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"Even After You Have Tried Everything Else"

In a recent survey over a 6-12 months period:

88.3% of clients report that their emotional upsets have either been eliminated or reduced to a manageable level;

87.9 % report that they have experienced a lasting sense of calmness, peace and harmony. Your emotional freedom can finally be a reality!

My name is Gary A. Lowe, M.Ed. (Couns. Psych). I am a Master's level Counselling Therapist who specializes in modern, state of the art counselling therapies, based on the subconscious mind and acupressure techniques, to help you overcome your emotional turmoil in a rapid and effective manner. If you have been to a therapist before, you probably experienced the old fashioned talk therapies. This is a totally different approach to healing emotional wounds. Emotional turmoil comes in many forms:

It is easier to be free of these emotional upsets than ever before! Shortly you will read some recommendations from my clients that describes how they finally claimed their emotional freedom.    (back to the top)

Who Can You Trust Anymore?

About Satisfied Clients:

I first got involved in hypnosis in order to improve my grades at university back in 1967. It worked so well that I continued to use hypnosis to improve my life dramatically and in 1995 I completed a Masters' of Education in Counselling Psychology and opened my office in Dawson Creek. I have been involved with hypnosis for 44 years and professionally helping people for 16 years as of 2011. Approximately 70% of my clients are word of mouth referrals. If you look at the websites of other counsellors, you will not find the depth of honest testimonials that you will find here and the number of satisfied clients that tell their friends and family about this experience, resulting in more word of mouth referrals.

You know, anyone can make up phony testimonials and just fabricate some initials and a city. It seems that exaggerating claims of success are just part of the sales hype that you have to put up with.

In the health care profession, it is even more important that honesty prevail in any claims of treatment successes. Most counsellors or therapists do not offer testimonials or recommendations to back up their work simply because the clients are not really sure if there is much change, or else the relapses are so frequent that it is hard to gauge the overall measure of success. It is understandable that clients will refuse to give testimonials under such uncertain conditions and if they do, they do not permit the use of their full name and are not willing to talk to others directly about the quality of the treatments. This type of client is just not convinced that the treatments have helped that much.

I would like you to read these excerpted testimonials below. If you want to read the entire testimonial and/or get all the details, just click on the client's name. If you still have doubts about honesty or the efficiency of these new and unique therapeutic techniques, give me a call toll free and I will be glad to answer any questions. I can even provide you, free of charge, with a CD with more recommendations. On that CD you will hear clients talk about the efficiency of these treatments - on live radio on a local popular talk show. If you desire, I will send you a copy of any of these testimonial letters in their entirety. I will even arrange for you to talk to these clients by phone about their treatments (778) 864-0560 or toll free 1-877-708-2143 anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Even though these clients speak enthusiastically about their results, these new techniques are not magic, nor are they perfect. Nine out of ten of my clients get similar results to those that you will read below, but about 10% do not experience such rapid and positive changes and may have insignificant improvements.     (back to the top)

PLEASE NOTE: As you read these testimonials you may be surprised by the variety of problems that I treat. Clients present with every problem imaginable - from habit control issues like smoking and weight lose to more serious and complex issues like amnesia, depression, stress, chronic pain, panic attacks and phobias. Behind this myriad of symptoms lie the real common problems - emotional upsets from the past. What I basically do is help clients make peace with the past and then the symptoms vanish. It is not magic, nor is it foolproof - but the majority of clients get similar results to what you will read below.


Usually only two sessions are required, about 2 to 3 weeks apart. The sessions are lengthy - 2 to 2 1/2 hours long. There is no wasted office time. You get a full 150 minutes of therapy and usually by the end of the second session you are aware of improvements - no doubt in your mind that this kind of treatment is helping you.

EACH SESSION: $550.00 (includes self-hypnosis CD and all taxes)

Many counsellors may charge less, but their sessions are only one hour long and will drag on, once a week, for months and years with very uncertain Improvements. In the long run this proves to be more expensive and gives poor results. If you compare this to the average two sessions that I spend with clients and read the many honest testimonials, you will realize the power of working with the subconscious, emotional mind.

PAYMENT POLICY: Fees are payable at the end of each each session - Cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard. There is a $100 charge for NSF cheques.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event you need to cancel an appointment, please provide notice via phone or email within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time.  A full fee is charged for missed appointments or no show cancellations with less than 24 hour notice unless due to illness or an emergency or winter weather and road conditions.


The smoking testimonials have been moved to their own page: Click here to view.


"Four years ago a friend who had been treated by Gary told me to see him but I put it off. Recently my friend reminded me about his clinical hypnosis. My stress levels and PTSD were higher than ever so I finally took her advice. We did 2 sessions on the long distance phone.

"I have suffered from PTSD for so long that I was amazed that I could feel myself letting go of that emotional pain even as we treated it. Gary did not have me give any details of what happened so I was not re-traumatized by having to remember everything... and it worked wonderfully. He calls it "tearless trauma" treatment.


"I recommend this treatment and don't put it off like I did please."

Joy Rierson, Nanaimo, BC, November 14 & 21, 2021


"Over the last 20 years, since I was a child, I have seen Gary for help with different issues 3 times, so I am very familiar with his style of hypnosis.

"Just recently it has given me a fresh start in my life and I feel finally that I am moving forward. It is such a freeing experience and it took only two sessions so I cannot say enough good things about his treatment. I have just overcome what seemed so heavy and impossible to beat. My helplessness and hopelessness is totally gone after the second session.

"All my sessions with him were relaxing and I felt in a safe place. I absolutely trust in his process. He has also helped many of my family members as well.

"If you need help effectively and quickly do not dismiss my report."

Ashley Martin, Dawson Creek, BC, July 16, 2021


"I had been dealing with some longstanding issues that date back many years. Iíve done traditional counselling and while it was helpful to address them, they never really felt resolved. I heard good things about Gary and Peace Therapy and after reviewing his website, was intrigued by his unique approach of hypnotherapy.

"I went into the process without any expectations, not quite convinced that the issues that had such an impact on me for so long could be resolved that easily. It was a great experience! Gary has a very calm manner and I felt safe and reassured throughout the entire process. But the greatest gift was letting go and resolving the emotional baggage that I had been carrying around for a very long time and the incredible feeling of freedom that comes with that.

"Certain painful incidents no longer affect me and I can view them in a detached way without pain, regret or negativity. Going to Gary and trusting in his process was one of the greatest gifts I gave to myself. This experience was extremely effective for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to move forward in their life."

Lorrie Ablitt, Port Moody, BC, July 7, 2021


"I really doubted that this would work for me as I was on many meds due to surgery. I was suffering severe love pain that I thought I was doomed to have for a lifetime. All that heartbreak and sorrow was quickly healed and it never came back. I couldn't believe it. It was amazing.

"I have asked a lot of professionals to help me and nothing ever worked. I attended a 2 week stress management course at the hospital. With hypnosis I now have an effective stress management tool and IT REALLY WORKS.

"Gary uses cutting edge hypnosis techniques. I did not even have to close my eyes. I came in thinking that I would go under and it could be dangerous but I was aware of everything all the time.

"Right after the first session everyone noticed a huge difference in me. I can't thank Gary enough for the wonderful changes in my life."

Danielle Englot, Dawson Creek, BC, May 20, 2021


"I have had depression, anxiety and panic attacks for years. A friend who is a counsellor told me about Gary so I looked up his website and was still hesitant even though I recognized several people who gave testimonials. I knew some of these people as level headed and decided there must be something to this.

"I was concerned about hypnosis controlling my mind but I found out that it doesn't work that way at all. My 2 sessions were relaxing and free from trying to explain and analyze my problems. My subconscious took care of that.

"I was most surprised that it worked and it worked so easily. The deep sadness, fear and panic were totally gone. I had lived with this all my life and now it was gone in 2 sessions. There was a tension in my stomach that I would call a rot or festering and it was gone.

"Everyone should know about this. This is a therapy that really works and I only did 2 sessions."

Donna Chmelyk, Dawson Creek, BC, March 24, 2021


"My parents saw Gary's website and were impressed by all the testimonials so they said that I ought to try it. I have researched the mind on the internet and was interested to get alternate help with my depression. The medication I was on wasn't improving my mood at all so I was looking forward to my session.

I am open-minded and was not surprised by this new form of hypnosis. I was surprised at how easily Gary gathered information from my subconscious mind... he has been doing this since 1967 he said. In one session, about 2 hours, I was feeling 100% better. I know that seems impossible. I called my parents to let them know how wonderful that one session was. It felt like day dreaming and was nice.

"Even though I felt the difference right away we did a second session so I would get top marks at college.

I would advise everyone to give this new type of hypnosis a try. It is wonderful."

Sheldon Highmoor, Dawson Creek, BC, February 5, 2021


"Two of my friends who were clients of Gary's advised me to see him. They described his work as 'life-changing' and 'totally amazing.' Since my stress levels were so awful and their reports were so positive I had nothing to lose.

"I didn't know what to expect and I was afraid of being hypnotized. This was all unfounded because Gary uses a technique called 'waking hypnosis.' In a way it seems like talk therapy, your eyes are open and you are conversing... nothing weird is going on... except Gary is getting responses to his questions from my subconscious mind.

"And the results are unbelievable.

"In my first session I healed a major emotional upset that had intensified my stress for the last two years. In the second session I was already aware of huge improvements and that was all that was needed. He only needs two sessions.

"I cannot say enough about this... everyone should know that rapid relief is available. I have done talk therapy and it dragged on forever without results. There was absolutely nothing scary about it. It was relaxing all the time. If you are at your wit's end please contact him."

Chrissy Johnson, North Pine, BC, October 28, 2020


"My son had incredible results with Gary's waking hypnosis therapy. We had tried everything to help him for four years without any improvement until my friend, a former client of Gary, told me about his work.

"After the amazing recovery of my son, which lasted, I did my own session. I have had chronic body pain ever since childhood but until a year ago I could use willpower to control it. My doctor put me on powerful opioids which reduced the pain but got me hooked. I couldn't live without the opioids.

"Somehow in that session my willpower to stop the meds improved greatly. I found out that most of the physical pain that I felt was really emotional pain from my childhood. We healed that childhood pain in one session.

"By the second session, I had stopped the pain meds, was in control, and felt an amazing calmness. Gary also treated me to stop worrying and that worked as well.

"I know this is hard to believe... it is true. The waking hypnosis saved me and my son. Please give it a try... it is worth it."

Cheryl Carruthers-Horseman, Hythe, Alberta, September 16, 2020


"My son Damion had a bike accident 4 years ago and he went into a deep depression that grew much worse with time. Medically there was no brain trauma and a long trip to a psychiatrist was useless as he claimed the problem was because my son smokes pot as a teen-ager.

"We were at our wit's end. He wouldn't leave home and the anger and depression grew. Fortunately, a close friend who got treatment from Gary encouraged me to look at his website and Damion was willing to give it a try.

"After two sessions he was his old happy-go-lucky self. Doctors said it was all in his head and Gary got it out of his head in only 4 hours - after 4 years of suffering.

"We are overjoyed. It has been about a month now and he is doing great. I would never have believed it to be possible."

Cheryl Carruthers, Hythe, Alberta, September 16, 2020


"The changes that I experienced were so rapid that I could not believe it. Gary used muscle testing to be guided by my subconscious mind and I was so surprised at how this works.

"Your own mind is incredibly powerful and the entire hypnotic process was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep several times.

"I had a bunch of bad habits and in two sessions, all that habitual behaviour was under my control without any struggle.

"I am glad to tell you about this because therapy is usually a big struggle and this was easy."

Cole Forsyth, Hinton, BC, March 9, 2020


"I had a total misunderstanding of hypnosis. I thought I would have no control and sort of blank out, but it was just the opposite. I was relaxed but clear-minded and I could think normally. Gary was very patient explaining how his advanced hypnosis techniques worked.

"He has a lot of experience with hypnosis... since 1967.

"I have been to the regular type of counselling and I just talked and listened. This time I really got results in only one session. I now understand when Gary says he is trained to do the regular counselling but considers it ineffective compared to what he is doing to help people.

"It was really great. I was feeling better after only the first session and it lasted. I would recommend Gary to everyone because it works and so quickly. It was a life changing event."

Genevieve Spencer, Fort St. John, BC, March 9, 2020


"I was so severely stressed that I was a heart attack waiting to happen and I refused medication. I was always taking on everyone's issues and I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and there was no relief.

"After the first session, about two hours, I literally skipped out the office door! I HAD SUCH A CALM, PEACEFUL FEELING INSIDE. I WAS TAKING TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES, WHICH I HAD NEVER DONE BEFORE. No one could get under my skin now.

"I can't explain it but it works. I only needed one two-hour session to feel this good. I am having a second session for weight loss.

"This is not what you think happens in hypnosis. It really works and I recommend it to everybody."

Mary Ellen Coons, Bonanza, AB, March 6, 2020


"I had an anger issue. My short fuse was causing serious problems with my family and at work. I found Gary on the internet and read the testimonials. They were impressive so I made an appointment.

"I was worried that this would be like the bar type of hypnosis. I was surprised how different it was. I was calm and relaxed and aware the entire time. All I know for sure is that there were big-time changes after only one session... and they lasted. How is that possible?

"I was so surprised and impressed that I am now doing a session for weight loss. If you are wondering about this, try it - it works and is worth every penny."

Rod Freeman, Dawson Creek, BC, February 14, 2020


"I have taken an extensive course in hypnotherapy and decided to contact Gary after reading all the testimonials on his webpage. You simply cannot heal a lifetime of upset as fast and effectively as his clients claim, even if they appear to be honest statements, because they identify themselves and where they live and he has been doing it for 30 years.

"I am here to tell you that it is true. After my first session I noticed wonderful changes in how I was feeling and dealing with troubles in my life... it exceeds anything that I had previously experienced or been trained in. Gary says that his hypnosis technique, which is radically different, is not perfect but it works for 90% of his clients without relapse... plus you are taught to be your own best therapist as well... so you won't have to return in a few years time and see him all over again.

"Gary is nearly 80 and had a heart attack last year so he is eager to train other therapists in a technique that can really work wonders. He will be organizing a training seminar in the new year and I will definitely be a student.

"If you need real help or want to learn this wonderful technique just contact Gary."

Jana Aven, Fort St. John, BC, December 17, 2019


"After 3 years of depression, I was told that only meds would help me. I was very reluctant to try that approach although my stress levels had recently caused a mini-stroke. If I didn't find a way to relieve my stress I would have a major stroke anytime.

"Because the medical opinion was INSISTENT that I MUST take anti-depressant pills, I searched for help online and found Gary's website. I read all the testimonials and decided to try it.

"I learned that hypnosis, when applied correctly, is very relaxing and I always stay in control. Gary used a technique called "waking hypnosis" AND I WAS AMAZED! He was working with my subconscious mind and I felt perfectly normal at all times.

"After the first session I felt like a million bucks... a new person. That feeling lasted all week until our second session and I felt even better. Only two sessions were needed and I learned a bunch of stress reducing self-help tools as well.

"Take my words seriously... just read the testimonials and do it. I am sending some friends to him. Amazing results. I cannot say enough about this."

Wiebe McPherson, Dawson Creek, BC, November 15 & 22, 2019

NOTE: Gary advises that clinical hypnosis must be used as a complement to medical advice and procedures. It is not used to replace medical advice; only to complement it.


"After over a year on meds for depression and terrible sleep, I read the testimonials and decided to give it a try.

"Right after the first session, I was able to sleep better and the depression was GONE. I felt level and normal. I was able to take everything in stride and not get wound up like I used to. I use my subconscious to help me every day to reduce stress in my life. This is a wonderful tool that really helps. Talk therapy has nothing like this. It is amazing how well it works.

"I suffered from poor self esteem that went back to early childhood. It was there all my life. I would always put others ahead of myself because I wasn't worthy. That has changed in a healthy way. Friends wanted to give me a birthday party. I normally would have refused but this time I said "YES".

"All the dark places are bright now. I play a self-hypnosis CD at night and I sleep so well all the time. We did part of a second session but there was nothing left to treat. Gary never has to go beyond two sessions. I believe it. You know things are better, you can feel it.

"The whole experience has had such a soothing effect on me. I never get upset like I used to."

Lynn Portraz, Dawson Creek, BC, July 2, 2019


"I always regarded hypnosis as some sort of parlour trick or stage show. Boy was I wrong about that. Gary helped me understand how clinical hypnosis works and he dispelled all the myths and misunderstandings.

"It was totally different than I expected and in one session I had real improvements. My stress levels were a way down and I turned the corner in my way of thinking. This was a real life changer and it worked so rapidly that it is hard to believe. I had been to traditional talk therapy and, by comparison, hypnosis was just amazing.

"If you need help I hope I can remove your doubts. This is really fast and effective."

Chad Cushway, Fort St. John, BC, December 28, 2018


"After 28 years and nothing left to lose, I reached out to Gary in hopes of getting relief and help to face the demons that have ruled my life since childhood. Abuse, trauma, and the loss of the most important person in my life, being left with nobody to tell me that there was more to live for. I was on a path of destruction, existing in a world without purpose, waking up every day to face my only confidants... alchohol, gambling, and constant decisions to put myself in harm's way, hoping to end the pain I held inside. A single man, burying myself in work, continual patterns of failing relationships, anger, anxiety, feeling unworthy and the sense of never belonging to anyone or anything. The overwhelming need to numb myself to get through my days and wearing a mask to the outside world, seeming happy and put-together.

"My habits were my safe place, my comfort zone. Helped me to not have to face what was killing me inside. In the past few months it's all finally caught up, I hit rock bottom and knew that something needed to change. I'm a strong person, a survivor... but knew that beating my addictions, and taking my power back wasn't going to come easy, or without help. I had read about Gary's practice, sought advice from doctors and decided to make the call that helped to change my life for the better.

"After my session I felt empowered, he helped me to deal with things I've been burying my whole life. Since working with him I haven't touched another drink and I have no desire to gamble. I've learned to forgive and found reasons to be happy, smile and actually FEEL those genuine emotions. It has allowed me to rebuild relationships with family and friends, given me a new perspective, a life with purpose, and an amazing future."

Name released upon request, October 2018


"My friend who got great results with Gary suggested I go to him for help because I was becoming a hermit. I was so stressed out. It was not what I expected hypnosis would be because Gary uses advanced hypnosis techniques that really work.

"In two sessions I have a new start on my life and have several tools to use at home to keep my stress levels down. I cannot say enough about this. I was a little skeptical at first, I was nervous but felt calm the minute I met Gary. I felt that if I let myself be happy it would trigger a tragedy in my life. I am over this.

"Try this, you don't have to keep on suffering. I tried to figure it out alone and could not. This was definitely well worth it."

Sherry Dagenais, Dawson Creek, BC, September 7, 2018


"To be completely honest, I was not sure what to expect. I knew the only way this was going to help would be if I chose to believe so. In the days leading up to the first session, every time the idea of a session popped into my mind I would stop the thought, good or bad, and tell myself 'whatever happens will be good.'

"For those who are uncomfortable sharing intimate details with anyone outside their own head, let alone a therapist, you are in luck. Unlike traditional ďtalk therapy,Ē where you have to tell the therapist your deepest thoughts/memories/experiences to get any kind of feedback. Which is only as accurate as the therapist is wise and educated. Hypnotherapy does not require that vulnerability and itís your own subconscious mind solving its own problems.

"When I walked into the first session, I felt heavy and cumbersome (I am 5í 10Ē tall and a lean 155 pounds). Walking out of there was like shaving ten years of aging off. My feet felt lighter. Yeah, who cares about how my feet felt? Moral of the weight is that with all the negative emotional experiences I had, my mind had manifested them into physical stress on my body. I could breathe more easily and had a returned energy in my step."

Corbin Kline, Spirit River, AB, November 20, 2017 (Click here for more details)


"I saw Gary 12 years ago to resolve issues of anger and resentment and it worked. I have returned with new problems that put me in the hospital because of 'BURN OUT' and I needed two months of bed rest to try to recover.

"We only worked one and a half sessions and the changes are amazing.

"I had been to so many counsellors in the past and tried many self-help courses with only slow progress. They helped to put out some fires but the forest was still blazing. With this kind of waking hypnosis I could feel the emotional changes going on in my body and they were beyond my control. This time the entire forest fire was gone.

"I would never believe I could have such wonderful changes so quickly... especially after the previous slow progress."

Sunny Geisbrecht, Dawson Creek, BC, May 22, 2017


"My life was good but I was constantly depressed. I tried self-help books and talk therapy. I didn't want to talk about my problems... I felt so ashamed. I knew I had a good life, better than many people, yet I was miserable. I couldn't figure it out. I heard Gary on the radio and went to his website. The testimonials were very convincing.

"I had been hypnotized for a comedy show and was confused about how hypnosis could possibly help me.

"His style of hypnosis was so different and I felt immediate changes inside. By the end of the session my 'HEAVY' had lifted. I was so surprised this happened and so fast after I had tried on my own for so long.

"I only needed one session and right after it I did something that I never do. I went out and bought new clothes for myself. I felt great. All the past upsets were gone. I had a smile on my face that came from nowhere and wouldn't stop. I only wish I had come sooner. I was free of the misery at last.

"I thought that if I ever managed to get free of this sadness it would take years of work.

"I was really skeptical at the start and the hardest part was convincing myself to give it a try. I had no confidence in hypnosis and I JUST HOPED THAT IT MIGHT WORK.

"Unbelievable! My family and I cannot thank Gary enough. I only did one session AND THAT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO AND I STILL FEEL GREAT!"

Alex Geisbrecht, Cecil Lake, BC, March 20, 2017


"I was so depressed... I couldn't do anything, I didn't care about anything, whether it be about myself, my house, looking after my family... I didn't really care. I couldn't leave the house. I would sleep all day, eat, eat, eat. A couple of friends got good results and I thought I've got to do something.

"So I came in and I was pretty skeptical but we must have had a good session because within that first week I was feeling less anxious, I wasn't sleeping as much and I was getting out of the house. Now that a couple of weeks have passed I am doing something with my house, I go out and do things with people. I may lay down a little bit, but I am right back up again.

"I just think that, all in all, I am feeling better about myself and I can go forward now. It's such a big turn around and as each day goes by I notice it more. The self-hypnosis CD has really helped me."

Penny B. (name released upon request), Fort St. John, BC, October 22, 2016


"I put on 80 pounds in a few months and it was all about huge emotional upset. Food was my tranquilizer.

"I was really uncertain about using hypnosis but now I am glad I did. In one session all that depression and anger became neutral and those memories didn't bother me at all. It changed so quickly.

"I had become a pathological eater full of depression. I was on the way to a heart attack and dying. Now I am feeling so much better, the apathy is gone and I am looking forward to getting the weight off and enjoying what I used to love to do.

"I was really uncertain at first but I would highly recommend this to anyone with stress and depression."

Brad Bouke, Silver Valley, AB, May 13, 2016


"I was afraid to leave the house and wouldn't drive. After only one session it has all changed and I am able to go about my life more easily. I am o.k. with driving.

"I had a lot of experience with another popular energy therapy and I find this approach is more efficient, user friendly and lasting. With EFT you had to recognize a specific goal and keep digging deeper... it was very fragmented and time consuming. Gary uses BSFF (be set free fast) with clinical hypnosis. The subconscious understands and heals a large issue of problems very rapidly. EFT takes 5 minutes whereas in 2 breathes you get results with BSFF... it is that rapid and effective.

"I have done a lot of searching to get help for myself and this way is the fasted and most effective by far.

"You should use anything that will help, meditation, exercise. EFT helps but BSFF is the better technique for emotional relief and I look forward to incorporating it into my life."
Kim (last name available if you contact Gary), Fort St. John, BC, April 15, 2016


"I first met Gary when he was doing a hypnotism demonstration at a music festival where I was performing. He was asking for volunteers from the audience and when I said, 'If you can increase my vocal range by an octave, I'll volunteer,' he said he could so up I went.

"The demonstration was a great success as was the festival and I forgot about the promised vocal benefit. As I drove home I popped a Lorena McKennitt CD into the CD player and started singing along. Suddenly I realized I was hitting notes that I couldn't have hit that morning! That ability has stayed with me for well over ten years and I have no reason to think it will ever change."
Linda Connell Studley, Songwriter/Musician/Independent Recording Artist, Dawson Creek, BC, December 16, 2015
Gary's note: Emotional blocks can manifest as a variety of symptoms. If you review these testimonials you will see that underlying the myriad of symptoms that people present with are unresolved emotional traumas. Fortunately, the subconscious mind is capable of easily and permanently healing these upsets and the symptoms vanish... whether it was a block to better vocal range, irrational fears, uncontrollable anger, depression, etc.


"I've done a lot of talk therapy. It takes a long time to get small portions of help out of it, whereas in two sessions that I have had I feel that I have healed a lifetime of pain.

"We did waking hypnosis which was very different and very effective. It did surprise me how easily my subconscious allowed myself to heal. It worked.

"I was in huge emotional turmoil. I tried everything... drugs, alcohol, religion, self-healing and nothing seemed to work. This was a very last option and it worked.

"Do not give up. Try this before anything else. People who are struggling should know about this. I want to help get the word out because this really does work."

Tracy Davis, Chetwynd, BC, November 4, 2015


"I was really stressed out about my relationships. After just one session I left the office and felt that a huge weight had been lifted off my chest and shoulders. I ran down the steps I felt so good.

"Over the two weeks until the second session I was just feeling better and better. It was good. I really appreciated the change. I could deal with the people stressing me out in a calm and confident way, now. What a relief.

"This type of hypnosis was totally different. I thought that I would be asleep through the whole thing. There was nothing spooky about it.

"I was on the internet looking for some help around here and Gary claimed in two sessions that I would be feeling better and know I was feeling better. I didn't want to take up so much time with the other types of therapy.

"I would tell everyone... come and see Gary because it is worth the time."

Arron Jones, Baytree, Alberta, October 2, 2015


"I have listened to Gary on the radio regularly for about 20 years before I decided that he might be the person to help me. I had suffered two serious car accidents and I went to a lot of talk therapies with no results.

"Driving my car down the highway to his office, I was white knuckled and on edge. After the session, I drove home calm, confident and relaxed. I know that sounds crazy but it happened. No fear, no anxiety... it was amazing. All that PTSD was simply gone!

"Before, I couldn't even drive short distances to and from work. Driving was simply very difficult. Now there are no issues.

"It is absolutely amazing. In one session the fear was gone. This is after years of talk therapy. How can he do this?

"We also treated my lack of self-assertiveness and chronic depression. I was afraid of conflict and allowed myself to be bullied and abused. That has totally changed as well. I am coming off my depression medication under my doctor's supervision.

"I am sleeping so well now.

"Everyone else seems to only do talk therapy, just check the websites, and they give no valid testimonials... Gary has the answer. Don't waste your money on talk therapy."
Teresa White, Fort St. John, B.C., October 2, 2015


"When I came to see Gary, I was never happy and felt that I might be going crazy. My life was really miserable. After one session I feel very happy and light and satisfied with myself. I feel amazing. Such an almost instant turn around. I am looking forward to living my life now.

"I expected the treatment to be more like stage hypnosis... more controlling and manipulative. It was just the opposite. I fell asleep several times because I was so relaxed while the healing was going on. It was never invasive.

"I am surprised at how quickly and easily it worked. I would recommend it to anyone. Everyone should try this type of hypnosis at least once.

"I healed early childhood emotional trauma so easily and painlessly."
Kaila Spiers, Progress, B.C., August 21, 2015


"On the testimonial page I noticed several friends and people that I knew, so I thought I should give it a try based on their opinions. I felt depressed and miserable and wasn't sure why. I would push people away and judge them harshly.

"After the first session was over, I really felt that nothing at all had happened, but later I just felt so much more peaceful and my explosive temper was gone. I felt better all around, more relaxed, not getting angry at stupid little things, just so much more relaxed and I finally decided that something must have happened after all.

"I listened to a self-hypnosis CD at night when I slept between the office sessions and that really helped as well."

"This treatment has made a wondrous difference to me and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have a fresh start in life."
Brady Busche, Fort St. John, B.C., June 22, 2015


"I have been looking for help with anxiety and depression for a long time. I did regular counselling without any help. I read all the testimonials and decided this may help me because nothing else worked.

"I got a better understanding of what is going on with me. I had fear of dying, I was keeping busy and exhausting myself, I was afraid of everything and had all these negative feelings about myself.

"My hypochondria is totally gone and I noticed huge changes in my mood and the physical symptoms lessened and now I feel very hopeful and positive.

"I refused to run before because I thought I would have an injury and hurt myself. I was afraid of heart attack and tumours. I now run seven and a half kilometres regularly and feel great. This is after only two sessions."
Alicia Lewis, Dawson Creek, B.C., June 5, 2015


"I saw Gary about twelve years ago because I had extreme phobias and anxieties. Right after that session, I can honestly say I felt like a whole new person and the anxiety had totally left me.! Over the course of that twelve year period situations would arise that would have normally put me into extreme anxiety...but it didn't bother me at all.

"I have not had one anxiety attack since coming to see Gary twelve years ago.

"We treated for my phobia of dentists and it seems crazy, but now I actually enjoy going to the dentist. Amazing!

Gary has helped my daughter successfully several times."
Colleen Martin, Dawson Creek, B.C., March 23, 2015


"I tried everything to get rid of my depression that started in 1966. Medication, acupuncture and other hypnotists but nothing worked. I was ready to give up.

"I saw the webpage and read the testimonials and thought this can't be true. So much relief so fast... cannot be possible. I was feeling hopeless but I would try it.

"How can you feel that good after one session? Gary's style of hypnosis was totally different and reached deep-rooted emotions that caused the depression. I felt the difference right after the first session.

"The second session was even better. I was coming back to life thanks to these techniques. Every depressed person should know about this. It only seems expensive when you compare it to cheaper therapies that don't work."
Brian Onchkar, Fort St. John, B.C., January 26, 2015


"I knew hypnosis worked very well to help smokers quit so I googled clinical hypnosis and found out that it can do a lot more than that... I thought it might help me with my personal emotional problems.

"I was a bully and just couldn't stop snapping at people and getting upset even when they meant no harm. I told myself that I had to stop responding like this but it did no good. It was especially harmful to my relationships.

"On the webpage many of the testimonials echoed my situation so I made the phone call. After only one session, I lost the chip on my shoulder and became a much nicer person. My fiancť noticed the change right away. I don't want to pick on people anymore. I feel like a new person, lighter and happier.The self-hypnosis CD that I played at night did not bother my sleep and I could feel myself responding to the affirmations on the CD after I woke up.

"This has changed me so much. I am not upset or angry anymore... I am just happy. At first I didn't know how it works, but Gary explained it all very clearly and it worked so well. Working with your subconscious is the only way to make these wonderful changes so quickly. I have friends who did talk therapy and it went on forever without much change. Hypnosis is the way to do it.

"Amazing is not a strong enough word to describe my changes. It may seem expensive but I spent tons of money on self-help and other therapies to no effect. The price tag is not too high because it saved my life and my relationship... That is priceless."
Tricia Johnson, Dawson Creek, B.C., December 29, 2014


"I had one session in 2008 and another in 2012 for emotional turmoil in my life and I was pleased with both sessions. Problems from childhood and relationships past were alleviated and I was able to get rid of all of my anger and the negative emotions that were getting in the way of my life. If I had not come to Gary I would have done something really drastic, so it was a wise choice.

"I am very aware of psychotherapy and all sorts of talk therapy. I spent years in talk therapy without results, so I chose hypnotherapy because I did not want to spend another five years talking my face off.

"In talk therapy you understand the logistics of the negative emotions but just understanding doesn't get rid of the negative emotions. How do you get rid of it? These emotions are still there and dragging me down, so that is why I chose hypnotherapy.

"I am now seeing Gary to stop smoking."
Sharon McLean, Chetwynd, B.C., November 14, 2014


"I got treated by Gary six years ago and I can still honestly say that his treatment works. There has been no relapse and it has improved my life so much. I can't thank him enough."

(Read the original testimonial further down on this page.)
Ray Gairdner, Salmon Arm, B.C., July 23, 2014


"I was very unhappy with myself and my life. A friend suggested to try Gary's treatment because it worked for him and I cannot say enough good things about it. It actually feels like not much is happening but it is at a deep level. After my first session I felt better and so many good things began to change in my life. I let go of so much in one session.

"No more crying and not sleeping at night. My old emotional upsets are in the past and I have a new start. It was amazing to find out how I really felt about certain topics. I couldn't believe the parts of me that I got in touch with. It was such a good feeling; it was simply amazing.

"Everyone should try this. It seems expensive but it got my life back. Everything in my life has improved so much. I have been to every type of counselling that you can think about and this is the only one that has worked."
Keisha Brocklebank, Telegraph Creek, B.C., July 4, 2014


"I have had two sessions with Gary and there is such a difference. I have been on anti-depressants but they only helped a little. Ever since I can remember I have had such a negative attitude. I had no idea if this would help since nothing else did.

"I am so much more relaxed now and not so hard on myself. I learned a simple technique that helps me reduce everyday stress. The whole process is simple and surprising."
Nigel Parkin, Taylor, B.C., June 19, 2014


"I had used hypnosis before, but this approach was so different. In one session there were huge changes. I could sleep better, I spoke out for myself without hesitating or analyzing. I released so much fear. I felt calm, peaceful, there was even a sense of joy.

"This is such a non-invasive, friendly type of hypnosis. I know that it seems expensive but it is worth the money. It is hard to believe it worked so well."
Donna Alexander, Fort St. John, B.C., May 16, 2014


"I was full of a lot of anxiety, depression and anger. It was ruining my relationship, so I searched the internet for help. I was impressed by the testimonials on Gary's website and thought that this will be my last resort before using medication.

"I read up a little bit on hypnosis after seeing the website, but what happened in the session really did surprise me. I thought that nothing had happened at all during the session. A few days later I noticed that my heart wasn't racing the way it used to and I felt less weighed down, less at war with myself. My sleep also improved.

"I swear that I thought that I just had my eyes closed and relaxed a little, but something important must have happened. I will tell you that you should try it; it was so surprising and effective."
Terry Haugan, Dawson Creek, B.C., January 22, 2014


"A friend had incredible results with Gary, getting over 5 years of total amnesia because of an industrial accident. I had an open mind and no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing hypnosis was.

"I had a lot of bad experiences in the past and they came through in the sessions but I was easily able to heal them. A big plus was the technique that allowed me to reduce on-going everyday stress.

"This worked so well and so quickly that it is hard to believe. I had only one session and was aware of all the positive changes. I used to have poor self-esteem and could not accept compliments of any sort. All that is totally gone.

"I would tell anyone, keep an open mind and try this. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS FORM OF THERAPY."
Debbie Green, Chetwynd, B.C., January 16, 2014


"I didn't know anything about hypnosis. It was a very relaxing experience and so different from regular therapy and much better than any medications that I have been on. The panic attacks went away, I was less anxious and I could sleep better.

"I am a musician who had terrible stage fright and now it is gone. I couldn't drive through strange cities. I would panic and have to stop... that is all gone now.

"Gary uses a self-hypnosis CD that I play at night and it keeps me focused and on track.I would advise anyone to try this especially for anxiety. I am calm and focused and it only took two sessions.

"Everything else that I tried didn't work and often there were bad side effects from medication. After the session I felt relaxed and normal."
Ami Gothard, Fort St. John, B.C., August 12, 2013


"I am just sending you an update on my hypnosis therapy I did with you for my memory.

"I am very happy to say my memory has improved SO much! I know this is not a surprise to you! It feels so awesome. I have even reregistered for my grooming course that I quit because I believed I was too stupid to pass. I am not stupid and I will not allow myself to even think that stuff anymore.

"On my way home from Dawson I even listened to my Pinslaur (sp) French CD and was excited to listen to it again without feeling frustrated. :)

"Thank you so much Gary, I greatly appreciate all the help you have given me. You unlocked some things in my mind that was holding me back from life.

"I would still like to meet with you again and work on my eating habits. So if you have any openings please call me and we can schedule another appointment time.

"Thank you again Gary!"
Brenda Thompson, July 24, 2013


"My friend suggested that I see Gary because he got such good results. I tried many different things before to correct the destructive patterns in my life, They all failed and I would go back to my old ways.

"Clinical hypnosis is subtle and caused positive changes without my even being aware of them at first. There was no effort on my part - it just happened. With talk therapy you have to focus all the time and work at breaking the pattern... the changes just snuck up on me.

"When I left, I felt no different and I thought that was five hundred dollars for nothing. Afterwards I began to notice a real change in my dynamics of dealing with the problem person in my life. It was dramatic and significant and there was no denying that something good had happened. Deep down something had changed.

"I agree with my friend who saw Gary. This is the best bang for your buck and it took only two sessions... unlike talk therapy that I tried that went on for months."
Lucy Dufour, Fort St. John, B.C., January 17, 2013


"I didn't know anything about hypnosis. I had seen stage shows but this was different. I was in total control at all times. The responses from my subconscious mind were amazing.

"I had some family disturbances that were resolved quickly... it didn't get to me any more and I could sleep all night. I was so stressed out before I would worry about things all night long. I am so much more calm and peaceful.

"I have quit worrying about everything and this is such an improvement in every way. My life has improved so much in just one session. I noticed a definite big improvement. I have been telling all my friends and family about this."
Aaryn Norman, Dawson Creek, B.C., December 4, 2012


"When I came into see Gary I had a whole bunch of stuff from the past.

"I was surprised that at all times I was in control and aware of what was going on... and just like the other testimonials that I read, it was very relaxing.

"I had guilt and regret about my son's death and in only one session I found peace and calm in my life. I encourage you, that if you have a powerful obsession, any kind of negative emotion or worry, even if it has been there for a long, long time, go and see Gary and get rid of it."
Lorraine Dotson, Chetwynd, B.C., November 5, 2012


"The first session I was a little nervous. I am not sure exactly what happened, but something happened and now I have a whole different outlook on life. I have never been so relaxed in my life as during the session. It wasn't spooky or strange at all.

"There were major upsets in my life that just melted away. My husband really noticed the difference right away after only one session. I was surprised how all this worked and I really educated myself about the subconscious. It was a comfortable experience. There is nothing to be afraid of.

"I would tell everyone don't wait till you are sixty years old to use clinical hypnosis. I came back for a second session to quit smoking and it worked."
Lynn Letain, McKenzie, B.C., October 1, 2012


"I was severly depressed. I hated life and no matter where I went or who I talked to, life just sucked. It seemed like there were no answers and I was ready to give up. I felt like this all my life. I have been on countless medications, some experimental and it made things worse. I thought I was going crazy. I had lots of body pain as well and didn't want to get up in the morning.

"I was always telling myself that I am not good enough and life isn't worth living and I realized this negativity was manifesting in physical pain as well. I had never been happy in my entire life... ever.

"Gary had helped 4 other family members and they were surprised and pleased at the results so they convinced me to try it.

"Hypnosis is so different from what the doctors and others had tried. I was getting answers to my problems from within. With hypnosis my body relaxed and my racing thoughts slowed, yet I was fully aware of what was going on at all times. This was a surprise.

"We started to heal the pre-natal upsets and worked ahead in my life. As each time a healing happened, it was like little weights were being lifted and I progressivly felt better as the session went on. When the session was over, I felt great. I felt happy for the first time.

"This works better than anything else out there. It is not pills or someone telling you there is something wrong with you. It is guiding the subconscious to heal. This is new and amazing. My entire family is doing really good now.

"I came in with an open mind and hoped it might help me. Do what I did and get relief."
Jordan Breunig, Cecil Lake, B.C., September 12, 2012


"I just wanted to say thank you for everything! It worked!!! I listened to that CD you gave me more and it worked! The stuttering is gone when I talk and my memory is crazy awsome! I remember things from wayyyyyy back! Just wanted to say you are a great hypnotist and keep doing what you're doing! You could charge $100,000 because you're so good and it works!

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

"I came to see Gary because I have stuttered all my life and my memory was awful. It was reaching a point where I couldn't function very well anymore. We did 3 sessions and at first I didn/t notice any change. Part of the treatment plan is to listen to a self-hypnosis CD at night when I sleep. After the third session I felt that it didn't work but I listened to the self-hypnosis CD and things began to slowly change until it really worked."
Kristofer M. (full name given upon request), Dawson Creek, B.C., October 1, 2012


"About 7 months ago, from out of nowhere, I started collapsing wherever I went. At any time of day I would get extremely tired, my blood pressure would plummet (90/45) and my pulse would shoot up to easily over 100. I would be very white, felt weak, my whole body would shake and it felt like both my legs and hands were having pins and needles.

"I had seen my physician regularly every week, had about 40 tests done-all with no conclusive results, including heart testing, kidneys, lungs and other major organs. I even saw a neurologist, but nothing came of this. Doctors were puzzled, they had no idea what was going on and were giving my file from one to the other like a hot potato. I was given a few weeks off work, but it did not make a differrence.

"I had heard of Gary from my mother in law (Bozena Bajger) who had seen him a couple of years ago and got a lot of help. So with my wife we decided that we have nothing to lose. I was pesimistic about all this and thought that the price was a little too steep, but I wanted to be better, so I went to give it a try. It is only money after all.

"In only one session I got rid of whatever it was that brought my symptoms on.

"I do not know how to say it, but the best way to describe it is that I am a new me. I am full of energy and feeling excellent, better than ever.

"When my wife asked me what I thought of the treatment, I replied: it is a miracle. I do not remember much about the treatment but it worked and I am grateful. Thank you Gary. I will be recommending your treatment to lots of people from now on."
Jerry Becak, Grande Prairie, Alberta, August 29, 2012
Followup note: "Hello Gary, I just wanted to let you know how I am doing since our last session. I felt great immediately after we left your door; was very hungry, full of energy and happy. I am extremly pleased to tell you that I am still feeling excellent. So far I did not have any episodes that would make me collapse or interrupt my regular day because of exhaustion. Thank you."


"It's been over a year since my two sessions. I was dealing with a stressful relationship and I used the techniques Gary taught me. When I had to deal again with the same anxiety producing events, my stress levels went down to zero. I had other types of treatment before for this but they were either ineffective or made things worse.

"It was surprising how easy we got responses from my subconscious mind.

"I cannot describe just how much better my day to day life has been for over a year since the treatments. That anxiety is gone and I have my life back. It has been amazing?"
Crista Webb, Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C., June 10, 2012


"I had deep, deep, terribly strong anger that was a mystery to me. I just wanted to beat things up. I couldn't think or focus and I had to try something. After the first session I found the anger couldn't get hold of me nearly as bad. I would just go down and think about it and come back out of it.

"We did two sessions and for me, getting rid of that anger was pretty dramatic.

"A friend told me how good his work was but I was sure that I was not under hypnosis because I felt so normal in every way."
Kevin Alexander, Fort St. John, B.C., January 22, 2012


"I didn't know really what to expect, but I didn't expect it to work as quickly and easily as it did.

"After two sessions, everyone has noticed that my deep-seated anger has gone. I no longer blow-up and it seems a lifetime of chronic anger issues have vanished. I was also so unsure and counting on other people's advice. Now I make up my mind and have confidence in myself and my decisions. I used to need the approval of others all the time - even to my detriment.

"These changes happened so quickly. I would not believe this unless I experienced it. I have tried a lot of things to make positive changes in my life but they either failed outright or the problem would just come back.

"This was different, fast and effective."
Monique Jean, Fort St. John, B.C., January 20, 2012


"I was having panic attacks and extreme anxiety issues for the last 5 years. A lot of it was work related and there seemed to be no solution.

After only one session there were real improvements. I was dealing with everyday stress so much better. I even quit worrying. It's hard to believe that I could get results like this so quickly. Hypnosis was relaxing and gentle. It was not like I thought it would be."
Ann Pearson, Dawson Creek, B.C., January 20, 2012


"I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with my thoughts. They were all negative all the time. I worried constantly about anything that could possibly go wrong. Worry was destroying my life. Life was miserable. I knew they were irrational but I couldn't stop them from happening. On top of it all, I still needed to lose ten pounds and I found it was impossible to do that. I tried everything - diet, naturopath, eliminating certain foods, carbohydrates, everything.

"I wanted to try hypnosis because I finally realized that there must be something in my head that wasn't cooperating with the rest of me.

"After only one session, I was calm, I didn't have negative thoughts. I was normal. No more negative thoughts - no more worry. I used to have junk food binges and they were gone as well.

"After one session it worked - but I didn't expect it to work that instantly. Hypnosis is not what I thought it would be. It was quite relaxing and probably one of the easiest things that I have ever done. I would say, try it. It might seem expensive but it is worth it!"
Kim Kazda, Fort St. John, B.C., November 23, 2011


"I spent eighteen months doing talk therapy once a week and nothing much happened. Clinical hypnosis is a one hundred per cent improvement over talk therapy. With talk therapy when you are doing it, it seems to help, but when the session is over you go backwards. With clinical hypnosis, you go forward.

"I had panic attacks and sleep problems. After one session the results were stunning - such big improvements - and so suddenly. It has been a month after the first session and I have a brand new me. I am back now to improve my singing skills.

"I watched and heard so many phony stories about hypnosis and it is not like that at all. It is excellent and it works."
Elaine Dredger, Dawson Creek, B.C., September 29, 2011


"I had a casino problem and it was cutting into my retirement funds. I convinced myself that it was o.k. for an older person and it was entertainment. Everyone was so friendly. I began to lose and I couldn't turn it off.

"We did one session and I have no desire to ever go to the casino. I even stopped buying 649 tickets. It was so easy to stop with hypnosis, but I sure couldn't do it by myself. It's been over two months and I have no interest in gambling now. It was almost instant."
Iris Scholz, Dawson Creek, B.C., June 29, 2011


"My parents were concerned about me because I was worrying myself sick over my job and stuff. A friend of theirs had good luck with Gary so they said I should check it out and I'm glad I did. I looked at the testimonials on his webpage and there were some with problems like mine. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it was relaxing and I was always aware. It surprised me how easy it was to get the truth from my subconscious mind.

"My job was the same but after the first session and listening to the self-hypnosis CD at night, I worried so much less. The people around me and my girl friend noticed it right away. I would definitely recommend this? - it worked for me and for all those others who gave testimonials. There was nothing weird about it. It was kind of natural how everything flowed. My first session was in November and the second in January."
Jason, Fort St. John, B.C., January 3,2011
(Last name withheld by request. Jason is willing to phone you and verify his statement if you require more validity; just contact Gary first.)


"On the outside everyone thought that I was o.k. but on the inside I had so much stress. I was on medication for depression. We did two sessions and my husband says there is not a 100% change but a 300% change.

"I read the testimonial about Barry Mckinnon from Chetwynd and my husband encouraged me to try it, but I had my doubts. He heard Gary on the radio. I found how to make peace with the past and am feeling so much better - even my chronic back pain is better.

"I would say to anyone, try it, money is only paper and now I feel good after only two sessions."
Bojena Baijter, Chetwynd, B.C., October 17, 2010


"I had constant negative thoughts, always expecting the worst-case scenario - plus I was a total worrier. I could never relax or even focus enough to read a book. On the surface, I have a great life but underneath there were periods of great sadness. I could never enjoy anything and I didn't even know why.

"Under hypnosis we found out that my problems began with an emotional upset when I was thirteen and the worry habit just snowballed from that point on. After two sessions, I was over it. There was a huge change in my stress levels. I felt better immediately after the first session and it just continued to improve. Gary taught me how to meditate and a simple way to calm down when I was getting upset.

"All I can say is his style of hypnosis was very different from what I expected. It was calm and pleasant and it worked right after the first session. I wouldn't have believed it."
Jessica Campbell, Fort St.John, B.C., November 5, 2010


"I couldn't stop worrying. I thought I was in a pretty stressful job and the more I worried the worse it was. My parents were worried about me, and their friend Duane Pastynk got great results with Gary, so they suggested I give it a try.

"I didn't have a clue about hypnosis but it sure was surprising what came from my subconscious. There was a dramatic improvement after the first session and I really reduced my stress levels. The second session was just a tidy up session. My girlfriend really noticed the change right away. I don't really know how it works, but it worked just great. If you are struggling, I definitely recommend this. That's all I can say about it. I really recommend it."
Nathan, Fort St.John,B.C., January 3, 2011 (If you would like to talk to Nathan, please call me 1-800-873-6606.)


"I came to get help for my weight problem from Gary about fifteen years ago. It worked and I have kept the weight off ever since. I just seemed to pay more attention to what I was eating and I would just stop myself from overeating. Fifteen years have passed and I am in better shape now than fifteen years ago... most people as they get older put on more weight and do less exercise, not me."
Jim Oliver, Chetwynd, B.C., May 28, 2010 (Click here for more details)


"I had two sessions a month and a half ago ago to treat my bulimia problem. For thirteen years I have been dealing with some level of depression and poor self-esteem and purging regularly. The last two years had been even worse. I didn't want to be throwing up for the rest of my life and I tried regular counseling for a couple of years but nothing changed because it was on a superficial level. There was no hope.

"I had tried so hard to figure it out before. I am very logical minded and didn't know what to expect but I cannot believe the results, really.

"I have not purged since the second session and that was a month and a half ago. I was open to hypnosis and found it very relaxing."
Joselyn Hannaford, Fort St. John, B.C., June 7, 2010 (Click here for more details)


"I was on overload. I am a very busy person and there wasn't enough time in my life and I was anxious about everything. I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I would pull the covers over my head and hope that it would all go away.

"I never expected changes could happen so fast... it was like a chain reaction. I held onto stuff for over thirty years and then just let it go. I couldn't deal with my present because of my past upsets... that was the real problem. I've been to talk counselling, psychologist, medication and all the changes were brief and temporary. This is different and effective."
Kari Ollenberger, Fort St. John, B.C., June 16, 2010 (Click here for more details)


"I had an industrial accident five years ago and lost my memory completely up to the point of the accident. Forty years of my life was wiped out and I was tormented for five years trying to recall who I was before it happened. I would talk to people and friends trying to figure out who I was and what I did?where did those forty years go? My doctor had no answers and said I would just have to live with it?I talked to him for four years about it and my everyday headaches. He never mentioned hypnosis.

"We only did one session and it felt like ten minutes not over two hours. Almost right away I started remembering about my childhood and it was like a dam broke. I have had a headache every day for five years and when we were through hypnosis, it was gone. It was very emotional for me."
Barry McKinnon, January 2010 (Click here for more details)
Update from Barry, April 6, 2010: "It's been two and a half months and my memory still is great. I am amazed and so happy. I still listen to the self-hypnosis CD not so much for my memory but because it helps me sleep so well.

"Everyone had given up on me... the doctors, my friends and family... after our session, I laughed all the way home and I have been in a good mood ever since, no kidding. This has turned my whole life around in two hours of treatment... it was absolutely life altering. More people should know about this.

"I can recall people from the past even better. My overall memory is greatly improved, especially on the job. I get things done on the job now because I remember... this was a huge problem before.

"It might seem expensive on the surface but the results were more than worth it. I checked out regular talk therapy and they said it would take many sessions and it would be even more expensive. My wife may be coming to see Gary for some personal issues as well. This stuff is just phenomenal."


"For the past 6 years I have been fighting the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was sexually assaulted at the age of 18, and the trauma caused severe damage to my brain. Over the years I have done extensive talk-therapy with some very qualified professionals. The talk therapy was able to help me come to terms with what had happened, as well as understand the choices I made at the time. Unfortunately I found that talk therapy was only able to heal me on a conscious level, while my subconscious mind remained badly damaged. Although I have managed to put the incident behind me in my waking life, I had been tormented by night terrors that brought me back to the night I was assaulted. Experiencing the trauma nightly was beginning to push me to the brink of a severe depression, and I felt completely helpless.

"My therapy with Gary Lowe took an extra session to complete, for a total of three sessions. I can honestly say that Gary has saved my life. Although I was not a threat to myself at the time, I am positive that if my life had continued much longer living in pain I would have eventually given up. I can confidently say that I no longer experience night terrors, which is truly miraculous; incredibly though, the dreams were not the only problem Gary was able to heal. I have no feelings of guilt remaining, and I have been given a completely new perspective on who I am as a person. I am no longer fighting against a detrimental anxiety disorder, and I am facing problems that occur in my life with a serene sense of control. I absolutely believe that anybody out there who is suffering the effects of PTSD should at least give this form of treatment a try. You have nothing to lose and your true life to win back."
Sarah Dunn, 2009 (Click here for more details)


"Gary had helped me a few years before, over the phone when I was totally afraid to leave my house. It worked very well. This time I had my first important job interview and I suddenly found that I froze. The day before the interview, I sat outside the office and knew I couldn't do it.

"I cannot believe that I didn't have any anxiety at all. I thought that as soon as I get in there I would fall apart, but I didn't. Some people have an issue with the money, but it is so worth the money because it works fast. The normal type of talk therapy becomes expensive because you keep going once a week forever and that adds up. I can handle interviews now and am confident I will land a good paying job. This will cover the fee of the treatment easily.

"I am rid of my agoraphobia from before; it never came back. I didn't know that I was going to freeze up on my first job interview, so I called Gary and we got it fixed."
Pam Minneault, 2009 (Click here for more details)


"I lost 50 pounds and 17 inches in about 10 months after my first weight loss sessions with Gary. It was awesome! I had tried everything else before and what really helped was getting at the emotional issues that kept the weight on.

A few months ago, I ran into some stress and put on a few pounds, so I returned for a tune-up session. It is not like a fad diet; you are actually getting to the root of why you are overeating and without that you simply cannot be successful at weight loss. I am totally back on track now."
Karen Morgan, January 6, 2009 (Click here for more details)


"I looked at the website and put off having a session for over a year. I met someone Gary had helped and then decided this is the alternative that I wanted. It's a terrific feeling to get rid of the garbage from the past. It was the best choice that I could have made."
Patty Neuner, August 2, 2008 (Click here for more details)


"My doctor recommended Gary but I was sure that nothing could help me. My life was a mess; I couldn't do anything. I wanted to just lay down and cry. The pills didn't help and then the doctor wanted to stop pills because you can get addicted to them.

"I feel completely different now. I am so glad that I got the clinical hypnosis. I have learned to relax and enjoy things. I am happy I came to Gary."
Kaethe Schmakeit, July 15, 2008 (Click here for more details)


"The benefits are sure good; many things needed healing from the past. There were so many positive changes and I am dealing with my problems so much better. I am a firm believer that your body doesn't lie. The muscle testing works.

Some of the things that the subconscious hangs on to is a little bizarre at times. I find that my life is so much better now, happier and easier and a lot more fun. You can clear out past garbage so easily. I would definitely recommend this to anyone."
Jean Hanson, Dawson Creek, July 17, 2008


"I had a fear of flying and closed spaces. Right after the session I was o.k. to fly and I did. It was great. Even when we sat on the tarmack for hours I was o.k. I used to be terrorized, it was a horrible fear and now it is gone after years of suffering.

"There was at least a 90% improvement and it was all due to an emotional trauma that started when I was three years old. When that was easily healed I was over a lifetime of flying fear. Hypnosis was not the scary experience I expected. It was relaxing and pleasant and totally opposite to what I expected."
Cindy Dettling, Fort St. John, January 17, 2008


"I have taken off 15 pounds since June... in only 3 office sessions. This has been a lifestyle change, it has changed the way I think and incorporate things into my daily activity. Itís easy, it works, itís effortless... thatís the scary part... the rest just happens."
Moira Green, 2007 (Click here for more details)


[Update from October 16, 2003] "All the stuff we worked on from three years ago was effective without setbacks and it only took a couple of sessions."
Josh Lequiere, 2006 (Click here for more details)
Click here to see Josh's original testimonial.


"As a Golf Club Professional/Golfswing instructor, Iím always looking for the best possible approach to 'reaching and teaching' students. When I first met and started working with Gary, my own game had deteriorated, for various reasons over time, to a very frustrating level.

"The techniques that Gary uses are making a world of difference in my personal and sporting life, and in my coachings as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Garyís service to anyone looking to recapture the 'magic' in any aspect of their lives."

Mike White, CPGA (Click here for more details)


"What surprised me the most was how easily and comfortably this program fit into my lifestyle and the weight just came off. Hypnosis was very comfortable and relaxing and not scary at any time."
Lou Harriot (Click here for more details)


"Hypnosis was not like I expected. I was terrified when I started but I had it all wrong. I canít believe how strong I feel. I feel like I am thirty again. I am sleeping a lot better and this is after only four hours of treatment. I came looking for a solution to my insomnia and had no idea that it all started in my childhood."
Charlotte Mclellan (Click here for more details)


"Gary had helped several members of my family before, so they encouraged me to come. I really didnít know what to expect, but the changes were so fast right in the first session. I left feeling so much better than when I came in 2 hours before. Itís hard to imagine that so much could change so quickly."
Catherine Busche (Click here for more details)


"I am feeling so much better after 2 sessions. I can smile for no reason now. I quit smoking with you several years before and it was so easy to quit, so I knew it could help me again."
Madeline Scott (Click here for more details)


"I had to pass this exam. I had tried it twice before and this was my last chance. I used to be extremely nervous, hot and cold, my stomach upset. I would get totally prepared, I studied hard and everything was under control until a week or so before the exam date and then the nervousness would start and I would fall apart.

"This time I was confident and relaxed even before the exam. I noticed that I was really absorbing all the study material. I went in and took the exam and it felt like just another day. Some questions were tough but I didnít panic and I kept going, calmly, anyways. When I was done, they scored me and I had aced it. I was so happy and it was so much easier."

Jennifer Bellhouse (Click here for more details)


"I was always depressed and never happy. I hated myself so much. I had trouble getting out of bed and doing stuff with my life. I simply could not be alone or I would go crazy. I was embarrassed about myself around others. Iíd think, oh my God I am so dumb and then I wouldnít talk anymore. I had a boundary problem and my emotions would go up and down according to the person that I was around. I was an emotional puppet and I felt helpless to change it. It reached the point where I was having suicidal thoughts.

"You have to be willing to change and let go of preconceived notions. Donít be like my ignorant friends who were criticizing hypnosis even when I was telling them how great it was. I got answers from my subconscious that just blew me away... prenatal upsets that my mom confirmed were true.

"I donít look back any more and it only took two sessions to get most of the work done."

Glenda Groat (Click here for more details)


"I felt down about myself but I was determined to find something that worked. I have been depressed for some time and was on medication. There was a great deal of sadness and loss in my life. I felt skeptical that anything could really help but was willing to give it a try... I was totally surprised at how well this has gone. I trust myself to make good decisions. I am so much more positive now. It was worth the fee because you are talking about your mental and physical health here. Once I got the emotional turmoil out of my life, I could stop feeding my emotions. I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months since we started and feel really good about it."

May 22, 2002 update: "Itís been 5 months now and I am still losing weight and better yet, I now sleep like a log. When I first came in I was feeling totally defeated. We cleared out so much emotional garbage that I just had to feel better. There has been one amazing change. I now really enjoy exercise and I hated it before. I used to really hate it. It was a huge block to losing weight. I never would have believed this, ever. We treated this block just once and it was gone."

Elaine Felhauer (Click here for more details)


"I found out quite a few things all at once and it almost ended our marriage. I was in shock. It took years to let our marriage dissolve to this point and we expected that it would take years of therapy to have it recover. I was skeptical about the testimonials and just didnít believe that you could get over something as traumatic as this without a long, lengthy process. I expected to be in therapy for months or years. I rate it 4 out of 4 definitely, on Garyís scale. We were desperate when we started. The word that comes to mind is... itís like a miracle... I read where people said that on the testimonials but I was still skeptical...but now I totally agree with the testimonials."
Shelly and Joel Sha (Click here for more details)


"I was very skeptical... Today I wish we had video taped my progress. If you could only see the broken person that walked through that door and a few sessions later, the person who walked out!!! I do not live in fear of tomorrow. I feel better everyday!"    (back to the top)
Colleen Patterson (Click here for more details)


From: Ross Sexsmith
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 4:45 PM
To: Gary Lowe
Subject: Referral statement

Dear Gary:
I just wanted to write you to explain the value I received in meeting and working together with you. Although initially we came to see you to strengthen our relationship, I have found a greater reward. My focus on my career has never been better. I am more confident than ever before. I am more in control of my life and lifestyle. Working together with you has improved my relationship and family life. I will recommend you to anyone.

Ross Sexsmith, CFP
Fort St.John, B.C.

Treatment: February 21 to April 11, 2003
Total of 5 sessions
Follow Up: October , 2003
Problem existed: undetermined
NOTE: Ross first came into therapy to resolve some marital difficulties. As you can see, that not only was accomplished but the sessions delivered some unexpected benefits as well. Over two thirds of my clients are referred by a previous client.


"I used to suffer from severe panic attacks. I would have several every day. This went on for years. It was unbearable. It has been 11 months now and I have had only a very weak 5 minute panic attack that I easily handled with the techniques you taught me."
Debbie McKay (Click here for more details)


"I have only had 4 sessions and I just feel wonderful. There are no words to explain it. I feel great. I feel that I have got my life back... Since I have been going to Gary my friends and family just can not believe what a better outlook I have on life. I am the one whose in control now... My physician gave his approval for this treatment and has referred quite a few patients to Gary. He was really surprised at the results that I got, but he was really open minded."
Judy Kazakowich (Click here for more details)


"The techniques were unusual but they worked immensely for me in the first session to solve some issues that I did not even know I had... It is amazing how it works... On a scale of 0 to 4, I rate my improvements a 5. Right off the scale!"
Ralph Schipholt (Click here for more details)


"It does work no matter how skeptical you are. You do not have to believe in it... it just works. My family is in disbelief. I am not freaking out anymore. I have had it for 34 years and it only took 2 hours to get over it."
Helga Wills (Click here for more details)


"I have been terrorized by dentists... I was getting all this drilling done... I almost dozed off... totally unprecedented. There was absolutely no stress at all. It was excellent. Quite remarkable. I started doing the same technique for my golf game... [M]y scores are now consistently... always about a 10 to 15 stroke reduction. I am just amazed."    (back to the top)
Bob Haugan (Click here for more details)


"I was under real pressure... I was worrying so much and I did not know what to do. It has been over 4 months now and there are no problems coming back. I would rate the therapy 3 out of 4 on an improvement scale."
Kim Hample (Click here for more details)


"I did not want to be away from home and when I went to school I would get headaches and horrible stomach aches... I would really feel sick and just want to go home. This happened every single school day for years and years since kindergarten and I am 15 now... My life was really horrible. I was so sad about school. Even the smallest things upset me. I had nothing to live for... it was just too hard. I wanted to die. Antidepressants did not help me... none of it helped. I tried suicide 3 times, cut my wrists deep and took aspirin and poisons. I was skeptical. I was sure it would not work. It was amazing. I went from sad to happy... how fast I changed. After the second session, I was perfectly fine. I feel great now, happy, awake, energized and I feel I can take anything on... all in 4 hours. Suicide is not an option. Life is to precious. Itís fun! How could something so painful that you have had with you for your entire life go away in 3 sessions? I did not want to live anymore... how could that go away in just a few weeks?"    (back to the top)
Chels. W. (Click here for more details)


"I would go to bed and break into a cold sweat. I would have to get up. This went on, night after night for almost 3 years... a 3 year problem gone in 2 hours. It is hard to believe. I felt really good right after the first session, I went home and slept really well. I would give it 4 out of 4 on your results scale."
Roy Juell (Click here for more details)


"I was at my witís end... it was impossible to sleep. After 2 hours of treatment, I feel wonderful and I am having wonderful relaxing sleeps."
Jody Hammer (Click here for more details)


"For 7 years I had terrible sleep... I have slept well ever since, even though I only had 1 session... and that was almost 3 years ago."
Rose Doonan (Click here for more details)


"I was... trying to swallow a calcium pill [when I thought I would give your technique a try and to my amazement, it worked. The pill went right down without a struggle. It only took a few minutes to apply the technique... it has been over 3 months now and I [have no problems swallowing any pill. Call me if you donít believe this]!"    (back to the top)
Cathy McKibben (Click here for more details)


"I have been in complete and utter terror of dentists since I was eight years old. Valium shots were needed to calm me down all the time. When I tried to make and keep a dental appointment Iíd often be hospitalized because I was paralyzed with fear. We had 2 sessions and I was calm but waiting for the panic to set in. It never did! I am ever so thankful that you got me in for treatment before the dental appointment. I am almost giddy with happiness. Out of a possible 4, I rate the treatment a total 4."
Rosemary Katola (Click here for more details)


"Kelsey was so reluctant to go to school. Everyday she would say she was sick. She was so afraid of school and doing the schoolwork. Now, after 2 sessions, she is so optimistic about school. Her confidence has just skyrocketed. I rate the therapy 3 out of 4, but Kelsey rates it 4 out of 4, and I guess she should know. Either way, itís wonderful. We are believers now. Weíve seen it for ourselves."
Val Haugan (Click here for more details) (speaking of her 10 year old daughter, Kelsey)


"I was in excruciating pain. I couldnít eat, couldnít talk, couldnít drink water, couldnít even brush my teeth and I couldnít sleep. I had this pain for 8 months and I had gone to all the medical professions and they couldnít seem to help me. I really have my life back. Now I can control the pain if it tries to return. I rate it beyond 4 out of 4. I would be willing to talk to anyone about this incredible treatment... it has literally saved my life."    (back to the top)
Gail Crowe (Click here for more details)


"My son, Sam, hated Math and Science. He got 28% in Math and was failing Science and doing poorly all around. His whole attitude was bad. He wanted to quit. He tried to study but couldnít retain anything, so he gave up. He was failing badly and nothing could help him.

"He enjoys Math now. He got 3 100% on his last 3 tests and 85% on his last Science Exam. His whole attitude is healthy and lighter... if that makes any sense? I was so skeptical and now I am amazed. How can that happen in only 6 hours?"    (back to the top)

Rob Hampton (Click here for more details) (father of Sam Hampton)


"I couldnít have been any more down... I was considering suicide. I considered myself a failure at every aspect of life. I had spent months this way. After the first 2 hour session, I walked out feeling totally different. All these weights, stresses, depression...gone! This isnít exaggerated. I was at peace for the first time in a long time.I know the techniques donít work for everyone but they sure worked for me. Even in my wildest dreams I never expected such changes so fast."
Peter Jensen (Click here for more details)


"I had a hard time making decisions. It was like I had put up walls around myself and I was limited in what I could do or how I could perform... but now after 8 hours of treatment I feel comfortable with myself and other people. Iíve learned how to communicate. Thereís so much less anxiety... Iím really so relaxed around others. My energy level is up and I no longer feel trapped like before and all my anger is gone."    (back to the top)
Jordy Purves (Click here for more details)

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Stress and Poor Self-Esteem


Panic Attacks


Stop Smoking


Family and Marital Issues

Weight Loss

Better Grades

Comments on Garyís work from other therapists

Media Comments

Note:If you have not discovered a recommendation concerning your problem, please call me. There are over 60 more client statements on file and they are growing in number regularly. Obviously, I cannot reproduce them all at this time.

These testimonials and recommendations are real! Some are direct copies of letters or e-mails sent to me, others are excerpts of telephone conversations that the client agreed to record. Everyone has willingly consented to the use of their names, except for a few clients who prefer to use initials for reasons of confidentiality. My practice is in a small town (Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, Population 10,000) and some clients live in surrounding villages or even smaller farming communities and they are more sensitive to having their personal problems made public.

These testimonials express the dramatic improvements my clients have made. Because you are a unique individual with your own personal history of problems and stresses, I cannot claim that you will get the same wonderful and exciting results that these clients talk about. It is very possible that you may experience similar results or your improvements may be somewhat less powerful or even insignificant.

A recent survey shows that 87.5% of my clients benefit to a significant degree from these new treatment techniques, but that also means that 12.5% derive minimal benefits from the same techniques. If a therapist ever tries to tell you that they have a treatment that works for everyone, all the time - BEWARE!!! The survey clearly indicates that 9 out of 10 clients are satisfied with their results. I wish I could say that everyone benefits from this type of therapy all the time, but I can not. No therapy is perfect.

The wonderful thing about these treatments are that it does not take months and years to overcome your problems. Most therapists still use regular talk therapies that are not, in my opinion, very effective and the results are often temporary. These therapists are good people but they have been trained in the wrong area of therapy. They work with the conscious, logical mind.

Almost every client that I work with is skeptical at first, but they quickly change their minds as you may have already noted from the client testimonials. It is no longer necessary to continue your struggle alone or with inadequate help because subconscious mind and acupressure therapies are now available to help you.    (back to the top)

Self Help

Any form of emotional turmoil that you have might result in psychological exhaustion that can cause years of suffering without relief. It is like you have been condemned and chained in an awful dungeon of hopelessness and despair.

Self help books and other forms of therapy probably have not helped you much because conventional talk therapy cannot break your chains of emotional bondage. It is so sad and depressing to try to deal with the problem on your own and not find any answers, then seek professional help, only to discover that if changes occur it is only in the therapist's office and it is temporary, and when you go out into the real world, the problem is still there, as strong and destructive as ever. Even powerful dosages of medication often do not seem to help much! Clients have reported to me that they have done months and years of talk therapy with little or no change. No wonder, the real problems are on the subconscious level and are not being addressed at all.

Iíve got good news for you: your subconscious mind can come to your rescue if you let it, and it can free you from your emotional dungeon once and for all. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind. You know how weak your conscious mind is because you have probably tried to use will-power and determination before to beat your upsets.

By Using Your Subconscious Mind You Will Learn How To:

First Session Screening Policy

Many people need help, but I do not work with everyone. In the first session, I may decide to stop the treatment if I discover that your motivation to change is too weak. Some people like to hang on to their misery because there is a pay-off. If this happens, I will refer you to a regular counsellor. There will be no charge for your time with me. By adhering to this first session screening policy, my success rate is very high. Remember, all you need is a strong desire to change your life for the better and we can work together successfully.

Now, you need a better understanding of how these new subconscious mind techniques actually work.    (back to the top)

How It Works At Home And In The Office

At Home Only 10 Minutes A Day:

Fall Asleep And Let Positive Changes Happen. Relax in self hypnosis at home and let yourself begin to change. You may sleep through your tape every evening and your subconscious mind will still absorb the suggestions to improve your life. Doing self-hypnosis by listening to your audio tape takes about 10 minutes a day for a month. You will also be assigned other subconscious mind homework as well. This homework is essential to speeding up the entire therapeutic process and thus, saves you time and money.

In The Office, You Will Focus On Past Problems:

In some forms of therapy, the emphasis is on the present and the future, and past issues are left buried. If your problem has any emotional content, it is critical to look at the original cause of that emotion. Everything has a beginning and it is important to understand how your problem got started, often way back in your childhood. Your conscious mind usually has no recollection of that event, but your subconscious mind will not only recall the initiating event, but it will allow you to resolve the issue at a deep emotional level without having to go through the original pain.

Many clients have told me of being years in talk therapy and understanding everything about the problems, but no permanent changes happen, they still feel awful after all that effort. My form of treatment is entirely different. Your subconscious mind WILL ALLOW YOU TO MAKE THAT IMPORTANT EMOTIONAL SHIFT, SO THAT BOTH YOUR HEAD AND YOUR HEART HAVE CHANGED!

If you live thousands of miles away from my office, how in the world can I help you? There is an answer!


Healing Repressed Emotions Is The Key To Permanent Recovery

Past Tensions:

As you grow up, there are more and more stresses and problems in your life and over the years tension builds up on a subconscious level. Stresses and problems that you thought that you had dealt with are still there, grinding away on a hidden level. You may find relief from these hidden tension by smoking and overeating, using nicotine and food as your tranquilizers of choice, most people do. The hidden stresses that other people have can be so great that they use drinking or drugs in order to find relief. As these tensions, often totally forgotten, continue to build up in your subconscious mind, you may try to stop your bad habits, but you can not. As these repressed emotions continue to build up over time, your body can suffer with a variety of serious physical problems and you may feel that your life is out of control.

My job, as a therapist, is to remove those hidden stresses. The very earliest upsetting experiences, usually in childhood, can easily be located and painlessly eliminated. When these early upsets are gone, you will experience a sense of peace and well being. Once your hidden stresses are gone, then there is no more need to seek relief in tranquilizers. Makes sense?    (back to the top)

Stress Proofing is Essential:

Now I am going to tell you something really important! After you start to feel better, the battle is not over yet. Probably no one else has told you this before, but it is true!

With old fashioned talk therapy, as soon as stress comes back into your life, the old, awful feelings start to return and you start to behave as you did before treatment. Maybe 1 month later, 1 year later, 5 years later, you have a fight with your spouse, or the boss, or someone close to you dies, guess what? The emotional turmoil tries to start again! With these new techniques you will be stress proofed for the future, so that you will deal with whatever stress that comes along and you will remain emotionally healthy. You will not relapse into your old moods and behaviours!

I hope this helps you to understand why this combination of therapeutic techniques may be able to provide you with superior results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. If I have physical pain, will these new techniques help get relief?
  2. I understand that self-hypnosis is part of the treatment, but is it safe?
  3. Exactly how does this acupressure therapy work?
  4. Is there scientific research to prove results?
  5. What if I have been in treatment for years and have tried everything? Why should this work for me?
  6. Is not there a cheaper way to get over my problems?
  7. Do you offer a guarantee?
  8. If I eliminate my problems, I will feel like a stranger to myself because I have had them for so long. How do I handle that?
  9. Will it be painful to eliminate repressed emotions?
  10. Do I have to believe in these techniques to have them help me?
  11. It sounds too good to be true. How can I possibly believe you?

1. If I have physical pain, will these new techniques help get relief?

Dr. Herbert Bensen of the Harvard Medical School discovered that 80% of hospitalized patients had an emotional factor in their illness. When you are emotionally upset on a long term basis, your body will start to suffer as well as your mind. Many of the physical complaints that you may have might be associated with your emotional turmoil. You may find that, as your psychological upset diminishes, so do does your backache, rashes, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowl, etc.    (back to the top)

2. I understand that self-hypnosis is part of the treatment, but is it safe?

Without a doubt clinical hypnosis is safe. You might be afraid of hypnosis because you mistakenly think that you will turn into a zombie and be controlled. This is totally incorrect. Clinical hypnosis is totally different from stage show hypnosis and was approved by the Canadian Medical Association in 1958. In clinical hypnosis you are in control of your mind all the time, and nothing spooky or unusual ever occurs. You will be doing self-hypnosis right at home every evening and you will feel normal and safe.

3. Exactly how does this acupressure therapy work?

It took me 10 years of personal research into this problem of emotional turmoil, plus careful monitoring of Dr. Callahan's work, before I finally realized that these new techniques are effective and truly bring constant and often permanent relief. Dr. Callahan is the pioneering psychologist who first discovered this "...acupressure for emotional relief." I did not want to waste time and effort on something that just worked now and then, so I waited almost 10 years to be sure that Dr. Callahan's techniques really worked. By using clinical hypnosis combined with acupressure therapies, better results are being achieved on a consistent basis. Even though the Chinese have used acupuncture for 5000 years to eliminate physical pain and only one year ago the Canadian Medical Association finally gave approval to acupuncture, it is Dr. Callahan's amazing discovery that is making it so very easy to eliminate harmful emotions. You will learn how to press on certain parts of your body to elicit responses in your emotional brain that will lessen the intensity of negative or unwanted feelings.

4. Is there scientific research to prove results?

Yes! Although the research committee is only a few years old, already some studies are ready for peer review publication. Dr. Steve Wells in Perth, Australia will be publishing shortly, as well as Dr. Pulos of the University Of British Columbia, and in New York, Dr. Harvey Baker and Linda Speigal, M.S. are currently researching phobias. The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology is a non-profit association of professionals in psychotherapeutic practice, allied health professionals, researchers and interested lay persons who wish to develop, support and promote the discipline of Energy Psychology. Look up their web site at:

5. What if I have been in treatment for years and have tried everything? Why should this work for me?

There is an excellent chance that you will be able to be successful despite your history of therapy failures because of this new subconscious mind and acupressure approaches. You have probably only experienced the conventional talk therapies, which I consider to be not very effective because they do not deal with the real causes of your current problem.    (back to the top)

6. Is there not a cheaper way to get over my problems?

There may be, but most common talk therapies or other holistic approaches may not get good results . Conventional therapists may have cheaper fees, but you may spend months or years trying to get lasting results. In the long run, you spend more and get less in return.

I usually spend 3 sessions on simpler problems and up to 6 sessions on the more complex issues. There is no way of telling before hand how long your treatment might take. I speak with confidence when I say you can usually achieve major relief within approximately 3-4 sessions.

When you have completed office treatment, you will continue to treat yourself at home with self-hypnosis. This will ensures a more permanent recovery. I offer a free telephone follow up every 3, 6, and 9 months. Many employee assistance programs will cover your fees, although, unfortunately, B.C. Medical will not. In the long run, my treatment is generally more efficient and much less expensive.

7. Do you offer a guarantee?

Considering the success of my treatments, I would like to, but there are about 10% of clients who have truly complex issues and they usually do not stay in therapy long enough for me to help them with their deep rooted problems. Roughly 90% of my clients have a satisfactory experience and get good results. Due to the complexities of human nature, it is not feasible to offer a guarantee. If any therapist does offer you a guarantee, read it carefully and beware!!!

8. If I eliminate my problems, I will feel like a stranger to myself because I have had them for so long. How do I handle that?

This is really a simple problem to overcome. You will be able to enjoy the new healthy you instead of being confused or feeling strange.

9. Will it be painful to eliminate repressed emotions?

No, it will not. Thanks to these new techniques, it is no longer necessary to re-experience the original pain and trauma that you once went through.

10. Do I have to believe in these techniques to have them help me?

You do not have to believe in them, you just have to do them and the changes and improvements begin.

11. It sounds too good to be true. How can I possibly believe you?

You may be dismissing my claims as just more advertising hype because there is just so much garbage being sold nowadays. I do not blame you at all - but these new techniques are scientifically proven and will shortly be in the mainstream of psychotherapy. I have seen changes in my clients that are simply astounding. About 9 out of 10 clients get satisfactory results quickly, but 10% get minimal results - this is a fact.     (back to the top)

Health Care Professionals Validation

Health Care Professionals Testify To The Effectiveness Of Acupressure Therapy And Clinical Hypnosis:

Please read these testimonials below, given by registered clinical psychologists. These health care professionals, registered in their state as clinical psychologists, would not endanger their careers by making false statements.
"When it is done by a trained therapist, hypnotism can be effective, does not hurt, is not invasive and does not require expensive equipment or drugs. Perhaps most important, you can do it yourself."
Isadore Rosenbaum, M.D.
From his best selling book, "The Guide To Alternate Medicine."
Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York Hospital / Cornell Medical Center. 4 years on the Practicing Physicians Advisory Council for the Secretary of Health and Human Services
The following professional comments refer to Dr. Callahan, the discoverer of the acupressure treatments and also to some of the therapeutic variations that have evolved with time. I am currently using all of these new techniques successfully in my practice.
"...over the past several months I have been progressively incorporating many of your techniques into my clinical psychology practice. I am truly amazed! I have been practicing as a psychologist for 20 years, with previous experiences as a counselor. I must say that, while I have generally been considered a good therapist, I have never before achieved the kind of results for people that I get consistently with your techniques."
Fred P. Gall, Ph. D.
Hickory Medical and Professional Center
40 Snyder Road
Hermitage, PA 16148 U. S. A.
"...I use the Callahan Techniques routinely with a wide range of clients and psychological problems. The results are continually quite profound. People are set free of all kinds of emotional distresses and psychological blocks. It has been over 30 years since I got my Doctorate. I have been trained in and used many psychotherapies methods over the years. However, no approach has even come close to matching the Callahan techniques. For the first time in my professional career I feel confident that I am offering my clients the best possible, and the most superior, help available.

"I believe that you have made a most profound and significant contribution to the profession of psychotherapy and to the understanding of the real causes of psychological limitations, emotional blocks and personal suffering. I hope you will be properly credited and acknowledged for your body of work before long. You have developed a World Class Therapy modality! I tell that to professionals and to clients."    (back to the top)

Larry P. Nims, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist - Licensed PSYCH
4015107-1820 Orangewood
Orange, California 92688 U.S.A.
"I could stay with the more respectable methods in which I am well trained, but that would seem unethical, to withhold methods that are safe and more effective. So I am enthusiastically exploring, experimenting and training in this amazing new field..."
Don Flory, Ph.D.
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Berkeley, CA 94703 U.S.A.
"According to the world's great religious traditions, and depth psychology and now the very latest scientific research, the root cause of human suffering is the accumulation of unprocessed emotional experiences from the past... you must make peace with your past because your success in life and your personal happiness is at stake. You very life may depend upon making peace with your past. Recent studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine and the American Journal of Pediatric confirm that we all carry a great deal of unfinished emotional business that we hope is neatly tucked away. The past can wreak havoc on every aspect of your well being."
Harold Bloomfield, M.D.
Renowned leader in alternative medicine and integrative psychiatry
Best selling author of Making Peace with Your Past
If you doubt the integrity of these professionalsí statements, call me toll free 1-887-873-6606, and I will put you directly in touch so that you can be absolutely certain of their clinical convictions.

Perhaps you can get a sense of the wonder and excitement that these professionals are expressing in these comments. I feel the same way. Over the past year, since I have started fusing the acupressure techniques with clinical hypnosis, my clients have been getting wonderful results, very rapidly and very permanently.

Who Are You Dealing With?

Some Background:

You may be curious how I wound up specializing in helping people overcome emotional problems. I completed my Bachelors in Psychology at the University of British Columbia and my Master's in Counselling Psychology at Heritage College in Omak, Washington. Initially I took training in Addiction Counselling for alcohol and drug abuse. During that training, I decided that there must be an easier way for people to overcome emotional problems. I personally researched this area for over 10 years until I found a form of treatment that really works for most people. Currently I am one of about 12 practitioners in all of Canada that are using these advanced therapeutic techniques based on the subconscious mind and meridian points. I have been helping people get over their problems with hypnosis for the past 34 years.

In this day and age, especially with e-commerce and all internet communication, it is important to know exactly who you are dealing with. There will always be quacks and shysters who try to trick and con the public. The advent of the internet seems to have attracted a lot of these types of characters because they can disguise themselves well with internet communication and offer deceitful practices, services and products. I would like you to know my background. I have maintained an office in Dawson Creek for the past 5 years, and have lived in the same residence, 20 miles outside of Dawson Creek for the past 25. Also, I have been accepting Visa and Mastercard from clients and over the phone for the past 5 years without any problems.    (back to the top)

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After the first session most clients become aware of many improvements.

You might decide to continue to search for solutions through self help books, CDs, motivational seminars, herbal remedies or psychiatric medications. You may even decide to spend months or years in standard talk therapy sessions and group support sessions. This is the approach most people have taken in the past because they did not know about Dr. Callahanís breakthrough research and they simply had no other choice.

It is still true that many people still spend thousands of dollars and waste years on ineffective therapies, trying to get the same relief that you can now get within hours. This system is brief, effective and much more economical than anything else you have ever tried before. When you compare the costs of conventional therapy, the length of time involved and the quality of results, you will discover that these fees are indeed, very affordable. (back to the top)

Free Telephone Consultations

(every 3, 6, and 9 months - to ensure permanent positive change)

As an ethical therapist, I am concerned with the need for ongoing follow up. Temporary, Band Aid measures are not acceptable to me and should not be acceptable to you.

After we conclude our office sessions, I encourage you to call me at these intervals so that I can evaluate your progress and make adjustments when necessary. You must be willing to participate in your own permanent healing and recovery by doing this. This follow up process is convenient, economical and efficient. It only requires that you be proactive in your treatment and share in the responsibility for your permanent recovery.

What if I want your help but I live too far away?

I have a Toll Free Number!

One Final Note

You know, it is almost laughable how ridiculous advertising techniques can be. Every shyster who is trying to con you into buying something will include some sort of ďhurry upĒ proposition - at the end of the sales pitch - an incentive to BUY NOW.

I want you to do the opposite. Take your time and even re-read parts of this information. Do some real soul searching about how great it would feel to break free of your problem.

You will know when you are truly ready to overcome your emotional turmoils - and it may not be right now. That is OK. At some point, you will decide that you have had enough emotional turmoil for one lifetime - then give me a call. It is easier than you think! We can even work together from just about anywhere in the world where there is a phone line!

If you decide to book an appointment, due to my heavy client caseload, please be prepared to wait 7 to 10 days or longer before I can see you. Whether you decide to do something about your problem right now or later, I will look forward to working with you at that time.

Thank you for your attention. Please feel free to call and ask any questions.

I do wish you well.

Gary A. Lowe, M. Ed. C. H.

(Masters of Education, Couns. Psych.)


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