Children's Learning Disabilities

Recent scientific discoveries have made important breakthroughs in children's learning problems. According to research by a University of British Columbia psychologist, young children in the primary grades who are initially described as "learning disabled" can make sudden and dramatic improvements within a few years.

In the primary grades, your child may struggle to keep up with the class and the teacher is concerned about this. As a parent, you worry about your child's ability to learn. Subtly this feeling of inadequacy and failure is absorbed by your child. At that stage, Grade 1 or 2, it is true that your child's neurons and "brain power" are sub par. Often, over the next year or two, your child's brain "catches up" to the rest of the class and can perform all the normal activities easily, but there is a major problem. Over the past couple of years your child has ingrained a powerful self belief that he/she cannot do it like the other kids - he/she is not as good - a failure. As long as this belief is in place, your child continues to underachieve in the classroom, even though he/she has all the "brain power" necessary to do well at this point.

I specialize in helping these young children change their self image rapidly via the use of clinical hypnosis. In office sessions, or using e-mail, you can describe your child's problem and I will produce a personalized audio tape that may change your child's life. If the problem exists for your child it can negatively effect the rest of his/her life if not resolved. This simple audio tape may be the answer to heal a lifetime of potential learning problems. If you would like more information on improving your child's learning skills rapidly, e-mail me for a full description of my treatment. A potential lifetime of learning difficulties can be changed rapidly and easily.

Gary A. Lowe, M. Ed. C. H.

(Masters of Education, Couns. Psych.)


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