Quitting Smoking - Success Stories

Disclaimer: Of 12 smokers who come to see me to quit, there are two that I do not work with because they are not wired for hypnosis. With the ten clients that I choose to work with, four out of the ten have wonderful results. They quit in one session without cravings, nic fits, anger at the world and little or no weight gain. The next four also quit but it might take a week or ten days. When they quit, it is easier than anything else they have tried. The next two do not quit, often because they do not follow my homework instructions.

All the nicotine substitutes and e-cigarettes have a success rate of about 10%. Clinical hypnosis, using a special technique, called waking hypnosis is about 80% EFFECTIVE. This is 8 TIMES as effective as the industry standard, plus there is an emphasise on not smoking again when stress comes into your life. Most smokers are spending over $6000 a year, so the fee of $550 for a two to two and a half hour session with an 80% SUCCESS RATE is reasonable.

If you wish to speak with any of these clients directly about his or her treatments, please call the office from anywhere in Canada or the United States.


"I smoked for 28 yrs and towards the end was probably smoking 2 packs a day. Over the 28 yrs I tried numerous methods (the patch, hypnotist, cold turkey, etc) to try and quit smoking with varying degree of results from quiting for a few months to not quiting at all.

"I had heard of Gary's hypnotherapy and thought about it at times but it took the passing of my mother to spur me into action and finally make up my mind to quit. When I went to Gary he was just starting to use acupressure as well as the hypnotherapy as treatment for non smoking. His quit smoking package at that time included 3 sessions. Gary said that most of his clients quit after the second session with a few only requiring one session. I believe I could have quit after the first session but it was after the second one that I was so Done with Smoking and have not touched a cigarette since for 18 yrs and never did use the 3rd session.

"Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things one will do in your life and is a mind over matter fight. By all means get help to quit and with Gary's help it definitely makes the mind be strong and made it easy.

"Thank you very much Gary."
Wayne R. Dyck, Dawson Creek, B.C., February 8, 2015


"I saw Gary on November 11, 2005 and I quit and have never looked back. That same night I went partying and had no desire to smoke, which was awesome in every sense. In nine years I can only recall three times that I ever thought about smoking again and I dismissed it as just stupid thoughts. It was no battle.

"During that session I thought I was not hypnotized because I heard everything and at the end Gary said, "You're a non-smoker, I won't have to see you again." I thought... maybe? I didn't feel any different, but it worked. I had some packs of cigarettes left over in my truck and I drove around with them for three days and I finally gave them to my employees that smoke. It was the easiest thing I have ever done. I recommend it to everyone.

"In my life it was probably the best money that I ever spent. One day I was a smoker and the next day I had stopped and it was like I never smoked.

"I was so impressed with clinical hypnosis that I am using it again to stop procrastinating. I totally believe in it now."
Blaire Scott, Fort St. John, B.C., October 24, 2014


"I saw Gary 8 years ago to stop smoking and it only took the one session and I have never smoked since. After the session, driving home, my husband couldn't believe it. He had a cigarette in the truck right next to me and I didn't want it. I have had no urges or cravings ever since that session.

"Most people that I know have gone through hell trying to quit. This was so easy, with no withdrawl symptoms.

"I am now seeing Gary about an entirely different emotional issue and I expect to get good results."
Natasha Kavli, Fort St. John, B.C., October 15, 2014


"I came to see Gary about quitting smoking, but I learned that I had a lot of emotional turmoil from my past that kept me using nicotine as a type of tranquilizer. So we worked on making peace with my past in the first session. Starting from when I was small and some abusive relationships later, everything got healed so that I felt calmer, more relaxed and less emotional in my everyday life.

"I returned for a second session and my subconscious mind indicated that all was well now and we proceeded onto quitting smoking. All of my previous insecurities were gone and I looked forward to stopping smoking. I was pleased and surprised how simple and effective this was.

"My husband also has a testimonial on this website and he was the one that wanted me to come to see Gary and I am glad that I did."
Angela Sexsmith, Fort St. John, B.C., June 18, 2012


"I came to quit smoking on January 5, 2011. Duane Pustanyk, my friend, had quit with Gary and he said it was amazing. I had no idea what to expect. I was really surprised that I was aware at all times with hypnosis. I had very few urges during the first few days and they vanished. It was like I never, ever smoked. It was very mild, very gentle. Every time I thought I wanted one, I just didn't have one - no bother.

"Every other time that I tried to stop, the urge would come and just grow and get worse. This was really surprising. Weak urges might come, but just go away. No mood swings, I wasn't crabby - I didn't freak out. I was cleaning out my van and found a cigarette package and had a moment of confusion because I felt like I never smoked.

"I wasn't sure if it would work. I would advise - just do it. It is the best way to quit with no side effects and no craziness. It has been over four months now and I have had no problems. His magic worked so well to quit that I am having a session to overcome some personal problems."
Naomi Hasfner, Fort St. John, B.C., May 2, 2011


"My mind was made up to really quit this time but everything I tried failed. I would drive down the highway trying my best to quit cold turkey and I couldn't. When I came to the appointment I had bought a package of cigarettes and I smoked all but three by the time I got to his office. When I left the office two and a half hours later I was a nonsmoker and still am after five years.

"I quit in one session five years ago and have never looked back. I did one session of two and a half hours and when I left I knew that I had quit. I never even used the follow-up self-hypnosis CD. The cravings were minor - they would come and go so quick I wasn't even aware that I was having a craving. It was no problem and there was no weight gain.

"Hypnosis was not what I expected. I thought that I would be put under but I was aware all the time.

"Anybody that really wants to quit can quit with hypnosis. I whole heartedly believe that Gary has the answer for people who are serious about quitting."
Daune Pustaynk
Fort St.John, B.C.
One session April 4, 2005
Updated April 27, 2010


"Itís been 2 years, one month and three days since I quit smoking with Garyís hypnosis and over that time I have only had a few tiny urges... honestly, you could count them on one hand... otherwise it is like I never, ever smoked; and it was just one two hour session. It is like he just turned the cigarette switch off somehow.

"I have tried to quit in the past, but never made it this long. The problem was that my husband continued to smoke and that wore me down and I would give in; but not this time. It is truly amazing that I can watch him smoke now and it doesnít bother me. That one thing amazed me more than anything else.

"I am an actress and I was in a play and I had to smoke herbal cigarettes and I was a little worried about that, but it didnít even faze me. It seemed like I had never smoked because I couldnít remember how to hold a cigarette in my fingers. I had to relearn for the play.

"I have not gained weight, in fact, I have lost 25 pounds. I have been out drinking with friends who smoked and it had no impact.

"Itís not cheap for a session but I told myself if I quit for a month then Iíve recovered my money. Before I went in, I smoked in my car and left them on the dash and said, 'Donít worry my darlings, Iíll be right back for you.' During the session I really believed nothing had happened at all. I got in my car and left and half way home I saw the pack on the dash, I rolled down the window and tossed them out. I thought, I donít know why I have these. I was laughing.

"I appreciate Gary every day. My husband is now thinking of coming and I have already sent several friends who all quit.

"You know, I didnít even have a very good attitude when I came. I was sure that it wouldnít work - maybe Iíd quit for a month to recover my money - and I didnít really want to quit. Also, I didnít think that I was hypnotized at all. I didnít go under or blank out, I heard everything but something happened.

"Youíve heard of people who quit and after years they still crave a smoke. Not me. I never think about it."
Terry Doyle, Fort St. John, B.C.
Recorded on March 26, 2008.


"I was a very heavy smoker, at least 4 before coffee. Everyone at work is trying to quit and they complain about the withdrawal pangs from nicotine and I keep telling them that it is all just truly in your head. They are having such a hard time when it could be so easy... itís a mind game.

"I played the self-hypnosis CD for a month after and I was really surprised how easy it was. There were no real cravings. I have friends who tried the patch and they got ugly rashes on their bodies and I really didnít want to have to go that route. I thought I would have to go the regular nicotine substitute route until a friend told me about you.

"I believe it is to your advantage to be serious about quitting. I didnít think I was hypnotized because I heard and understood everything clearly. I didnít blank out or anything... Itís not like when my daughter got hypnotized on stage. It was really quite amazing because after the session I felt like smoking but something happened and I didnít. I got in my truck and I had cigarettes there but I chewed some gum instead. By the time I got back to Fort St. John the urges were getting really weak. It was a little hard the first day. Then I went camping with my sisters and still did o.k. I thought that even if I quit I would be grumpy just like everyone else, but I was not angry or bitchy. In fact my family were surprised at my positive attitude about quitting. An extra was that I havenít put on any weight.

"Itís been 6 weeks now and I am sure I will never smoke again. I am a supervisor and sometimes I have to go into the staff smoking room and it doesnít even tempt me.

"It was a long session, over three hours. If I managed to quit I expected the worst and instead the best happened."

Nadine Thomas
Fort St. John, BC
Session on August 14, 2006


"I had not been hypnotized before and I am truly amazed by the results. Hypnosis for me was restful, gentle and non-threatening. I tried to analyze how it worked but gave up on that. I really didnít think that I had been hypnotized at all... it seemed so normal.

"Itís been 5 years and 3 months and I have had a few brief weak cravings that are easily controlled. Months could go by before I had any cravings. When one did show up it was so weak. On a scale of 1-10 it would be about 0.5.

"Gary has helped me with some other problems and I can only say... try it because the gains can be immense."

Janice Isborg
April 26, 2005


"I already had my mind made up to quit, but this was fantastic. I thought I would try hypnosis even though I didnít know anything about it. If it works, it works and if it doesnít, at least I tried. It worked one hundred per cent for me.

"It was the week-end coming up and I went dancing. People were smoking and drinking all around me and it didnít even bother me. Itís been over four years now and I still donít smoke, even though the stress in my life almost got me once.

"I think that it is important to already have your mind made up... then the hypnosis just helps to make it easier."

Harvey Devyrac
August 2005


"I had used hypnosis to try to quit smoking before but it didnít last. This time, with Gary, it was so much easier. When I left his office, it was like I was never a smoker.

"There were no urges... nothing. I walked to my truck and opened the door and the smell was horrible because I had smoked when I drove. I had to roll all the windows down because I couldnít stand it. It was disgusting.

"I notice now that I donít even like it when people smoke around me.I resent it. I have a lot of customers come into my store and ask how I am doing and when I tell them how easy it was, they are amazed. I just found out that Gary helped a radio announcer in Fort St. John, Terry Boyle, quit a week before me and she found it just as easy.

"I have been very happy since I quit... no anger or stress or anything. I am still so amazed and so are my friends... wow. They are all going to see him and I am going back to deal with some other problems"

Karen Marion
October 25, 2005


"I've always, always had a cigarette in my hand. I was a real heavy smoker and had tried every way to quit. Gary helped my friend Francine Mills to quit in one session, so I was very optimistic that I could do the same, even though I had tried those group hypnosis shows to quit smoking. That was a total failure.

"After the first session, I used the techniques that I learned to get rid of urges for the first week and I played the self-hypnosis tape for a month after. I know the tape helped a lot. Considering how many different times that I have tried to quit, I must say that this was the easiest and it took only one session. I went through Christmas, company, entertaining, social drinking, and I had no problems with smoking. If I'm around someone who is smoking, I just go blah... go away people. It's very seldom that I even think about smoking anymore. It's so refreshing to feel like that. I never really got angry and I definitely have not put on any weight.

"People ask me how much it costs and they react like it is too expensive. I point out that it costs them that much and more to keep on smoking and trying to quit with things that don't work at all. I recovered my cost within a week. It's been over four and a half months now and I've been saving money that would have gone up in smoke... and it's going to pay for a really nice holiday for us.

"I think about the people I know who keep on smoking. They're not really willing to quit like I was. I know that I was definitely ready to quit... that's what makes the difference with hypnosis. My husband has even been listening to the self-hypnosis tape and he's down to one cigarette a day."

Charlotte Heuhn
Fort St. John, B.C
One session: November 14, 2002
Follow-up: April 11, 2003, Not Smoking
Update: November 17, 2003. Charlotte informs me by phone that she is still smoke free and has had no urges or problems. She says that it was a very easy process and, after one year, it has been an amazing journey for her.


"I quit smoking after one session. It was fairly easy, I still have a few little urges but I can handle them. I tried group sessions in the past with mixed results. Gary used these new techniques that replaced the old hypnosis and it worked pretty good. I am listening to his self-hypnosis tape regularly.

"My daughter came in with me and she has cut down to about four a day from fifteen a day. Sheís going to see if she can quit on her own or have one more session."

Judy McLeod
Fort St. John, B.C.
Treatment: March 5, 2003
Number of sessions: 1
Follow up: March 27, 2003: not smoking
Next follow up: August, 2003.


"I quit smoking with Gary's treatments for close to two years before, but then I started again. It took two sessions this time, but I have quit again for 31 days now. I played the tapes up to twice a day and it wasn't too hard to quit. I had a few bouts of anger but it seems O.K. now...they are all past. The acupressure technique to control urges really helped.

"I was surrounded recently by the guys who work for me and they all smoke. The atmosphere was polluted and my eyes watered and I coughed. I had to leave and I had no desire to smoke at all.

"I had it in my head that I was going to quit and I just needed some help getting over the hump. I believe in what you are doing and it is a great service."

Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment: March 17, 1998 to March 28 , 1998
Total of 2 sessions
Follow Up: April 16, 2003: started smoking after close to 2 years
Treatment: April 16, 2003 to April 28 , 1998
Total of 2 sessions
Follow Up: May 31, 2003: Not smoking after one month
Next Follow Up: October, 2003


ďI was smoking 2 packs or more a day. I tried the patch, the gum, zyban and even hypnotism before coming to see Gary. Nothing worked.

We did 4 sessions and I just naturally quit. It seemed like a normal procession with your counselling and I just came to a point where I quit. I was working the oil patch up north and I had to space out the visits over several months. It wasnít a sudden thing. I worked into it and I quit. The first week was pretty hard, but after that it got much easier and itís been over 3 months now. The urge control techniques worked really well. Itís more than paid for itself because at ten bucks a pack it doesnít take long to get the money back.

Iíve got stress-proofing for the future because I use a technique that keeps emotional upsets down and in perspective, so I donít think Iíll give in to an urge if I get upset. I just treat myself for high stress and Iím O.K. I have a stressful job in the oil patch and these stress techniques are working very well.

Give it a try, for sure. Iíve tried for years and couldnít do it and now Iím a non-smoker. Just follow the instructions and it works good. There is an occasional urge but itís short and weak and it seems to get weaker with time. Itís not a problem. I put on a few pounds, but now itís coming off. Even if Iím five pounds overweight, it was still worth it. The weight control suggestions on the tape seem to be doing their job, because itís starting to come off now.Ē

Dale Lebsack
Calgary, Alberta
Treatment: November 30, 2001 through April 11, 2002
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: November 2002
Problem existed for 24 years


ďI smoked menthol cigarettes for years, just because I really enjoyed the taste,especially first thing in the morning with coffee. I looked at the website and spotted a friend that gave a quit smoking testimonial, so I phoned him and he said it really worked well.

After the first session, when I left, I thought that I had just thrown my money away. That evening I played the self hypnosis tape when I went to bed. Next morning, I couldnít believe it. When I went to light a cigarette, I almost vomited and these were the menthol cigarettes that I loved the taste of. It was unbelievable. It simply tasted awful and I couldnít smoke it. This happened because of the tape and I still have no idea what is on that tape because I always fall asleep. I wouldnít believe this could happen so fast.

The whole therapy made me realize that I was smoking for reasons I never was aware of. I was really smoking because I needed to get my mind of stresses that were bothering me. I got rid of the feeling of being unlovable. Garyís system showed me that my problem wasnít really about cigarettes, but about the upsets in my life that kept me smoking.

I get up in the morning and feel like singing now. I still had some urges but I could work through them just as Gary taught me. I followed his instructions and it worked. I would tell any skeptical smoker that they should expect the unexpected with this treatment and just follow instructions.

Francis Mills
Fort St.John, B.C., Canada
Treatment: April 6, 2002 to April 17, 2002
Total of 2 sessions
Follow Up: November 2002
Problem existed for 36 years    (back to the top)


"I had a real problem with chewing and partying... things were getting out of control. I thought I could handle it myself but I really needed help. I was determined to beat this but I couldn't do it on my own no matter how hard I tried.

The therapy was different than I expected but it worked and that's all that's important. It's been over 2 years now and I still have no desire to chew and I only drink occasionally. I rate it 4 out of 4 absolutely. I am still surprised at how easy it was. I'd recommend it to anyone.Ē

Ian Hutchings
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment started February 11, 1999 through February 22, 1999
Total sessions: 3
Follow up: October 18, 2001: No relapse    (back to the top)


"In February 1997 I quit smoking in 2 sessions. I quit so easily,... no anger and no weight gain,... at no time was there any upset. It was such a pleasant way to quit smoking. The fun part was that I felt so good about it. To this day, I have no desire to smoke and I have never had any urges at all.

I returned to see Gary because of alcohol. It was becoming a crutch. My entire life was down, down, down and I could not quit drinking. I could not think of anything positive, but I did not want to smoke,... ever.

I came and we had a session and I truly walked out a different person. The week following proved that. I lost my urge to drink completely and became focused on my self confidence. Things that troubled me no longer troubled me, work was less hectic and I feel like my old self. I can joke around, life has lightened up. I feel much happier.

My subconscious mind knew more than I ever did. I now know that the muscle testing works whether I want to believe it or not. I have almost forgotten how miserable I was. Life is so different just 2 weeks later, you just do not believe it, because you feel so well. There is such a sense of freedom, self confidence, free of guilt,... it is a good feeling.

Even though the techniques appear strange, I would say to anyone who has the opportunity,... try it. You can not lose."

E. L. (name released upon request)
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: For alcohol issue - January 4, 2000 to January 26, 2000
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: July 2000 - Minor relapse corrected in 2 sessions
Problem existed 20 years before treatment
Treatment: For smoking issue - February 13, 1997 and February 20, 1997
Follow Up: July 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 22 years
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"Hi, my name is Lexie and I am one of Gary's success stories. I quit smoking December 10, 1997. As I associated my drinking of tea with having a smoke, I quit caffeine as well. It is now June 10, 1999, and I have yet to have a smoke or a cup of tea!

I also wanted help with improving my grades by lessening my anxiety while I was taking a college certificate course. Gary helped me with this too, he taught me an acupressure technique that can be used for a variety of different areas. I used it, however, to lessen my anxiety. I would like you to know that I was voted Valedictorian. I received two scholarships, one of which was for academic excellence!

I went from being a skeptical to being a believer!

If you wish to hear anything more of my success, please feel free to contact me through Gary."

Lexie Sims
Chetwynd, B. C., Canada
Treatment: June 11, 1999
1.5 packs for 19 years


"I have been a non smoker for approximately a year and a half now, thanks to Gary Lowe's Clinical Hypnotherapy. I had tried to quit several times but would eventually give in and light up. With Gary's hypnotherapy I found it so much easier to stop smoking and just did not feel the strong cravings to start again. If you are really committed to quit smoking, I would recommend Gary Lowe's Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions."
Susan LaVoie
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: October 21, 1999
1 pack a day for 26.5 years


"This letter of testimony to the effectiveness of Gary Lowe's counselling services and his skills and abilities is made voluntarily without thought of compensation or quid pro quo. I have given permission to use me as a reference and to duplicate this letter.

Anyone who wants hypnotherapy to work for them and BELIEVES that hypnotherapy WILL work for them is already half way to achieving their goal. The creation of a new reality depends on three things. The first involves raising of personal standards. The second involves altering limiting beliefs, ideas that start by saying 'I can not....' The third is changing strategies until one is found that is effective.

I was a smoker. A heavy smoker, A VERY heavy smoker. I wanted to quit smoking but failed to achieve that goal. Whenever I tried, I was miserable and not a pleasant person to be around. In one of my attempts, my coworkers bought me a carton of cigarettes because I was so miserable to be around.

By following the instructions given during three hypnotherapy sessions with Gary Lowe, I was able to quit easily and completely in no time at all. I have given Gary permission to use me as a reference and to duplicate this letter because I want YOU to become as successful as I am, or even more successful than I am in becoming the person that YOU want to be.

Hypnotherapy is easy and effective and well worth every penny. And that is the bottom line. If you want to quit smoking or change your life in any way, first believe that hypnotherapy WILL work for you and then go for it 100%.

Words simply do not satisfactorily express the joy I feel every day as a non smoker.

Thanks, Gary."

John Bell
Tumbler Ridge, B. C., Canada
Treatment: July 6, 1996
2 packs a day for 26 years
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"I smoked for 30 years and I have always had a weight problem. I am like a brand new person in the last six months. I consulted Gary for weight loss and quitting smoking. We did weight loss first and it was easy. The weight came off regularly every week,... not a lot but a steady 1 to 1.5 pounds. I never got grumpy or missed the other foods. I would play the tape when I slept and things just began to change. Everything else I tried before was hard or unpleasant,... I even began to like exercising. I have lost 62 pounds so far,... it was an astonishing process. It is incredible,... I am really so impressed. I have even lost 2 pounds since I quit smoking. I am so excited about this,... everyone should know this."
Roxanne Smith
Tumbler Ridge, B.C., Canada
Treatment: December 3, 1997 to July 15, 1998
Total of 7 sessions
Follow Up: April 22 1999 - Not smoking, lost 44 pounds; December 22, 1999 - Not smoking, lost 62 pounds
Problem existed for 30 plus years


"I had smoked for over 20 years and I tried to stop many times,... but nothing worked. I tried the patch and all that stuff and it is just a crutch. It is easier to do it with your own mind.

Right after that one session, I had to drive to Hinton the next day. Whenever I drive anywhere, I would really smoke all the time, so I knew this was the acid test. I got in my vehicle and drove all the way and did not even want to smoke once!

I had health problems and my doctor was very blunt about it. He said, 'If you are a smoker, you will die!' I was able to come back to him and tell him I quit and it was easy. I was always free of any urges all the time,... I am so grateful for that. One session did it. There was no need for a second one. I had no short temper, anxiety or nervousness when I quit. I did not put on any weight. I was surprised. It was wonderful. Smoking just was not a problem any more.

I had reached the point in my life where I had really made up my mind that I wanted to quit. That attitude and the subconscious mind work made it all happen so easily. It was so good. I had one 2 hours session and I have not smoked or had any urges since I quit, July 4, 1997. I have recommended you to many, many people and I wish you the best of luck with the non smoking program. More people should know about this."

Jean McRann
Rycroft, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: July 4, 1997
Follow Up: March 8, 2001 - No relapse
Problem existed for 20 plus years


"I smoked for so long and I tried all the different methods to stop but nothing worked. I saw Gary on September 8, 1999 for one session. It was just incredible. I could not believe it. I did not ever think quitting could be that easy. I simply have no interest in smoking anymore. I was skeptical when I first went in but I kept an open mind and it was just incredibly easy. My husband is amazed because I never got angry at all."
Debbie Snyder
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: September 8, 1999
Follow Up: January 5, 2000 - Not smoking; November 11,2000 - Not smoking
Problem existed for 25 years
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"I smoked heavily and have never, ever, really been able to quit. I can not believe the lack of cravings. It is like I never smoked. I am totally amazed. I expected great struggles because all my friends are struggling to quit with Zyban and I never really tried to quit. I never thought it could be this easy. My friends are going through hell.

Normally I would smoke when drive or at home and it is not there any more. I am also sleeping so well with the self hypnosis tape. I am so proud that I can do this. It is like I never smoked. My husband is in disbelief because he is trying to quit on his own and he is cranky while I am calm. I have even lost a few pounds and I am eating less than before. Who would have believed it. Before, just the though of quitting smoking would make me hungry. It is awesome!

I know someone who you helped quit smoking in one session and that was three and a half years ago and he is still not smoking, so I thought I would call you. I am really glad I did. I would have spent a months worth of money on cigarettes and instead I am a non smoker and saving money and it did not cost that much because I quit in 2 sessions. My kids are so pleased. I can not tell you how happy I am."

Heather Collison
Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: March 28, 2001
Total of 2 sessions
Problem existed for 20 years


"The wife and I decided to quit and we did in one session. Gary said it might take longer but it did not. I have smoked for over 30 years and my wife for 15 years. We went in and it worked great,... we supported each other and it was easy,... no upsets or eating too much. It is amazing, the urges lasted only seconds. We felt a little skeptical at first but we heard how it worked for other people and it worked out great."
Ron and Jean Anderson
Tumbler Ridge, B.C., Canada
Treatment: June 13, 1997
Follow Up: April 22 1998 - Not smoking
Problem existed for 30 and 15 years respectively
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"I tried everything to quit,... Zyban, the Patch,... nothing worked. I was ready to give up because I tried so hard. I really wanted to quit but nothing worked for me. It seemed hopeless. I was so discouraged and I never thought that I was strong enough to use my own mind to quit. I smoked a pack a day for years and when I worked with Gary, it was only a little difficult to quit at first. It took a few sessions and it was a little tough for a day but then it eased off so quickly,... it was really only a little difficult at the start and then it was gone. Not even any withdrawals it was so easy.I had no grouchy moods,... that was the biggest thing. It has been over 6 months now and I have hardly put on any weight, maybe a few pounds. My husband was very surprised.

I will talk to anyone who is doubtful about quitting using your own mind. If you have tried all the other stuff and it did not work, try this. I would not have believed it. I thought you needed medications or prescriptions to quit. I thank you, it has been great."

Simon Tauby
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: August 21, 2000 to September 5, 2000
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: March, 2001 - Still not smoking and very much in control
Problem existed for 30 years


"I have smoked off and on for well over thirty years. I was smoking two and a half packs a day,... spending sometimes, $150 a week on smokes. I will never forget that Halloween, because that is the day I went to see Gary and I quit in one session. I have never been tempted to smoke since then and I have not put on any weight. It is 16 months later and I have no interest in ever smoking again. I feel great. I have no regrets and either does my bank account. My husband quit too."
Darlene Miller
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: October 31, 1997
Follow Up: February 20, 1999 - Not smoking
Problem existed for 30 plus years
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"I quit smoking in one session without any urges. I smoked more than 2 packs a day and found it hard to stay quit because as soon as there was work pressure, I would just start again. I was very surprised at how easy it was to quit. Whenever I drive I always smoke and after the session I got in my truck and had no urge to smoke. I drove away and it did not even bother me. Later on there were some small urges but the techniques that I learned easily got rid of them. I even felt relaxed and never got angry. My wife and kids were surprised that I was in such a good mood and had more energy . I noticed that when I get stressed out now, the urges are weaker and I can control them easily. I got into an argument and I had some left over cigarettes in my pickup but I never felt like smoking. I have been around other smokers all the time and it does not bother me at all.

I am still very surprised the urges went that fast. I thought that I would blank out in hypnosis and it would be weird but we did not do that at all. I found the whole thing very relaxing. I really thought, considering that I was smoking 2 packs a day and for how long I had smoked that it would take at least 2 sessions, but I quit in one session. It has been over 4 months now and I have had some real bad things happen to me and I have not had an urge,... ever! I've never even had the urge to grab a cigarette even though I'm surrounded by people who smoke like chimneys all the time. I have saved a pile of money and it was easier than I expected. Quitting cold turkey is awful compared to this. The patch is just a lot of money. This works really well,... everyone should know about it. It is the only way to go. I would suggest trying this because of the lower cost and the fact that you are not putting other chemicals into your body to get rid of the nicotine."

Mark Davis
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: April 12, 2001
Follow Up: August 2001 - After approximately 4 months, still not smoking and in full control
Problem existed for 22 years


"My wife was allergic to cigarette smoke, so I decided to quit. I smoked about a pack a day. I was not sure what I was going to be in for at all, and all that money was being wasted on smoking. I just followed instructions and I am still not smoking after all this time. I was pretty surprised because I really enjoyed my cigarettes in the morning and after supper and that is all gone. No cravings. I have more energy and lung capacity now."
Ernie Cyr
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: April 10, 1997
Follow Up: April 22 1998 - Not smoking; April 11, 1999 - Not smoking
Problem existed for 20 years


"I finally quit smoking after all these years,... 2 packs a day and it was easy. I had tried everything else available on the market but nothing made me quit,... nothing ever worked liked this. It took me 5 sessions, which is more than usual. What surprised me was how easily I kept cutting down until I just easily quit.

I admit that I had no idea of what to expect. I just kept an open mind and followed instructions. Such a strange approach,... it seemed almost silly at times but it does work. It seemed so foreign at first that I did not think it could possibly work but as soon as the first session was over, I felt the change. Others noticed the difference in me right after the first session. It all seems so silly but it actually worked. It is unlike anything I've ever experienced. More importantly, because we got rid of so much emotional stuff that kept me smoking, I feel that a great weight has been lifted. I am a lot calmer,... a peacefulness has come over me and it got better with each session. I knew there were upsetting events in my past but I though that I had worked through them,... but I needed my subconscious mind to really deal with them. My friends have been in talk therapy and it can take years and years for any change. This is so fast and effective. On your scale, I rate it 4 out of a possible 4.

I would tell a skeptical person to give it a chance,... try it,... be open to it and see what happens. If it seems silly at the start, it is still worth it. I was the ultimate skeptic but it boosted my self esteem and self confidence so easily and for me that is really saying something. I feel so much better and I have the courage to do things now,... things that were impossible before.

If you want more information call Gary and I'll talk to you about my experience. It wasn't about smoking at all,... it was about making peace with the past and then quitting smoking. I can also use these techniques to relieve my stress on my own at home now. I encourage smokers to try stopping this way. It worked fine for me after 2 packs a day for most of my life. I never got angry or upset as I quit. Go figure!"

Donna Schultz
Fort St. John, B.C., Canada
Treatment: June 14, 2001 to July 16, 2001
Total of 5 sessions
Problem existed for 44 years
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Important Note:

These testimonials and recommendations are real! Some are direct copies of letters or e-mails sent to me, others are excerpts of telephone conversations that the client agreed to record. Everyone has willingly consented to the use of their names, except for a few clients who prefer to use initials for reasons of confidentiality. My practice is in a small town (Dawson Creek, BC, Canada, Population 10,000) and some clients live in surrounding villages or even smaller farming communities and they are more sensitive to having their personal problems made public.

These testimonials express the dramatic improvements my clients have made. Because you are a unique individual with your own personal history of problems and stresses, I can not claim that you will get the same wonderful and exciting results that these clients talk about. It is very possible that you may experience similar results or your improvements may be somewhat less powerful or even insignificant.

A recent survey shows that 87.5% of my clients benefit to a significant degree from these new treatment techniques, but that also means that 12.5% derive minimal benefits from the same techniques. If a therapist ever tries to tell you that they have a treatment that works for everyone, all the time - BEWARE! The survey clearly indicates that 9 out of 10 clients are satisfied with their results. I wish I could say that everyone benefits from this type of therapy all the time, but I cannot. No therapy is perfect.

The wonderful thing about these treatments are that it does not take months and years to overcome your problems. Most therapists still use regular talk therapies that are not, in my opinion, very effective and the results are often temporary. These therapists are good people but they have been trained in the wrong area of therapy. They work with the conscious, logical mind.

Almost every client that I work with is skeptical at first, but they quickly change their minds as you may have already noted from the client testimonials. It is no longer necessary to continue your struggle alone or with inadequate help because subconscious mind and acupressure therapies are now available to help you.

Gary A. Lowe, M. Ed. C. H.

(Masters of Education, Couns. Psych.)


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