I would definitely suggest that they get this treatment."
Mary Davies (Click here for more details)
"I was really down on myself, doubting my abilities, and I needed an emotional crutch to keep me going, and it was getting totally out of control.

One treatment and I came out in control and every treatment it got better. On Gary s success scale it is 4 out of 4 for me."

Danny Moore (Click here for more details)
"My daughter was very happy with her results she got, so I thought it was worth a try. I spent 5 years with one psychiatrist and a year and a half with another. My daughter said, 'Isn t it amazing how many years we ve spent in therapy before and we never felt this good and it only took hours.'"
Jenine Welsh (Click here for more details)
Workaholic: "I had a lot of anger. I was mad and sad as I could be. Summertime would drive me crazy because my work is seasonal. I had a great inability to relax and enjoy things. I drove myself constantly. I wasn t happy unless I was working and productive all the time. I d get mad and feel guilty if I tried to relax. I even canceled my only vacation after a few days because I worried about my business so much. Then I felt guilty about being unable to take a vacation. There was never ending fear, stress and anxiety and I was helpless.

These are really strange techniques. I was surprised but not disappointed. I rate it 3.5 out of 4 on Gary s scale. I put a high value on happiness and well being and it was definitely, definitely worth the money. Give it a try and see how easy it is. The hardest part was making the phone call. I ll share my experience here with anybody."

David Toews (Click here for more details)


"1998, I was in day surgery for varicose veins in both legs. After the surgery, I was sent home, without medication and still in much pain. Gary did one short session of hypnosis with me and something unbelievable happened. The intense pain vanished away and has never returned!
June Berg (Click here for more details)
"I ve had over ten years of Fibromyalgia problems. I tried hands on healing, using everything and anything to get over this. I recognized the mind-body connection but I couldn t find the tools to help me. No one knew how to get at this before. I read hundreds of self-help and natural healing books. I checked into everything... hope kept getting slimmer because it all failed.

"I found out that my F.M. pain was about my rejection problem with mom. So we worked on that issue and it got rid of 75% of the pain -- overnight. It was awesome. I wouldn t have believed it! I can get out of bed in the morning and stand up straight without pain and that hasn t happened for ten years or more."

Follow up: April 15, 2003: ( 5 1/2 months since treatment) "My FM pain has been reduced by 75% or more since my last treatment. I am so impressed that I am seeing Gary for some other issues that I need to work on."

K.O. (name released by request)
"I was very depressed and didn t know where to turn for help. An inner voice said to call. I had very little skepticism. I had been reading about new stuff and alternative therapies for quite some time. I was surprised to learn that we wouldn t have to use much hypnosis because I was concerned about whether I could be hypnotized or not. My fibromyalgia is still there, but weaker and more controllable and it s been over a month since I finished treatments . . . I ve told a lot of people about this and how you helped me."
Cindy Furman (Click here for more details)
"I have had migraines for years. I was very skeptical at first, but I was amazed after the first session. It did work and it is still working 3 years later. I would score the treatment about 3 out of 4 or somewhere around 80% over the last 3 years because weak ones still show up now and then."
Noreen McLean (Click here for more details)
"Over 3 Years Of Pain Control: "These techniques have lessened the amount of medication that I use... a big plus! I use it to get rid of headaches in 5 or 10 minutes. I thought it may be all hype at first but I was lucky that my doctor said it was worth a shot because it can not hurt anything. I am still getting good results after 3 years. I would rate it 3.7 out of 4 on the healing scale."
Pat Kulachosky (Click here for more details)
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue: "I have had to go half way around the world to find relief in a little place called Dawson Creek. I was astounded how effective the procedures are. I could control the pain by working on my emotions."
Ron Beath (Click here for more details)
Fibromyalgia: "I had pain all the time. I have tried for years . . . tried everything. The pain is minimal now . . . nothing else came close to this. I never expected this amount of pain relief in 6 hours. Even though I was skeptical, it worked."
Bonny Beattie (Click here for more details)
"I ve had tremors in my neck and a shaky voice all my life, ever since I can remember. I tried absolutely everything to stop the tremors and nothing helped. Right after the first session there was a major improvement. After the second session the tremors left totally. It all seemed so simple."
Giselle Guay (Click here for more details)

Family and Marital Issues

Note: Some of these clients have been advised not to directly talk about their marital or couple problems, but instead, to focus on the changes in themselves. Some issues are too sensitive to put into the public domain on the Internet, for the world to view, without possible harmful reprecussions. If you do not see direct reference to marital or couple difficulties in some of these testimonials, it is a protective measure in the best interests of the client.

"I couldn t control my emotions about my stepson. My anger and irritation were out of control and unwarranted and it was destroying the whole family and getting constantly worse. I was ready to move out rather than wreck the whole family. I saw several regular therapists over a year's time with no change it didn t get better at all.

"I noticed right after the first session with Gary that I felt much better about my relationship with my stepson. After three sessions we are laughing together and enjoying together

"During all that talk therapy before, I felt that there was something under the surface but the psychologists couldn t get to it. With these new treatments, it seemed natural for that hidden stuff to come out and be healed. The muscle testing system surprised me. I have never seen anything like it. It got right to the core problem.

Kim Noruschat (Click here for more details)
"My marriage was in jeopardy because I have been so tired and depressed for so long. All I wanted to do was sleep. I d sleep sixteen hours at a time. I didn t want to play with my kids and the house was a disaster. I just couldn t get things cleaned up because it was exhausting. It would take all day to get the laundry done. I didn t have the energy to get things done and my husband was very unhappy with me.

"This was definitely worth the money. My husband also came for treatment and after 3 weeks, we re much closer. I learned to be in tune with myself -- what is going on with me and who I really am. I d tell anyone to definitely go."

Corinne Dennis (Click here for more details)
"I was very depressed and had very little to no self-confidence at all. I was just down. There was a marriage breakup in November and I saw a psychiatrist and it was just, 'here s some more pills and I ll see you in a month.' I needed more than this. I needed to get to the root of who Lori really was and find out what really was going on. . . It was worth every cent I paid. Anti-depressants cost a lot of money, especially over a life time and I now feel that I can be free of medications and I will easily recover the cost. How can you put a price on something like this?"
Lori Slater (Click here for more details)
"I was very tired, lethargic, unhappy and depressed and within 4 weeks I feel 100% better. I rate it one million out of a possible 4. I truly believe it was worth every penny."
Zoe Trahern (Click here for more details)
"I originally sought help to become more skilled at day trading but I quickly found out that I had a lot more problems underneath that. I wanted to start day trading again and make some money because I had employment problems, some upsetting relationship issues with my family and others, plus my father just died. This all happened within six weeks. I was depressed, suicidal and desperate, . . . really down when I came in. I rate it four out of four on Gary s scale in improvements in only ten hours of treatment. I don t know how many hours, or months or years it would take in talk therapy to even find the core issue that was holding me back. If you doubt what I am saying, you can call me or email me anytime."
Chris Reid (Click here for more details)
"Accupressure really works, . . . the subconscious mind is the best way to go. I have done regular talk therapy and it only helped a little. . . . My health has improved to the point that my doctor reduced my medication and canceled an operation that I was to have. I have become a believer"

Follow Up: "It's been over two years now since Gary helped me overcome a lifetime of problems and upsets. I can only say that I still feel great. I have taken emotional control of my life and there has been no return of the problems that once seemed so devastating. I followed Gary's instructions and advice carefully over the last two years and it is still working for me (March 16, 2002)."

Hugh Astrope (Click here for more details)
"I thought the techniques were a little strange at first. After 4 hours of treatment, nothing bothered me. I felt a lot better about myself and my problems are just gone. It is hard to believe I was that depressed. Now I feel wonderful. On a treatment success scale of 0 to 4, I would give it a 5."
Dale Malkinson (Click here for more details)
"My life was a real fight and struggle all the way. It was tough to continue coping and carrying on. I was totally and completely depressed. I really disliked myself. . . . I m off my medications and I can cope with life and its stresses. My self-esteem and self-confidence is better and I m feeling happier with my circumstances."
Judith Purves (Click here for more details)

Weight Loss

"I was doing everything right and I had lost a lot of weight, but for six months I just couldn't get the last ten pounds off, no matter what I did. It was driving me crazy. I was doing more than enough exercise and I even tried starving myself at 800 calories a day. Nothing worked, so I heard Gary on the radio and checked the website and decided to call.

"He sent me his weight loss self-hypnosis tape and gave me the advice and instruction I needed. To my surprise, I immediately started to finally lose that ten pounds . . . and it slowly but surely came off. I never came in for an office session and it worked. I am staying in touch with Gary just in case any of it comes back... he can help me avoid that... and on the telephone calling long distance. It's a great deal.

"My motivation to lose weight was always strong but it wasn't enough to get the last ten pounds off... but Gary gave me the extra power I needed. I was really surprised."

Sabrina Franklin
Fort St.John, B.C.
no office treatment
"These techniques have really helped me. I had tried everything else to get help and nothing really worked, so I was skeptical when I started. The one hypnosis session I had really was good...things really improved after that. I have listened to my self-hypnosis tape nightly and it is really helping. On Gary s scale of improvement, I would rate it three out of four. You can be skeptical and it still works."

Recent email from A.R.: "Just to let you know... I'm doing GREAT! The weight is coming off again and I don't think I need another appointment. I'll just leave it for now and perhaps have a little 'check up' in a couple of months. (By then the snow will be gone too and I'll enjoy a drive to Dawson.) Thanks for all your help!!"

A.R. (name released upon request)
Grande Prairie, Alberta
Sessions from October 10,2002 to February 24, 2003
Total sessions: 4
Follow-up: March 27,2003 satisfactory results
"I saw Gary in 1998 and have lost over 30 pounds. This stayed off for almost 4 years, but recently I noticed it starting to come back so I came back to take care of it. The new techniques were different from the hypnosis that I had the first time. It all seemed strange to me but it seemed to work. It s so easy to use these new techniques and make them part of your life so quickly and it s not a struggle. I ve got control again."
Norma Rattie (Click here for more details)
I knew what I had to do to help myself but I simply couldn t do it. I m a therapist in Grand Prairie and this is a common problem...being able to help others is often easier than helping yourself. I was surprised at how quickly Gary was able to help me. I could see the results in a very short time.
Sharon Dillobough (Click here for more details)
"I always suspected that my weight problem was more than dieting. I would lose 30 pounds and put it all back on 2 or 3 times a year for the last 4 years. I was frustrated and scared because I would gain more weight each time. Now I do not do that anymore. The first time I did the techniques I thought it was crazy, . . . but it made me feel better so quickly. My self esteem improved and I choose good foods, a salad over a pizza. There is absolutely no more struggle and my worry level is a way down. I have lost 16 pounds in the past 5 weeks and we did not even pay attention to food problems, . . . we worked on my past upsets instead. I was skeptical the very first time. When I did it for a couple of days, . . . it was working. You don t have to believe in it. I still do not know how it works but it is wonderful. I score it a 3 out of 4 on the treatment success scale of major changes. Losing the weight is almost secondary. The peace inside is even more important. It is so easy I wonder why I did not do this years ago."
Kathy Howe (Click here for more details)
"I gained 30 pounds in a few months, I was lazy and had no motivation to go to the gym anymore. I had always been active and fit. I didn t know what was going on. After 3 sessions, everything changed for me. Awesome! I rank it 4 out of 4."
Jessica Crawshaw (Click here for more details)
"I have lost 42 pounds since July. Four months ago, I never expected to be where I am today. I was really skeptical and hesitant to begin with, but let me tell you, it really works. It has been a pain-free experience. I do not miss the old bad eating habits. I do not even think about it.

"At first it takes a little adjusting but after the first week there s no problem. I saw Gary 4 times so I averaged about 10 pounds per visit, if you look at it that way. I feel great and it was easier than anyone would believe. The only downside I can find is that I have to buy a new wardrobe."

Sondi Deak
Tumbler Ridge, B.C.
Treatment started April 12, 1997 through June 2, 1997
Total sessions: 4
Follow Up: August 1997 - Lost 22 pounds; October 23, 1997 - Lost 42 pounds
Problem lasted about 10 years
"When I saw what the treatments did for my wife s pain, I wondered if it could help me with my weight? Before, I tried everything to lose weight... every diet and nothing worked. My wife and son have benefited from these treatments and I would really recommend Gary and his work... even though I was a total disbeliever. I thought it was all phony. I rate it 4 out of 4 and I can t say enough about the changes. I ll gladly tell anyone about this!"
Sheldon Crowe (Click here for more details)

Better Grades

"Hello Gary, Just a quick note to tell you that Brad is doing amazingly well. This little boy has done a complete change around and he is just glowing now. He has a lot of friends that he is socializing with and taking part in all the school curriculum. He is helping a lot of the students in his class in understanding math and other subjects. We are all so pleased and he is so excited about school and all the neat things they get to do.

"Thank-you for everything, for if it were not for you, I'm afraid to think of where Brad might be now. A load of thanks and hugs from all of us."

(This is an email from Sue Needham re: her son Bradley, aged ten.)
Treatments: February 26 through August 28, 2003
Total Sessions:5
Follow-up scheduled: April, 2004
Problem existed: 3 years

Update: An email from Bradley's mom after I called to do a follow-up on his improvement:

From: Suzanne Scott
To: Gary Lowe
Subject: RE: Bradley
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 23:15:22 -0600

Hello Gary. So sorry I was unable to talk to you longer on the phone but I was just heading out the door to pick up my daughter from work. I find it so special that you call to find out how Brad is doing. He is so happy now. I thank you so much because if it were not for you, my poor boy I'm afraid would not be with us today. I hate to think of what would have become of him. Through your knowledge, care, understanding and being able to have an open mind on this situation, you have made us the most happiest people. We are all so thankful to you. Thanks again. You are a wonderful and loving human being whom we here are only so fortunate to know.

Just a short note on how Brad is steadily improving: He went to a birthday party for a friend for the first time in years and had the greatest time. He said it was so nice to feel free and be able to feel the happiness and joys of just being yourself and being able to do what he always wanted to do. The following week he celebrated his birthday with friends over and again had a wonderful time. He is just such a happy boy and has become so independent. He walks home after school and is doing excellently in class. He helps his teacher out with teaching the children math and other skills which they ask him help in. I can't say enough about how he has changed. Eating habits are normal, his skin complexion is much better, he is gaining weight and growing taller and stronger, and he glows. Most of all, he is a happy 10 year old boy who went from living in total hell and closing himself out from the rest of the world to a beautiful healthy normal boy full of life.

I still pray to the lord every night and give thanks for all we have been through and all we have accomplished and Gary, you are in that list of special people I thank every night in prayers. You will always be very special in our life because without your help, understanding and guidance, we would not be here today with Bradley living life to its fullest. Thank-you so much."

Friends for life, Suzanne and Bradley and family

"My mark went from C minus to an A. I would rate the effectiveness of the treatment as 4 out of 4, because it has been almost a year now."

Cole Tremblay (Click here for more details)
"I wrote a test and failed it. I then had two sessions with Mr. Gary Lowe. I re-wrote the test and passed by 10%. Gary Lowe did help me."
Elbridge Miner
"I was failing my grade nine near the end of the school year and it looked like I was doomed. I worked with Gary once a week for a month and by the end of the school year I went from C minus to B plus."
Dillon Korbay (Click here for more details)

So Eager - Wanted To Go To School On Saturday

"Denver hated school intensely... everything about it. He had a hard time writing... it wasn t legible. He hated school, he didn t want to cooperate in school... he had bullies bothering him and he figured he was stupid because he was left handed. He honestly believed that he could never do well in school no matter what.

"I can foresee him getting his grade 12 now, whereas 2 months ago I had doubts that he s get through grade 7. I d rate Denver s improvements 4 out of 4 on the treatment scale and I d be glad to talk to any skeptical parents anytime."

Gail Crowe (reporting on her son, Denver, 10 years old -- Click here for more details)

Comments on Gary s work from other therapists

Gary is constantly researching and evaluating these new techniques by doing on-going follow-up with clients, as well as being willing to share his discoveries with other like-minded therapists via email or the telephone. Many therapists have emailed back, expressing their appreciation for this help.

"I loved talking with you last week, Gary. I find in you a good heart, a humble spirit, integrity, and the inquiring mind of a true explorer. A rare combination and a rare treat to talk with you. I hope to continue our conversation."

Don Flury, Ph.D. (Registered Clinical Psychologist)

"Gary, for personal reasons, I will not be at the conference this year, but I just want to share with you my increasing admiration for you as a person. I think your idea is wonderful."

"I just need to thank you for publishing your description of your session so that we all can learn from you. I always am happy when I see your name on the incoming mail because your contributions are such a blessing."

MaryAnn Michels, therapist

"Well, Gary, I don t know what I did to deserve to have so much of your time and such great input. But I truly feel blessed. You are doing very important work. I look forward to staying in touch with you. If I dive back into this area, I will share with you all the successes and failures so we can continue to learn from each other. The more I hear from you, the more I understand (and intuitively sense) that you are truly a Peace Counsellor."

Namaste, Linda, therapist

"Your muscle testing techniques sound great. I would love to know more! Any help that you could give me with this would be greatly appreciated!!

"Thanks, you re awesome,"

Tammy (Luv2Laff13

"I just love you, Gary Lowe. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your old version with the new version. I agree with you 100%. We are so blessed to have been given these new techniques. I came into the profession at just the right time and was blessed with wonderful teachers."

Kay Nuyens, therapist (knuyens

"Oh Gary; I am overwhelmed at your generosity of deed and spirit. Thank you so much for the detailed information. I don t know how to thank you...just a mere thanks does not seem sufficient. But... Thank you very much."

Paula Want, therapist (Pandora51

"Thank you so much Gary, your email gave me great info! I thought you had forgotten and I was hesitant to write you. I was delighted with the information you so graciously shared.


Loa Lovely, therapist (loal

"Dear Gary, I think you are absolutely awesome. I thank you for sharing."

Virginia Sabedra, therapist (vsabedra

Media Comments

"There is no mind control... in fact, every person is aware of every suggestion made and chooses whether to go along with it. And no one does an Elvis impression. The biggest misconception people have is that the hypnotist is somehow controlling the minds of the subjects, Lowe said, a myth perpetuated by stage shows. You're really starting a dialogue with the subconscious mind... quite amazing. Any problem created by the human mind can also be resolved by it."
Daily News Staff
Peace River Block News
November 12, 1998

"When I was asked to interview Gary Lowe about his Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy Services, I thought no problem, piece of cake. Then he invited me to be hypnotized as part of the interview. I agreed, promising myself that if I came out of this quacking like a duck every time a phone rang, somebody was gonna die! Gary hypnotized me, or I guess that's what it was, he was talking, my eyes were closed . . . I am starting to sleep better at nights and not even a single, tiny urge to quack when the phone rings. Honest!"

Carol Van De Bon
News Staff The Mirror, Dawson Creek,
January 5, 1998

"When Dawson Creek's Gary Lowe started his 144 kilometre run from Grande Prairie to Dawson Creek on Monday, it was under ideal fall conditions. Since then the counsellor and hypnotherapist has battled with white-out conditions on his run to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues. Lowe is an active member of the Canadian Mental Health Association and recently joined the board of directors. Lowe is committed to raising awareness for mental health issues... 'pledges are coming in and we're pleased with the response,' said Berry, CMHA treasurer."

Daily News Staff
Peace River Block News
November 9, 1998

"Thank you for your demonstration... your presentation was not only entertaining, it showed the audience how they could enrich their lives. The ease with which the process is completed was very apparent and many a myth was broken. The information you shared with those in attendance was not only valuable but also seemed to have an impact on many of the business owners in this community. In his acceptance speech, 1998 incoming president, Ted Sandhu, made reference to your presentation in speaking about the power of the mind and the benefits of a positive attitude. Thank you for your time and we look forward to an encore presentation in the future.

Lynda Tidder-Martin, Manager,
Dawson Creek and District Chamber of Commerce
December 9, 1997

"Bernice Leduc, one of the volunteers who underwent hypnosis says the whole experience was extremely relaxing. 'It was different that I thought it would be,' she said after coming out of hypnosis. But it was a good experience.'"

Gwendolyn Richards
Daily News Staff Peace River Block News
October 15, 1998

"Judy Kazakowich lived with intense pain for more than a decade. The Fairview woman's ordeal began in 1985 with numbness in her legs and arms, an unsteady gait, a rapid decline in peripheral vision and a tendency to walk into walls. 'It was like I was drunk almost,' she recalled. It took a week of tests at Vancouver Hospital for doctors to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis. She was devastated by the news. After trying, 'everything under the sun' to ease her suffering, Judy heard about clinical hypnotherapy and came to Dawson Creek to seek the services of Gary Lowe. The first session concentrated on one leg and after two hours, Kazakowich has noticed a huge change. After a few more sessions with Lowe, she was off the pain killers, experiencing no pain and no longer suffering from headaches.

"According to Morris VanAndel of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 'Hypnosis in the right hands, can be a powerful medical tool.' He recalled a case where he watched a doctor sew up a badly gashed hand with no anesthesia given to the patient. VanAndel says in situations like Kazakowich's where the disease has no known cure and no recognized treatment to at least stop the progression, alternative therapies like hypnosis should be applied.

"Dr. Lee Pulos, president of the CSCH agrees with VanAndel. Pulos believes alternative therapies and hypnosis will only gain in popularity and may ultimately . . . be accepted as a standard independent practice. Pulos says the move towards alternative treatment is a product of fear of drug-related side effects and doctors and their patients taking more responsibility for health care. Regardless of the future of hypnotherapy, Kazakowich is happy. 'Don't knock it until you've tried it. I've got my life back.'"

Matt Ramsey
Daily News Staff Peace River Block News
February 10, 1997

Gary A. Lowe, M. Ed. C. H.

(Masters of Education, Couns. Psych.)


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