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"To be completely honest, I was not sure what to expect. I knew the only way this was going to help would be if I chose to believe so. In the days leading up to the first session, every time the idea of a session popped into my mind I would stop the thought, good or bad, and tell myself 'whatever happens will be good.'

"For those who are uncomfortable sharing intimate details with anyone outside their own head, let alone a therapist, you are in luck. Unlike traditional ďtalk therapy,Ē where you have to tell the therapist your deepest thoughts/memories/experiences to get any kind of feedback. Which is only as accurate as the therapist is wise and educated. Hypnotherapy does not require that vulnerability and itís your own subconscious mind solving its own problems.

"For example, when Gary asked about my siblings, an area that I felt was not requiring any work, he simply asked if there were any bad memories between my siblings and I. (I was sure Iíd personally dealt with that in the past. I was wrongÖ) After every round of Garyís repeating question, followed by my release word, that proverbial weight would lift. To better describe the term I used as ďweight,Ē it is exactly like being deep under water. The pressure of the water compresses your entire body, so does the emotional baggage we carry. Each time Gary would lead me through the phrases, this compressing pressure would lessen. I could literally feel it from head to toe. I had no idea what to expect, so the emotional weight shedding was an interesting sensation.

"When I walked into the first session, I felt heavy and cumbersome (I am 5í 10Ē tall and a lean 155 pounds). Walking out of there was like shaving ten years of aging off. My feet felt lighter. Yeah, who cares about how my feet felt? Moral of the weight is that with all the negative emotional experiences I had, my mind had manifested them into physical stress on my body. I could breathe more easily and had a returned energy in my step.

"While Gary was going through his repeating question in another area of my life that needed fixing, I focused on my excruciating back pain. (This paralysing back pain slowly came on about four years ago. While the relationship I was in at the time was degrading, the tightness in my upper back increased. Over the years I had spent thousands of dollars on acupuncture, chiropractic and physiotherapy and made no ground. The pain was usually sharp first thing in the morning, lasting all day, then hurting late in the evening, leaving me exhausted.) In my mind I said, 'I want the back pain to go away.' Expecting nothing, but only something good could happen, I said the release worked when Gary cued me to. The sharp pain was gone! I could feel ribs and vertebrae physically move - weird feeling. (Though, as muscle and ligaments returned to their natural state, I was sore from this for about a week.)

"But I was unsure about the lasting results. Perhaps itís just me, though I seemed to make very small gains with talk therapy. Honestly, it was like treading water, unable to shed the emotional crushing weight. Iím a logical person, so to be fair I shut my mind off and did exactly as Gary told. Not allowing doubt to creep into my mind. As fast as I worked through issues with Gary they were gone. (I did two sessions.) Yes, itís all gone. No looming feeling of the negative times. When I try to think back to a past relationship where things did end on a bad note, and I may have strongly disliked that person for a long time, now all I see is her face with a smile on it. Itís a sunny warm day. Sheís wearing sunglasses, thereís a glare from the sun on the glassesí frame. Her hair is being pushed aside by the breeze that would round the house, as sheís standing by the banks of flowerbeds. Thatís it, as hard as I try to dig up a negative memory. (Trust me, there was no shortage of negative memories at one time.) There is nothing but that one smiling image. No emotion attached to it, just a pretty face.

"A way to level with myself as to what happened in Garyís sessions, I could explain it like this: We all have a plate, and on this plate we heap emotional pain and hurts, and we donít discriminate! Big and small, we keep heaping it on. Eventually the plate is heaped and thereís no room for any more! Problem is that this plate was actually supposed to be for ďgoodĒ emotional experiences, as well, but with it completely full of bad there is no room for anything new, no matter how ďgoodĒ a new experience might be. Alone, I was unable to clear this emotional baggage from my plate. I had been looking for a relationship for several months before my sessions with Gary. I met a lot of girls over that time but nothing seemed to stick. With Garyís help to clear off the emotional baggage, I met a new girl literally after the first session. We have been dating for about three months. Itís going well. We have disagreements, quickly work through the miscommunication, and move right back into having a great quality of life.

"If youíre reading this testimonial, youíre here for a reason and you know what it is. Choose the outcome you want in life and believe in it. Take a chance."
Corbin Kline
Spirit River, AB
November 20, 2017


"I came to get help for my weight problem from Gary about fifteen years ago. It worked and I have kept the weight off ever since. I just seemed to pay more attention to what I was eating and I would just stop myself from overeating. Fifteen years have passed and I am in better shape now than fifteen years ago... most people as they get older put on more weight and do less exercise, not me.

"Then he motivated me to become a good skier. I had bought a real expensive season ski pass and with my weight problem I was afraid that it would never get used. It also worked and I have skied as much as possible ever since. My goal was to have a skier's attitude and I got it.

"I have enjoyed clinical hypnosis. If you tried other things and it didn't work I encourage you to try this. It is easy, quick and it works.

"This time, after fifteen years, I have come back to improve my summer bike trips. I do long trips and somehow lacked enthusiasm this spring to get into training for the summer, so I am back to see Gary."
Jim Oliver
Chetwynd, B.C.
May 28, 2010


"I had two sessions a month and a half ago ago to treat my bulimia problem. For thirteen years I have been dealing with some level of depression and poor self-esteem and purging regularly. The last two years had been even worse. I didn't want to be throwing up for the rest of my life and I tried regular counseling for a couple of years but nothing changed because it was on a superficial level. There was no hope.

"Then a friend told me about Gary and I did two sessions and my feelings changed. I still have down times but it is like there is a safety net there. I feel so much better about myself.

"I was amazed because I expected three or four sessions would be needed to figure out what was going on. I had tried so hard to figure it out before. I am very logical minded and didn't know what to expect but I cannot believe the results, really. After the second session I felt a sense of peace internally, I knew that I was going to be okay. I hadn't felt that good feeling in years. I have not purged since the second session and that was a month and a half ago.

"I was open to hypnosis and found it very relaxing. I would say definitely try it because you cannot figure out what is going on inside on your own or with talk therapy."
Joselyn Hannaford
Fort St. John, B.C.
June 7, 2010


"I was on overload. I am a very busy person and there wasn't enough time in my life and I was anxious about everything. I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I would pull the covers over my head and hope that it would all go away.

"I heard Gary's radio program and I looked up the website and decided to try it. Even though I didn't think that I was hypnotized, my subconscious mind was giving signals that disagreed with my conscious mind.

"I listened to the self-hypnosis CD for a month before our second session and it made a difference. The chaos in my life was still there, but people commented on how much better I was dealing with it! I was just less stressed and more mellow. Everything fell into place with my family, my job, sports and volunteering. I was in control and no longer stressed. There was so much less guilt... if I can't do it, at least I tried and I was now o.k. with it. If I didn't get everything done in the day, I'd go to bed and sleep well and try next day... such a change. It is a much healthier attitude for me and my family.

"I never expected changes could happen so fast. It was like a chain reaction. I held onto stuff for over thirty years and then just let it go. I couldn't deal with my present because of my past upsets... that was the real problem. I've been to talk counselling, psychologist, medication and all the changes were brief and temporary. This is different and effective."
Kari Ollenberger
Fort St. John, B.C.
June 16, 2010


"I had an industrial accident five years ago and lost my memory completely up to the point of the accident. Forty years of my life was wiped out and I was tormented for five years trying to recall who I was before it happened. I would talk to people and friends trying to figure out who I was and what I did. Where did those forty years go? My doctor had no answers and said I would just have to live with it. I talked to him for four years about it and my everyday headaches. He never mentioned hypnosis. Other counselors just said try harder to remember. Because of my memory loss my wife had left me and my marriage was breaking up. A friend said to try hypnotherapy so I got on the internet and found Gary.

"I was skeptical when I came in because I didn?t know if it could help. We only did one session and it felt like ten minutes not over two hours. Almost right away I started remembering about my childhood and it was like a dam broke. I have had a headache every day for five years and when we were through hypnosis, it was gone.

"It was very emotional for me. Don't worry about what people say about hypnosis or the cost. In two hours I had my memory back and my wife has been told that she must spend over two years in regular therapy.

"Gary says that I can use the self-hypnosis for stress management. I have been through all sorts of stress management courses that were ineffective and am confident this will work. Everyone should try this."
Barry McKinnon
January 16, 2010
Chetwynd, BC
Update from Barry, April 6, 2010: "It's been two and a half months and my memory still is great. I am amazed and so happy. I still listen to the self-hypnosis CD not so much for my memory but because it helps me sleep so well.

"Everyone had given up on me... the doctors, my friends and family... after our session, I laughed all the way home and I have been in a good mood ever since, no kidding. This has turned my whole life around in two hours of treatment... it was absolutely life altering. More people should know about this.

"I can recall people from the past even better. My overall memory is greatly improved, especially on the job. I get things done on the job now because I remember... this was a huge problem before.

"It might seem expensive on the surface but the results were more than worth it. I checked out regular talk therapy and they said it would take many sessions and it would be even more expensive. My wife may be coming to see Gary for some personal issues as well. This stuff is just phenomenal."


"For the past 6 years I have been fighting the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was sexually assaulted at the age of 18, and the trauma caused severe damage to my brain. Over the years I have done extensive talk-therapy with some very qualified professionals. The talk therapy was able to help me come to terms with what had happened, as well as understand the choices I made at the time. Unfortunately I found that talk therapy was only able to heal me on a conscious level, while my subconscious mind remained badly damaged. Although I have managed to put the incident behind me in my waking life, I had been tormented by night terrors that brought me back to the night I was assaulted. Experiencing the trauma nightly was beginning to push me to the brink of a severe depression, and I felt completely helpless. I sought out more talk therapy, believing that maybe I would have to keep talking it out forever in order to get any peace. I consulted with a psychiatrist who referred me to the most amazing form of treatment I have ever known.

"I am the first to admit that I was skeptical about clinical hypnotherapy in the beginning; however, when you reach the point where you have tried everything else, an unorthidox method may be the key to salvation. My therapy with Gary Lowe took an extra session to complete, for a total of three sessions. I can honestly say that Gary has saved my life. Although I was not a threat to myself at the time, I am positive that if my life had continued much longer living in pain I would have eventually given up.

"I can confidently say that I no longer experience night terrors, which is truly miraculous; incredibly though, the dreams were not the only problem Gary was able to heal. I have no feelings of guilt remaining, and I have been given a completely new perspective on who I am as a person. I am no longer fighting against a detrimental anxiety disorder, and I am facing problems that occur in my life with a serene sense of control.

"I absolutely believe that anybody out there who is suffering the effects of PTSD should at least give this form of treatment a try. You have nothing to lose and your true life to win back. I cannot gaurantee that you will have the same results I have, but keep in mind that before this therapy I also felt that I would never get over the pain of abuse; fortunately Gary has proven me wrong!"
Sarah Dunn
December 15, 2009
Chetwynd, BC


"Gary helped me a few years before over the phone when I was totally afraid to leave my house. It worked very well. This time I had my first important job interview and I suddenly found that I froze. The day before the interview, I sat outside the office and knew I couldn't do it.

"After the phone treatment, I noticed a difference and had a good night's sleep. The day before the interview I was calmer and the next day I went to the interview calmly. It surprised me that there were two people interviewing me, but I was not upset by it. There were a couple of tough questions but I didn't even have to think; it just flowed out. They were impressed. I was about a twenty minute interview and I was o.k. throughout it.

"I cannot believe that I didn't have any anxiety at all. I thought that as soon as I got in there I would fall apart but I didn't. I got the job, but then they told me that I had to do some driving and I don't drive, so then I didn't get the job. They apologized because they assume everyone has a driver's license.

"I am now in good shape for my next interview. I would tell anyone with these type of phobias not to put this type of treatment off because the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Some people have an issue with the money, but it is so worth the money because it works fast. The normal type of talk therapy becomes expensive because you keep going once a week forever and that adds up. I can handle interviews now and am confident I will land a good paying job. This will cover the fee of the treatment easily.

"I am rid of my agoraphobia from before; it never came back. I didn't know that I was going to freeze up on my first job interview, so I called Gary and we got it fixed."
Pam Minneault
December 20, 2008
Red Deer, AB


"I lost 50 pounds and 17 inches in about 10 months after my first weight loss sessions with Gary. It was awesome! I had tried everything else before and what really helped was getting at the emotional issues that kept the weight on. Counting calories and fat grams was easy to do; I was really surprised how easy it was to keep track of everything. What I was doing felt natural. I was at my target weight after 10 months and maintained it for 3 months and then it started to creep back.

"I ran into some stress and put on a few pounds, so I returned for a tune-up session. It was all about negative emotions and we quickly overcame that in the tune-up session. I have always felt confident with hypnosis. It has been by far the best approach that I have tried. It is not like a fad diet. You are actually getting to the root of why you are overeating and without that you simply cannot be successful at weight loss. I am totally back on track now."
Karen Morgan
January 6, 2009
Fort St. John, BC


"I looked at the website and put off having a session for over a year. I met someone Gary had helped and then decided this is the alternative that I wanted. My subconscious mind started giving answers that I was sure were wrong but there was so much emotion connected to it. There were a lot of subtle changes after the first session that were noticeable not only by me but by other people as well.

"It was a safe and easy process. It wasn't fearful and I was so relaxed. I healed past trauma without having to experience it. I did a lot of talk therapy before and it didn't get to the real problems.

"It's a terrific feeling to get rid of the garbage from the past. It was the best choice that I could have made."
Patty Neuner
August 2, 2008
Fort St. John, BC


"My doctor recommended Gary but I was sure that nothing could help me. My life was a mess; I couldn't do anything. I wanted to just lay down and cry. The pills didn't help and then the doctor wanted to stop pills because you can get addicted to them. We discovered that something happened when I was only five years old and that started the panic. Recently I have had many sudden tragedies and I couldn't control the panic anymore.

"After the first session my panic was down about 50% and after the second session I only had a little panic in the early morning. We are now doing the third session to get rid of all of the panic.

"I feel completely different now. I am so glad that I got the clinical hypnosis. I have learned to relax and enjoy things. I am happy I came to Gary."
Kaethe Schmakeit
July 15, 2008
Dawson Creek, BC


"I have taken off 15 pounds since June... in only 3 office sessions. This has been a lifestyle change, it has changed the way I think and incorporate things into my daily activity. Itís easy, it works, itís effortless... thatís the scary part... the rest just happens. I had never been hypnotized and was surprised to learn how pleasant it was. Many times my subconscious mind would disagree with the conclusions of my conscious mind.

"I played my self-hypnosis CDs between office sessions nightly and it works. My whole family notices the difference. I read the testimonials before I started and have re-read them since and I am pleased that I feel like I want to contribute one also.

"When I came in, I knew how to eat healthy but something stopped me from doing it. Now all that has changed. Itís as easy to get the weight off now as it was difficult before."

Moira Green
Three sessions on June 13, July 15, Sept 7, 2007.


[Update from October 16, 2003] "My first treatment was to get over a bad accident when I was sixteen. It doesnít even bother me anymore... itís all in the past and gone. We treated to improve my hockey game also and that worked too. I am relaxed on the ice and playing much better.

"All the stuff we worked on from three years ago was effective without setbacks and it only took a couple of sessions. My mom was on the internet looking into hypnosis to help. I didnít know anything about it. In fact, I didnít think it would work and was I surprised."

Josh Lequiere
June 23, 2006
Click here to see Josh's original testimonial.


"As a Golf Club Professional/Golfswing instructor, Iím always looking for the best possible approach to 'reaching and teaching' students who sometimes possess a challenging variety of personalities and learning habits. Quite often my students will also posses a storeroom of memories of former successes and failures of games and golfswing, both physical and mental.

"When I first met and started working with Gary, my own game had deteriorated, for various reasons over time, to a very frustrating level. Even with all the golf related resources available to me I couldnít make any lasting progress or improvement. Garyís empathic approach and wonderful rapport was a breath of fresh air. How exciting it was to see and feel things from an eager studentís perspective again!

"The techniques that Gary uses are making a world of difference in my personal and sporting life, and in my coachings as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Garyís service to anyone looking to recapture the 'magic' in any aspect of their lives. The initial consultation was a great first step for me, and Iíll bet it will be for you too."


Mike White, CPGA
August 2006


"What surprised me the most was how easily and comfortably this program fit into my lifestyle and the weight just came off. Hypnosis was very comfortable and relaxing and not scary at any time. Itís been over a month now and I have broken a bad habit completely. I was in the habit of stopping at a store when I drove and eating junk food. I still stop at the store but not once was I tempted to buy junk food. For me, this was the real acid test. This has been the first month in over five years that I did not buy junk food when I stopped. I never believed that I could ever do this.

"I have now lost 8 pounds and 10 inches in a month and it was so easy. I heard your radio ad and I thought... that is my answer because nothing else I tried has worked and it was so frustrating. This is a great approach and it is producing a change in my whole lifestyle."

Lou Harriot
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Two sessions - June, July, 2006


"I had not been hypnotized before and I am truly amazed by the results. Hypnosis for me was restful, gentle and non-threatening. I tried to analyze how it worked but gave up on that. I really didnít think that I had been hypnotized at all... it seemed so normal.

"Itís been 5 years and 3 months and I have had a few brief weak cravings that are easily controlled. Months could go by before I had any cravings. When one did show up it was so weak. On a scale of 1-10 it would be about 0.5.

"Gary has helped me with some other problems and I can only say... try it because the gains can be immense."

Janice Isborg
April 26, 2005


"Hypnosis was not like I expected. I was terrified when I started but I had it all wrong. You do not pass out and wake up, yet my subconscious was doing the talking... that really surprises me. I would think that the answer must be yes, but my subconscious would signal no! This is incredible, really.

"I canít believe how strong I feel. I feel like I am thirty again. I am sleeping a lot better and this is after only four hours of treatment. I was angry and upset about what happened when I was a child, but all that seems healed. I can talk about it calmly and without emotion and not get upset for the first time in my life. I carried this baggage for years and years and now it is gone. I came looking for a solution to my insomnia and had no idea that it all started in my childhood. I have a new and bright perspective on my life.

"I read all the testimonials before booking an appointment and now I will be glad to talk with anyone about how this stuff helped me and made my life so much better."

Charlotte Mclellan
January 2005


"Gary had helped several members of my family before, so they encouraged me to come. I really didnít know what to expect, but the changes were so fast right in the first session. I left feeling so much better than when I came in 2 hours before. Itís hard to imagine that so much could change so quickly.

"I can deal with hurt and anger now without getting into a shouting match. I just feel more positive and optimistic. I can deal with stress calmly without hurting anyone in the process. I donít have to strike back anymore and I donít take all the blame. I used to think that it was my entire fault all the time... what a relief. I can still get angry but it is a healthy controllable anger now.

"For someone reading this, I would tell you that it is hard to describe the process but it does work."

Catherine Busche
Three sessions, December 2004


"I am feeling so much better after 2 sessions. I can smile for no reason now. I quit smoking with you several years before and it was so easy to quit, so I knew it could help me again.

"I was so lethargic and disoriented, I couldnít get back on track... since June I had just shut down. We treated for an upset from when I was a toddler, 2 years old and I felt the weight leave. I had been carrying that weight all these years and didnít even know it. When it left I have never felt so good in all my life.

"I would tell anyone... go for it. I still cannot believe how much improved my outlook is in less than one month. I am still in the same house and in the same relationship, but I can control my stress and I look at things so differently now."

Madeline Scott
Two sessions in December 2004


"I had to pass this exam. I had tried it twice before and this was my last chance. I used to be extremely nervous, hot and cold, my stomach upset. I would get totally prepared, I studied hard and everything was under control until a week or so before the exam date and then the nervousness would start and I would fall apart. Once I was taking the exam, I couldnít come up with answers that I knew that I knew just an hour ago. The second time was even worse than the first and I had a lot riding on this. It was really important to pass.

"It was surprising how my fingers moved to answer questions during our sessions. I listened to the self-hypnosis tape faithfully. This time I was confident and relaxed even before the exam. I noticed that I was really absorbing all the study material. I went in and took the exam and it felt like just another day. Some questions were tough but I didnít panic and I kept going, calmly, anyways. When I was done, they scored me and I had aced it. I was so happy and it was so much easier.

"I would tell anyone that if you are concerned about exams or grades go to see Gary. I couldnít believe the changes. Even if people are leery or not sure that it would work, I would say... try it."

Jennifer Bellhouse
October 2004


"I was always depressed and never happy. I hated myself so much. I had trouble getting out of bed and doing stuff with my life. I simply could not be alone or I would go crazy. I was embarrassed about myself around others. Iíd think, oh my God I am so dumb and then I wouldnít talk anymore. I had a boundary problem and my emotions would go up and down according to the person that I was around. I was an emotional puppet and I felt helpless to change it. It reached the point where I was having suicidal thoughts.

"My friend had good treatments with Gary so I thought I would try it. After the first session, I was really pleased and excited about it and I wanted to talk to people about it. I knew it worked, but my friends kept putting it down saying that hypnosis is all phony. I was discouraged by the narrow-mindedness of my friends but all what really matters is that I knew it was working. I feel a hundred times better than I did two weeks ago. Suddenly I could enjoy my time alone and just be comfortable with myself. I used to feel that my life was pointless and directionless and all that has changed as well. Iím now O.K. with the uncertainty of life because I know that some things are within my control and others are not. I was also a door mat and not self-assertive but that is all over with. I stand up for my rights now and feel really good about myself.

"You have to be willing to change and let go of preconceived notions. Donít be like my ignorant friends who were criticizing hypnosis even when I was telling them how great it was. I got answers from my subconscious that just blew me away... prenatal upsets that my mom confirmed were true.

"I donít look back any more and it only took two sessions to get most of the work done."

Glenda Groat
Montney, BC
Three treatments from April 28 to May 25, 2004.


"I couldnít control my emotions about my stepson. My anger and irritation were out of control and unwarranted and it was destroying the whole family and getting constantly worse. I was ready to move out rather than wreck the whole family. I saw several regular therapists over a years time with no changeÖit didnít get better at all.

"When I read the website testimonials, it was hard to accept. I recognized some names and realized that these are honest and respectable people that wouldnít exaggerate. Thatís what convinced me to come in. Iím also open to trying new things and had done my own research, so I thought that it was worth a try.

"I noticed right after the first session with Gary that I felt much better about my relationship with my stepson. After three sessions we are laughing together and enjoying together and my stepdaughter said, just last night, that she was so pleased about how well we were getting along in the house now and how much easier it is for her to have a good time and be calm and relaxedÖthe whole family is happier. There was a poison that I was generating and I couldnít control it before and now it is gone.

"During all that talk therapy before, I felt that there was something under the surface but the psychologists couldnít get to it. With these new treatments, it seemed natural for that hidden stuff to come out and be healed. The muscle testing system surprised meÖI have never seen anything like it. It got right to the core problem."

Kim Noruschat
Claremont, Alberta,
Sessions from November 21 to December 9, 2003
Total of 4 sessions
Problem developed over seven years.
Follow up scheduled: July, 2004


"Iíve been having panic attacks for the last three years. I couldnít go further than fifteen minutes from my home and around six P.M., Iíd have to go home or try to hide away... I couldnít control it. It was an awful feeling. I went to regular type of therapy for a long time and my doctor put me on medication but it was getting worse. I knew that it was tied into my car accident but I was helpless to stop it. I suffered for almost four years and I was miserable. Imagine having to be within a fifteen minute range of your home all the time.

"Two former clients of Garyís told me to try it, so I read the webpage but was really doubtful. I didnít honestly think that it could help me. I thought it was all false, but from experience, Iíd say it works great. I have a normal life.

"I used to have three or four attacks every day. We had only one session and it has now been an entire week without an attack. How do you explain that? It only took two and a half hours. My mom and friends are really relieved for me. I was driving people nuts. Iíd have fits about what was bothering me and I didnít know what was bothering me. People enjoy being around me now... Iím easier to live with."

Josh Lequiere
Fort St.John, B.C.
Session from October 9 through October 16, 2003
Total sessions: 2
Follow-up scheduled: April 2004
Problem lasted 4 years.


"I had gone to regular talk therapy and tried self-help books and tapes for years without results. I had reached a point where I felt it was all hopeless... I just couldnít change how I felt. I had given up and just accepted that I must continue to dislike myself. I would just have to remain unhappy, depressed and frustrated and accept the fact that I just couldnít seemed to get it together no matter how hard I tried.

"My friend said that she was really making progress and having an exceptional experience with Garyís kind of therapy. It amazed her and she said that I should give it a try. I was convinced that I would have to fly from Battleford to Dawson Creek and how could I afford the time or money to do that. I was surprised when Gary said that we could use the telephone just as easily as actually going to his office.

"I thought that my problems were unsolvable. I never made the connection between the mind and body before and the Emotional Freedom techniques made such an immediate difference. After the first session I felt I had dropped about 80% of this heavy emotional load. When you carry it for so long, you just think that is normal. When it leaves you, you begin to realize how it weighed you down without even knowing it. What a relief! You think, oh my goodness, this is really something.

"I really feel that it is this therapy that has made all the difference. I am such a better and healthier person today and there is no doubt in my mind that this therapy was totally responsible for this great change. It has opened up so many doors that were totally closed before. Itís hard to put into words the overall impact of the treatments have had on my life. I was so down that any improvement would be worth the time, distance and money. I never expected to get such results, especially over the phone. I can now live up to my true potential and set goals and really achieve them. If you compare that to having no power and feeling like a victim of life, itís hard to put a dollar on that. The cost was nothing compared to what I got out of it. Itís invaluable no matter how I look at it.

"What have you got to loseÖyou may get results that are just as good. Give it a try. The chances are you will gain from it. Iíd be glad to talk to anyone about this great experience any time. Call Gary and he will put you in touch with me."

Ashala Wraye,
Battleford, Saskatchewan
Treatments by phone from August 18 to September 10, 2003.
Total phone treatments: 4
Problems lasted 30 plus years
Follow-up scheduled: April, 2004.


"My life was pretty much out of control with anger. Everything I associated with was anger... relationships, work... it didn't matter. It was all anger. I couldn't get anything to help me.

"I finally came to a point where I wanted to do something about it and I had read the webpage. I wasn't skeptical as much as uncertain if it could help me. It certainly seemed to help others. My wife worked with Gary several years ago and she noticed very strong and good changes.

"I came in very serious about changing and I was open to anything. I was really surprised at how these treatments worked... they were very different from what I expected... but I remained open to it all. I'm sure that type of attitude really helped. I rate the changes four out of four on the success treatment scale that Gary uses.

"Now that I've got all the old emotional garbage gone, my anger is gone also. I feel so much better about myself and life now. It's easy now to continue making improvements in my life... I was so angry before, I could never come close to that. It was worth every cent and more."

D.S. (Name released upon request) D.S. will be glad to talk to anyone about his treatments.
Fort St. John B.C.
Sessions started August 11, 2003 through September 8, 2003
Total of four sessions:
Follow-up scheduled: April, 2004.
Problem existed: At least 6 years.


"My marriage was in jeopardy because I have been so tired and depressed for so long... about eight years. All I wanted to do was sleep. Iíd sleep sixteen hours at a time. I didnít want to play with my kids and the house was a disaster. I just couldnít get things cleaned up because it was exhausting. It would take all day to get the laundry done. I didnít have the energy to get things done and my husband was very unhappy with me. It was a huge strain on our relationship. I called Gary for help because we were at our witís end. I read the testimonials on the website and thought, 'How could that possibly happen that fast?'

"I read the other testimonials but I was doubtful. I decided just to go because I had nothing to lose at all. It surprised me that I had so much emotional stuff in my past. The doctors said that I was low on cortisol production and thatís why my energy was so low. They didnít really have an answer to the cortisol problem. Since I have released so much anger in such a short time, my energy is back after eight years. I donít know where my cortisol levels are, but I am feeling like a new person.

"We did about eight hours of treatment and I am feeling great. I get the laundry done in ten minutes and wonder why it took all day before. Itís been wonderful for me. I rate it four out of four on Garyís scale. Right after the very first session I came home and spent three hours cleaning everything up... and I knew that something had changed. My husband works shifts and was sleeping and when he woke up, he couldnít believe it. My kids were shocked and thought that Dad must have done the clean-up.

"When I first walked in here, if you had told me that I would get my house clean and enjoy doing it and play with my kids and go horse back riding again, I would have said, ďForget it, thereís no way!Ē Iím shocked at the changes. Now I want my house clean and tidy, whereas before I didnít care. My best friend was depressed and I went over and helped her clean her place up -- talk about extra energy.

"This was definitely worth the money. My husband also came for treatment and after 3 weeks, weíre much closer. Iíd tell anyone to definitely go. I learned to be in tune with myself... what is going on with me and who I really am."

Corinne Dennis
Gordondale, Alberta,
Treatment: June 15 to July 2, 2003
Total of 3.5 sessions
Problem existed for 8 years
Follow-up: November, 2003


"In 1998, I was in day surgery for varicose veins in both legs. After the surgery, I was sent home, without medication and still in much pain. Gary did one short session of hypnosis with me and something unbelievable happened. The intense pain vanished away and has never returned! I know that anyone reading this will simply not believe it, but it really happened. This may not happen for anyone else, but it sure happened for me.

"There was no pain after the hypnosis session and the pain did not come back. My husband and family couldnít believe it. Gary used a post-hypnotic suggestion that any further pain that I may experience would only be intense enough to act as a warning. I have had two broken limbs since then and only minimal pain. I thought that I had only sprained my wrist and when it was x-rayed, I found that it was badly fractured, yet it didnít hurt that much. This has served me well over the last few years.

"We only use a small part of our brain power and this really proved it to me."

June Berg
Stony Plain, Alberta.
Treatment: Spring, 1998
Total of 1 informal sessions
Problem existed for 3 days
Follow-up: June 16, 2003: favorable results, no relapse


"I was at a loss. I needed to find some help. I wasnít going anywhere and I was scared that no one could help me. A friend recommended Gary. It was my first time for counselling and I was really nervous but also happy that I was taking a step to try and better myself. I felt lost... hopeless... like out in the forest and not knowing where to go. I had paranoia and fear and depression for so long, I thought sadness was normal. I could remember being happy until I was seven years old and then it changed. I had many failed relationships and I was becoming very anti-social, although I wanted to share with someone. As soon as someone got close, Iíd put up walls. It was so frustrating. I was ready to cry all the time.

"At first I didnít know if this stuff could help me but I started doing it and it made a big difference pretty quickly. It really works. I was surprised that there was so much bothering me from my past, when I was really little. I had no idea that upsetting stuff was there until we treated it and I felt like a load had been removed from me.

"Iím sort of a spiritual person. I found the whole process fascinating. If I got any improvements, I didnít expect it to happen so fast... only about 5 hours of treatments and there were big differences. A big plus is that I can treat myself now and I won't be always coming back in to see Gary forever.

"Gary has a scale of treatment success. Out of a possible 4, I rate it a definite 4, without question, and this is after two sessions. The fees were a pretty small price for how I feel now.

"Life is too good to suffer. There are so many people who need help and I want them to know that this worked for me. Iím smiling now as I think about this. I will be glad to share my experience with you. Just call Gary and he will put you in touch with me."

Travis Cornish,
Baldonnel, B.C.
Session from: April 4 through April 23, 2003.
Total session: 4
Follow-up scheduled: October, 2003
Problem existed approximately 20 years.


"I had a horrible fear of riding the elevator and it spread to everyday life situations that I felt uneasy about. Public washrooms became a problem... being confined in any way. It started thirty five years ago and was getting worse. I took electroconvulsive treatments to get rid of depression and took talk therapy thirty five years ago but it didnít get rid of the fear. The talk therapy didnít help at all.

"At first I wasnít quite sure what we were doing. I tried the meridian therapy and it really worked well for me. When I first tried it, I thought, ďWhat would people think?Ē But I do not care now because it works so well. I use it on all upsetting feelings all the time.

"Life is easier to cope with. The things that were bothering me may not be all totally, totally gone, but they are much easier to cope with because of the techniques. I recently took an elevator ride and I was fine. It is the second time in an elevator and I am O.K.

"I would rate the treatments a three our of a possible four. I am more peaceful and my hurtful feelings are a long way down. I think this type of therapy can help because it is not like the other types."

Elaine Thompson
Dawson Creek, BC
Treatment: October 6, 1999 through November 10, 1999
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: December 10, 1999, October 26, 2000, October 11, 2001 -- no relapse
Update: May 11, 2003. It has been over three years and Elaine reports that the phobia has not returned. Total treatment time was three sessions.
Problem existed for approximately 35 years


"It was a constant battle trying to lose weight. It just kept creeping up and creeping up. I felt apathetic. I tried, through the years, every diet there is. I couldnít keep motivated and I had no where else to turn. I saw Gary in 1998 and have lost over 30 pounds. This stayed off for almost 4 years, but recently I noticed it starting to come back so I came back to take care of it.

"The new techniques were different from the hypnosis that I had the first time. It all seemed strange to me but it seemed to work. It was very comfortable, and because there was no hypnosis at all, I was very relaxed. Iíve got my motivation back. I feel totally positive, energized, happy to be alive and anxious to get on with life.

"Itís so easy to use these new techniques and make them part of your life so quickly and itís not a struggle. Iíve got control again."

March 19, 2003 update:

"Iíve kept thirty pounds off for almost five years now. During that five years I have had a total of 7 sessions. Since Christmas, 2002, I have been under more stress and a few pounds have snuck on, but I am confident theyíll be off as soon as I have time to pay attention to it. This type of treatment is definitely worthwhile."

Norma Rattie
Chetwynd, BC, Canada
Treatment: November 5, 1998 through November 25, 1998 [and] June 26,2002 through July 15, 2002
Total of 3 sessions in 1998, and 4 session in 2002
Follow Up: March 19, 2003
Problem existed for approximately 15 years


"My child got help from Gary, so I decided to work on myself. Iíve let go of so many negative feelings that started when I was eight years old. It acted as a chain reaction that kept going over the years. My critical voice is not absolutely eliminated but it is greatly reduced and I have control over it now. I am more in control of my life and that was my big goal. I am making beneficial choices for myself rather than listening to other people. I have less negative thoughts about myself and have become more assertive. Iím not compelled to volunteer for everything. Iím taking better care of myself.

"I had a bad experience with regular therapy and would not go back to it. This whole experience has been supportive and comfortable for me. Iíve taken psychology courses and I think that this subconscious work has more impact. I would tell anyone not to be afraid of it. It is not difficult and can create major changes."

Kathy Murphy
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Treatment: May 2, 2002 and June 24, 2002
Total of 5 sessions
Follow Up: July 2003
Problem existed for an undetermined period    (back to the top)


"I needed help taking exams but I also had problems with anger and past issues. My skepticism was very high because everyone makes such huge promises and it doesnít work or last. After a while, I noticed the changes and my skepticism went down. It had to.

"I thought it would be like psychiatry sessions. They spend more time confusing you and it goes on and on and we only did three sessions here. It seemed so normal, no hypnosis, we just talked and used my subconscious mind and, without realizing it changes were occurring... unbelievable. After the second session I was laughing, joking, almost giddy for a week and a half. I was so euphoric that I thought it couldnít possibly last. My girlfriend noticed the change. I enjoy being around people. I enjoy life so much now. I always felt so much better after each session and it seems to stay with you.

"If someone is interested in getting over their past troubles, they should give it a whirl. Donít judge Garyís work the same as all the others. This is important work. Come in and go step by step and as you go through the procession. You will realize that you donít have to reveal all the details of your past, yet it still works."

Dave Gray
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Treatment: April 18, 2002 and May 15, 2002
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: July 2003
Problem existed for an undetermined period


"Iíve had over ten years of Fibromyalgia problems. I tried hands on healing, using everything and anything to get over this. When youíre in pain all the time, you canít be normal -- your mind is occupied with pain. I recognized the mind-body connection but I couldnít find the tools to help me. No one knew how to get at this before. I read hundreds of self-help and natural healing books. I checked into everything... hope kept getting slimmer because it all failed.

"I found out that my F.M. pain was about my rejection problem with mom. So we worked on that issue and it got rid of 75% of the pain--overnight. It was awesome. I wouldnít have believed it! I can get out of bed in the morning and stand up straight without pain and that hasnít happened for ten years or more.

"Itís been a month since the last session and the pain is still gone. The simplicity of the techniques surprised me. It is so simple and works so phenomenally well. Money is worthless compared to your health... there is so much to be gained if you give it a try."

Follow up: April 15, 2003: ( 5 1/2 months since treatment) "My FM pain has been reduced by 75% or more since my last treatment. I am so impressed that I am seeing Gary for some other issues that I need to work on."

K.O. (name released by request)
Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: 0ctober 9, 2002 and November 2, 2002
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: July 2003
Problem existed for over 10 years    (back to the top)


"I was terrified and angry that this person had done this to me. It was ruining my life. It was overwhelming. Everything happened at once -- within a few days. My house was burglarized and my credit cards were gone, plus my car. When I found this guy, I thought I would feel better but I didnít. I couldnít do my work. I took time off, I couldnít think. He was still free and I was getting paranoid.

"I read all the testimonials on the website and I didnít want to go to talk therapy and be there for months and months. I spent over two hours reading every testimonial fully from the website. It was hard to believe the testimonials but I kept an open mind...there had to be some truth to this.

"I was surprised that we didnít use hypnosis at all. It was surprising how the tape really helped. I could sleep again. I noticed right after the first session my anger was really down, I was more relaxed almost immediately and I could think clearly. There was such a big difference so fast. I was at Garyís on Thursday and by Monday I went back to work just like my old self... what a relief to have my old life back."

Klaus Walter
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Treatment: September 18, 2002 and October 9, 2002
Total of 2 sessions
Follow Up: July 2003
Problem existed for 3 weeks


"I had long term, almost unbearable overwhelm and stress. I was in a lot of physical pain.

A friend who Gary treated recommended I come in. It took me six or seven months to finally phone and I am so glad I did. I feel free... thatís how to describe it. Itís only been two sessions and I now feel freer and happier than I have in years. I am sleeping better and have a lot less pain. Iím using very little ibuprofen now. Iíve had no wrist pain for over three weeks and my stress level is away down.

"During the treatments, I felt totally in control and O.K. I got rid of a lot of anger quickly. I got to the core of my real feelings.

"I have listened to positive thinking tapes before but Garyís tape was exceptional. I am so impressed. It was only two sessions. We got right to the real issues right away and cleared it up. It didnít drag out for months and months."

March 8, 2003 update: "I've had pain in my wrist for years. When we treated for my emotional upsets, that pain immediately went away. It has not been back since. And that was three months ago. I'm feeling at least 50% better about everything that we worked on."

Miriam Kjos
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Treatment: October 30, 2002 to November 19, 2002
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: March 2003 (Miriam feels that there has been more than a 50% improvement at this point, 4 months after treatment concluded.)
Problem existed for approximately 6 years    (back to the top)


"I was very depressed and didnít know where to turn for help. An inner voice said to call. I had very little skepticism. I had been reading about new stuff and alternative therapies for quite some time. I was surprised to learn that we wouldnít have to use much hypnosis because I was concerned about whether I could be hypnotized or not.

"My overall mental state is better because I have less baggage from my past. My fibromyalgia is still there, but weaker and more controllable and itís been over a month since I finished treatments -- everything came together to help me out. It certainly has helped with my confidence, attitude and pain management. Overall, this was much, much more effective than the treatments I got from psychiatrists.

"I have a new attitude... 'this is just a momentary setback, Iím o.k., Iím doing fine.' The best attitude to these treatments is to take a deep breath, relax and open yourself up. It helped me open up to Godís love -- thatís a big part of it. Iím a spiritual person and this really helped me in that direction.

I hope that my recommendation really helps to convince others to pay attention to these new techniques. Itís hard to define or analyze how it works. Iíve told a lot of people about this and how you helped me."

Cindy Furman
Charley Lake, BC, Canada
Treatment: August 22, 2002 to October 1, 2002
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: July 2003
Problem existed for undetermined time


"I was in dire straits. I couldnít work, I could hardly function. I had lack of concentration, loss of self-esteem, I was fit to be tied. Shortness of breath, chest pain, very nervous and basically no confidence in where to go, what to do or how to do it... in bad shape. Before, in church, I panicked and had to leave all the time. It would build up till I couldnít stand it.

"It took five sessions but I never expected to feel this good. I was recommended by a close friend who said, 'If it hadnít been for Gary Lowe, I wouldnít be living today.' I respected this gentleman and thought that maybe you could help me.

After the first session, I noticed a relief. My self-confidence had drastically changed. I noticed something dramatic. Your techniques kicked me out of this pit. The techniques were strange but I could really tell I was getting results, so I kept on going with them.

"Some individuals treated me pretty badly and I cleared it all up. It was a big leap ahead. I felt like a new man. I noticed things next week, slowly, daily. It was very exciting--almost to the point of unbelievable. I was getting myself back once again. All the physical problems just left very quickly as well. Even my love of golf came back.

"My connection with God was repaired. I got great peace of mind from this. It has all come back bigger and better and as good as it ever was. It is wonderful, very wonderful. I can do things now without being a worry wart, without saying, 'I wonder if I can really do this.' Thereís not doubt, thereís confidence. Iíve had a 360 degree turn around. It gives me joy... Iím back to feeling human, period.

"These treatments got extremely positive results for me very quickly, so donít knock it if you havenít tried it. If you feel like I did, come in, be open-minded, be at ease, trust -- and very miraculous or unbelievable things will happen if you let them happen. I never thought, by any stretch of the imagination, that doing what we did would get me to this point. It took five sessions and was worth the money. At the start it seemed expensive, but my state of mind counts.

"I feel like living, Iím out of this pit. I would pay ten fold for this. Itís invaluable."

Newt Dunsmore
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
Treatment: June 4, 2002 to July 16, 2002
Total of 5 sessions
Follow Up: July 2003
Problem existed for nine or more years    (back to the top)


"Gary Lowe is an amazing, compassionate man. At first glance his unpresuming appearance is routine. One would scarcely guess the depth of person enclosed.

But Gary was one of my last hopes. I gave him a chance.

I had tried everything, conventional allopathic drugs, homeopathic/naturopathic regimes, psychiatry, cognitive therapy, Healing Touch, Bioneurofeedback, among other things, and still I was debilitatingly 'depressed.' My life was a mess and I wanted out.

I went through three episodes of what was diagnosed 'clinical depression' over a period of four years. I was out of control, untrue to myself.

Gary and his methodology are unconventional: they do however build and instill a sense of worth, of empowerment. I followed his directions to the letter, even when I thought they were silly and doubted their worth.

When I faltered, I called and Gary was there for me. He kept me alive... it was that bad. For that I thank him. I thank him so much because now I can and am doing great things -- things that I had given up on, that I thought I was no longer capable of."

Debbie Hellbach
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Treatment: June 27 through July 17, 2002
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: November 2003
Problem existed for 15 years


"I was very depressed and had very little to no self-confidence at all. I was just down. There was a marriage breakup in November and I saw a psychiatrist and it was just, 'hereís some more pills and Iíll see you in a month.' I needed more than this...I needed to get to the root of who Lori really was and find out what really was going on. I had a severe spending problem that I couldnít control and it got so bad it was wrecking my life. I received some of your information by mail and read the testimonials on your webpage. I recognized several names and people told me you could be trusted. I never honestly thought that I would be contributing to your testimonials later on, but I am now happy to do this.

I was probably less skeptical than others. Many people that I spoke to told me how credible you were and that you had been doing this for many years. It was incredible about my negative birth experience that we discovered and how it influenced my whole life. Everything we discovered that traumatized me at 3 days of birth was totally confirmed by my mother. I have seen a psychiatrist and been in talk therapy so I had some background in this area. In my wildest dreams, I would never believe that there was a connection to that infant trauma and my current problems. There is no way that talk therapy could get so deep, so fast. Ten or twenty hours of talk therapy couldnít come near what happened in one session. Iíd still be spinning my wheels if I hadnít come here. I am sure those people meant well but they didnít have the tools that Gary has. I dreaded those other sessions but I looked forward to every session here. I was excited about coming to the sessions because I always felt so good every time I came to a session.

It was worth every cent I paid. Anti-depressants cost a lot of money, especially over a life time and I now feel that I can be free of medications and I will easily recover the cost. How can you put a price on something like this? I encourage anyone who is hesitating to get this kind of help to call. I would be glad to talk to you by phone and just tell you how great this has been."

Lori Slater
Fort St. John, BC, Canada
Treatment: May 13 through June 6, 2002
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: November 2002
Problem existed for 22 years    (back to the top)


"When I came in I was full of anger and resentment towards other people and myself. I was paranoid and thought that everyone was against me. I was having serious panic attacks, couldnít sleep and it was getting worse all the time. This had been going on for years but this last year really hit me hard. I felt that I was failing in every aspect of my life... I was at the end of my rope. Everything I did seem to have a negative slant on it. I couldnít see good in anything.

I rate this four out of a possible four on Garyís scale of treatment effectiveness. My panic attacks are gone, IĎm sleeping fine and I definitely have a positive outlook on my life now. There are still people that donít like me and Iím O.K. with it now. Iím off all my meds and the real beauty of the treatment is that it has given me a goal to my meditation. I can now meditate regularly and benefit from it. In meditation I can now solve problems and resolve issues... I couldnít do that before. I never thought it was possible before. I also finally gained insight into why I was the way I was. It all makes sense and I have this new sense of peace in my life.

Even though it took seven sessions, I consider this rapid. I would never believe that I could make these changes so fast. I hoped that I would feel better, but I never believed, ever, that I would feel this good. This is great.

The biggest surprise was how much my meditation has improved. I was sleep deprived and it was feeding on itself and itís over now. For me this has been an educational process as well. It was almost like I needed this breakdown in order to start really healing.

This was about $1800 worth of treatment and it was worth it because it is a life altering situation. In seven sessions, I have gained so much... itís a gift. Iíd tell new people to open up their minds and consider Garyís office as a sanctuary and to relax and follow his instructions. Iím amazed at the extent that I have benefited .Ē

Ray Gairdner
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
Treatment: February 26, 2002 through April 23, 2002
Total of 7 sessions
Follow Up: November 2002
Problem existed for lifetime


"When I came in, I was in rough shape... the end of the rope, no light at the end of the tunnel. The smallest chore was overwhelming. I couldnít focus, I couldnít function. I was paralyzed with depression. I think everyone has skepticism in the back of their mind when they try this. I heard your radio program and phoned... I was desperate.

I regained my self-esteem and self-confidence right off the bat. I felt better right after the first session and I looked forward to each session because Iíd feel even better each time. It was a relief to come to each session and know Iíd leave feeling better. I can now live my daily life and get through it. I get up now, clean up the house, eat well and actually look forward to the day... before, Iíd roll over and go back to sleep.

Iíve got the tools to keep on feeling better even though there are some tough times ahead. The treatments didnít take long and are definitely worth every cent. I would have paid anything to get the relief I have now. I thought therapy would take forever. Iíd advise anyone to keep coming and youíll feel better. Take advantage of the tapes and instructions...use them and itíll work.Ē

Doug Petersen
Arras, BC, Canada
Treatment: May 1 through May 16, 2002
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: November 2002
Problem existed for 8 years    (back to the top)


ďWe were not communicating, but I was unaware of a real problem until everything blew up on me. There was a big trust problem. I found out quite a few things all at once and it almost ended our marriage. I was in shock.

It took years to let our marriage dissolve to this point and we expected that it would take years of therapy to have it recover. I was skeptical about the testimonials and just didnít believe that you could get over something as traumatic as this without a long, lengthy process. I expected to be in therapy for months or years.

The subconscious mind techniques surprised and baffled me. I though that I knew what was going on, but my subconscious seemed to be right almost all the time. I couldnít believe that there was this other part of me that knew how to get over the upsets. The techniques were so different and effective and now I have learned to use them on my own. Theyíre mine to use for life now. I can handle future upsets with these techniques without depending on Gary. Itís wonderful that there is this independence from always having to get the therapistsísupport. The most surprising thing was how fast it worked. We spent about eleven hours in therapy and that was it.

Weíre communicating more, the pain and mistrust is seemed to have cleaned out the closet for both of us. The intense hurt and pain of a month ago is just not there any more. The techniques really got me through the upset and fast. Itís like we have a fresh start now. It feels like a new honeymoon.

At first I thought...this is a lot of money...but if you look at the short amount of time it took us, compared to talk therapy that might go on for months or years, I would definitely say it was money very well spent. It was a heck of a lot cheaper than a divorce.

I rate it 4 out of 4 definitely, on Garyís scale. We were desperate when we started. The word that comes to mind is...itís like a miracle...I read where people said that on the testimonials but I was still skeptical...but now I totally agree with the testimonials. I thought that they all canít be lying, but it canít be as good as itís made out to be...but here I am adding our names to the testimonials.We were desperate at the start and just picking names out of the yellow pages. I am so glad we chose Gary and that he got back to us so fast.Ē

Joel Sha
Treatment: March 28, 2002
Total of 1 session
Follow Up Scheduled : November, 2002
Problem existed for 8 years
Shelly Sha
Treatment: March 27, through April 17, 2002
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up Scheduled : November, 2002
Problem existed for 8 years
Combined session, March 18, 2002


"I was totally depressed, desperate, crying all the time. I felt totally worthless and had nowhere to turn. I was skeptical but desperate. I knew the other types of talk therapy didn't work because I had already been there for over 3 years and it didn't help at all. In talk therapy I would bring the emotions up and then have to repress them again and again. Each session of talk therapy I would bring the emotions up and then have to put them back. They never left... just up and down for 3 years.

Your treatments really helped me. Some issues that never came up in the sessions just went away completely and we never even addressed them. The hatred I had towards some people just vanished. I don't have any hatred and I feel good about so many things... especially about myself and my life. Some of these things that have been hurting me since I was a very small child are just gone. Everything has shifted from black to white.

With your therapy, the ugly emotions left and haven't come back. I don't know how it works, but they are finally gone. After the first session and for a week, I felt that nothing had changed. Then I got up on Saturday morning and it was just like a whole new world. I didn't think there was any way, humanly possible, to rid myself of some of those emotions. I never expected to feel better and I would not talk about this to anyone unless I was sure of my improvements. It took a while for the changes to manifest themselves and then I told my friend to come and see you. It even seemed to work against my so-called better judgement.

I'd be glad to talk to anyone about this now because I rate it 4 out of 4 on Gary's treatment scale. You don't have to believe me... just come in and try it out. It sure has made a difference in my life."

Carole Miller
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Therapy started February 14, 2002 through March 4, 2002
Total of 4 sessions
Follow-up: scheduled for November, 2002
Problem lasted: a lifetime    (back to the top)


"I felt down about myself but I was determined to find something that worked. I have been depressed for some time and was on medication. There was a great deal of sadness and loss in my life. I felt skeptical that anything could really help but was willing to give it a try.

I was totally surprised at how well this has gone. I trust myself to make good decisions. I am so much more positive now. It was worth the fee because you are talking about your mental and physical health here. Once I got the emotional turmoil out of my life, I could stop feeding my emotions. I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months since we started and feel really good about it.

I rate the treatment four out of four. I am so much more comfortable in a social setting now. I've been in talk and group therapy before and found it so frustrating compared to this. In these treatments things really happen. The changes come from within, not like just talking about it.... I lose about one pound a week. The amazing thing is that I now like to exercise. I hated even the thought of getting on my bike before and now I enjoy it. This therapy is worth trying by all means."

Update: May 22, 2002

ďItís been 5 months now and I am still losing weight and better yet, I now sleep like a log. When I first came in I was feeling totally defeated. We cleared out so much emotional garbage that I just had to feel better. There has been one amazing change. I now really enjoy exercise and I hated it before. I used to really hate it. It was a huge block to losing weight. I never would have believed this, ever. We treated this block just once and it was gone. I am also a lot more comfortable drinking more water regularly.

I had feelings of abandonment from the time my mom drove out of the driveway when I was four years old. I am no longer haunted by this. Iím handling my social stresses really well. These treatments have leveled the playing field for me and Iím not buying into the manipulation and control like before. I got so many negative messages from my childhood, but Iím over it now. Itís really freeing... after all these years. Iím making healthy choices now, without compulsion. Freeing is the best word to describe what happened to me in four sessions.

Originally I came in for the pounds and these treatments healed my past and that is more important than the weight. Iím still losing, but the peace of mind is more important. For five months I have been losing and it has not been hard. Iím only losing about one pound a week but itís working. 18 pounds are off and none have come back. I donít listen to the tape anymore because I just make the correct food choices on my own now.

I have been through years of regular therapy and I came in here and got relief within hours... truly. I have been going to therapy since I was fifteen, off and on over all the years. They also treated me for the same issues, abandonment, loneliness... I understood the logic but nothing changed. They said,ĒYouíre fine now,Ē but I wasnít. This type of therapy has been a really good experience for me.

I want people to know that they donít have to go through years of therapy any more. Try this and you will understand. Itís almost like itís magic. You donít have to analyze everything to death... the emotions just shift automatically. It just happens without worrying or even thinking about it. I canít say enough about this treatment.Ē

Update: March 19, 2003

ďItís been over 18 months since I had 4 sessions. I have taken off 20 pounds and it has not returned... itís been effortless. I donít even think about it -- it just stays off. Thatís a first. The satisfaction that I feel inside has become a huge bonus because I originally came in to lose weight and I was unaware of the emotional garbage that I had.

The biggest benefit is not about weight loss... itís about my own personal peace. I have good self-esteem and am much calmer when dealing with problems. I feel totally content. The whole program has been very successful for me.

Elaine Felhauer
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment: November 27, 2001 through December 27, 2001
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: November, 2002
Problem existed for 4 years


"I thought I was going crazy and the mental health nurses didn't help. I was trapped in my house for 3 months and no one could help me. My friends would do my shopping... it was awful. The only place I felt safe was at home. If I tried to leave, I felt I would die. My doctor gave me drugs but it didn't help. I was desperate and terrified and going crazy.

I worked with Gary over the long-distance phone from Red Deer for 4 straight hours. The treatment worked. It is four out of four on the treatment scale. I will tell my doctor about this and anyone who wants to listen... there is help out there after all. Talking about the problem with mental health didn't help and I didn't think Gary's stuff would work at all. I was so skeptical on the phone when we started.

I was doubtful for the first hour, then I started to feel better and by the end of 4 hours I could leave my house and go to the corner store. I did this and was pretty calm so I came home and called Gary and told him that it actually worked. Yesterday I went downtown and was fine. I don't want to go home now because I was a prisoner in my house for 3 months. I enjoy being out all the time. No one deserves to go through this. I am so glad it is over. My friends ask if it was worth the money and I tell them I would have paid millions to get over this. How much is my life worth? I want my doctor and mental health to learn about this.

I truly didn't think this could work. I am so grateful for Gary's help. I can leave home anytime now and it has been like this for three months. If you doubt that this is too good to be true, you're wrong... it really happened. My friend said that I am a walking billboard for Gary."

Pamela Mineault
Red Deer, Alberta
Treatment: November 14, 2001
Total of 1 session (4 hours on the phone)
Follow Up: November, 2002: After 16 months, Pamela has had only slight recurring symptoms which were easily corrected with one more session on the above date. On March 10, 2003: Pamela reports all phobia symptoms are totally gone.
Problem existed for 3 years    (back to the top)


"I had workplace problems. Certain people were robbing me of my self-confidence. I have done many important things in my life but I was feeling weak and unhappy.

After treatments, I have put this behind me. The problems are still there, but they don't get to me. I use to hate work but it's O.K. now. I was really uncertain if this would work. After the first week I felt changes happening and I wiped out the big problem at home without Gary's direct help.

I wanted to try this because I knew this was not like regular counselling. I had no idea how long it would take...but 6 hours is not long. The acupressure really helped. The treatment doesn't create a dependency on drugs or the therapist and I like that.

I'm in charge of my emotions now."

G.R.(name released upon request)
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment: November 17, 2001 through December 4, 2001
Total of 3 session
Follow Up: November, 2002
Problem existed for 2 years


"I would cry a lot, even in church. I was feeling so down because I had just lost my job and I was taking a very tough college course. The exams had me in tears then Gary taught me a technique to let me get rid of emotional upset and it works so well for me. It has made such a difference in my life. If I feel down, I can raise that level until I'm feeling better because I can make the problems go away. I am just amazed. The difference is unreal. What a gift. I use it all the time now.

Gary first helped me 3 years ago with weight loss and now I can control my emotional upsets. The treatments are fascinating. People should definitely try this. I didn't think that I'd be receptive to this because I had been in therapy before and it was so painful. This is so simple, and for it to work so well, is amazing."

Leona White
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment: February 12, 2002
Total of 1 session
Follow Up: February, 2003
Problem existed for 3 years    (back to the top)


"The smallest things would trigger me off. I'd get angry about the smallest things because I felt other people weren't up to my standards. I'd hurt those closest to me. I really wanted something good to happen because I was losing control. After the first session something changed, everyone noticed. There was a 100% improvement one day after the first session. My wife kept looking for the old angry responses that weren't there. She said it almost scared her because it was like I was someone else.... I was calm and understanding and without anger.

I didn't know what to expect and everything in the treatments surprised me. I am totally shocked at how fast changes were made. It was worth every cent because it was so fast. If someone is skeptical about this, I understand because that is how I felt. I had done everything I could on my own to beat the anger and it seemed impossible. Then it suddenly changed. My wife is still amazed. It's been over 3 months now"

Al Wingerak
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment: December 17, 2001 to December 28,2001.
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: March 16, 2002 - No relapse
Problem existed for 5 years


"When I would see an attractive girl, I would always compare myself to her and feel horrible about myself. I would want to throw up. When I'd look in the mirror, I hated what I saw. I'd call myself names and then go straight to the fridge and fill my face. I was full of guilt for just existing and I would worry about what people thought of me. After treatments, we went to Edmonton for 4 days and there were pretty women everywhere and I felt fine.

At first I thought the treatment was kind of weird but now I think it's pretty cool. It was worth the money because I had been through five years of counselling before without results. I figured that it would be worth a try and just kept an open mind. I had two friends that you helped earlier, so I had nothing to lose. On your scale, I score it four out of four.

Penny Albrecht
Taylor, B.C.
Treatment: October 12, 2001 to October 31,2001.
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: October 2002
Problem existed for 11 years    (back to the top)


ďMy life was a real fight and struggle all the way. It was tough to continue coping and carrying on. I was totally and completely depressed. I really disliked myself. I thought that I wasnít a fit mother and that I had really wasted my life. I had all sorts of reasons to beat myself up and I did this all my life. I was so drained and exhausted that I couldnít even take a shower without being in a state of collapse. I had no energy and I was draining my life away. I worried constantly.

I tried so many things before so I was skeptical about this at first. I was used to something that seemed to help for a while but then it would all relapse. When I came in, I was really grasping at straws. My daughter got treated and talked me into it.

It was a new approach and very surprising because it just seemed too easy to do...but it has worked and seems to be still effective. A big change is that I can deal with the stresses in my life as they come up, without Gary or anyone else. I have control in my life. I never expected to ever feel this good. I thought the misery that I was used to was just part of old age...and there was no help. I thought this worn out feeling was just something that you had to accept because I saw it in relatives and other people all the time.

I now feel that Iíve got a lot of good years and I am going to enjoy it. Iíve learned that, first, you must be happy within and then you can deal with life. Now I feel that I have a lot to live for. Iím off my medications and I can cope with life and its stresses. My self-esteem and self-confidence is better and Iím feeling happier with my circumstances. I donít feel that I have to seek approval anymore. I can trust my own judgment because I know Iím O.K. Itís a great freedom to have. A huge weight is gone. Iíd tell a new client to keep an open mind. I highly recommend it to improve the quality of your life. I score it 3.5 out of 4 only because Iíve just started to lose weight. When the weight is off, I give it a big 4. It was worth every cent because you cannot put a value on your life."

Judith Purves
Grand Prairie, Alberta
Treatments started July 23, 2001 through October 5, 2001.
Total sessions: 13
Follow-up: January, 2002    (back to the top)


ď I knew what I had to do to help myself but I simply couldnít do it. Iím a therapist in Grand Prairie and this is a common problem...being able to help others is often easier than helping yourself. I was surprised at how quickly Gary was able to help me. I could see the results in a very short time...I didnít expect that. These techniques cleared out the blocks to my personal improvement fast and easily. Thereís no more internal struggle and my internal life is peaceful now. Thatís whatís making it all so easier.

A big advantage to this therapy is that I have learned to clear out emotional upsets on my own without seeing Gary. Most people just canít relate to this therapy at first because changes arenít supposed to be this quick and easy. Youíve got to really experience this treatment to appreciate its power. This stuff can even get rid of physical pain.

Itís given me the freedom to lose weight and not be obsessed or preoccupied about it. Iím a very busy person and I donít have time to worry about my diet and proper eating habits. I just seem to be eating healthy without thinking much about it. I suddenly stopped eating all the food on my plate and I have always done this...all my life. It just changed overnight. I rate it 4 out of 4 on Garyís scale. Iíd be glad to share this experience with anyone."

Sharon Dillobough
Grand Prairie, Alberta
Treatment started September 6, 2001.
Total sessions: 2 on same day
Follow-up: December, 2001.


ďI had a real problem with chewing and partying...things were getting out of control. I thought I could handle it myself but I really needed help. I was determined to beat this but I couldnít do it on my matter how hard I tried.

The therapy was different than I expected but it worked and thatís all thatís important. Itís been over 2 years now and I still have no desire to chew and I only drink occasionally. I rate it 4 out of 4 absolutely. I am still surprised at how easy it was. Iíd recommend it to anyone.Ē

Ian Hutchings
Dawson Creek, B.C.
Treatment started February 11, 1999 through February 22, 1999
Total sessions: 3
Follow up: October 18, 2001: No relapse    (back to the top)


"As far back as I remember these were some of the feelings I have had; anger for no reason, unable to concentrate, lonely when everyone you love is around you, cannot face the day as a wife, a mother. I could not drive my car, answer the phone, open the mail, talk to people or leave home. I was unable to see humour in anything. I could not smile at the good things in life. I could not get off the couch or out of bed all day. Life was out of control. I did not want to go on, life was not worth living the way I was.

I functioned for about a year on the medications, slowly the medications stopped working and I started to crumble again. The doctors changed my [medications], added another drug and by now I had taken prescription sleeping pills for 3 years. Prior to this I tried natural remedies and had taken anything I could without prescription to get some rest. Talking about my problems did not work.

You're probably wondering if I ever lived a normal life. Well, I worked all my life, have had my own businesses. I am a mother of two and as far as appearances go, most people thought I was very capable, strong and out going. I have good social skills, my life and home are run in good order, my sons are great and I have a wonderful husband.

But emotionally... this was not the case. I grew up in a world where mental illness, nerve problems and not being able to cope were not allowed. I suppose this is why I functioned for as long as I did. I did not want anyone to know that I felt the way I did because that would mean I was crazy! If I could just hold on maybe it would go away and I would feel normal,... but I could not.

In March I was alive but not living and the medications were now making me physically ill. I was giving up! I believe we all have some sort of higher power looking out for us and maybe that is what made me pick up the phone book that day. I looked at the Yellow Pages and found an ad for Gary Lowe. Maybe he could help me? I phoned Gary and he told me about a new type of treatment he was doing, would I try it? I made my first appointment.

March 7, I walked through the door to Gary's office. I was very skeptical but what was the harm in trying, life was not worth living the way I was: afraid, insecure, no good to anyone, not even myself.

Today I wish we had videotaped my progress. If you could only see the broken person that walked through that door and a few sessions later, the person who walked out! I can now do all the things on the list that you read at the beginning. I do not live in fear of tomorrow. I feel better everyday!

Please keep an open mind, however unbelievable this treatment sounds like, however kooky it appears because it gave me back my life! Try it! You have got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

P. S.: If you want to call me to talk about it, please do!"

Colleen Patterson
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: March 7, 2000 to June 19, 2000
Total of 7 sessions
Follow Up: September 4, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 22 years


"I am writing to tell you what a difference your treatments made to me in just 8 hours. Everything is better in my life. I am more happy, confident and secure than I have been in years.

I used to suffer from severe panic attacks. I thought I was having a heart attack. I would get 4 or 5 attacks a day for several years. It was unbearable. I could not focus on life when I was panicking about everything,... it was affecting my family as well.

It has been 11 months now and I have had only a very weak 5 minute panic attack that I easily handled with the techniques you taught me.

I was doubtful at first.... I did not know what to think about the techniques, but after I found how calming and relaxing it was, I enjoyed using them. It is natural to be suspicious at first when you try something new. When I think back about how much things have changed, I realize it was worth it. Something like this can make such a big difference in your life with the problem that you have had for so long. I think it is more than worth it. I am over several years of panic in only 8 hours of treatments.

We dealt with a lot of issues that have bothered me for years. I can now look in the mirror and see someone I like. The acupressure, clinical and self hypnosis have really helped me. Thank you so much for the difference you have made in my perception of the world. I know other people like myself can benefit from this."

Debbie McKay
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: August 30, 1999 to September 7, 1999
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: August 22, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 14 years


"After working with Gary only 3 times, I feel more in control of my feelings. I now can reason with daily problems and not let them put me into a depression. I am sleeping now... and my sleep improved after the first visit."
Gail Wilson-Marcocchio
Tumbler Ridge, B. C., Canada
(Gail has moved and I am unaware of her current location)
Treatment: January 21, 1999 to February 18, 1999
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: September 11, 1999 - Minor relapse corrected by telephone; December 22, 1999 - No further relapse
Problem existed for 2 years
    (back to the top)


"I have an amazing story to tell. I was diagnosed with M. S. about 11 years ago. From the time that I was diagnosed, I have had no feeling in either of my legs to about mid thigh and my hands go numb from time to time. I have been having trouble with my eyes and muscle spasms in my face and I have been pretty much in chronic pain for the last 2 years. I have had to quit work - so that was really difficult.

Recently my sister-in-law gave me Gary's name.... I was at the end,... so I felt, what have I got to lose.

After my first visit, I was so amazed. After the first session with Gary, my right leg was not numb. I could feel it for the first time in 11 years.

I have only had 4 sessions and I just feel wonderful. There are no words to explain it. I feel great. I feel that I have got my life back. I was to the point where I could not even plan a day,... all of a sudden I would just be feeling rotten. Since I have been going to Gary my friends and family just can not believe what a better outlook I have on life. I am the one whose in control now."

22 Months Later: "The MS is really stable. The thing that I have noticed since going to Gary is that I am really not afraid anymore because I know that if I have pain or numbness that I can get rid of it.

My physician gave his approval for this treatment and has referred quite a few patients to Gary. He was really surprised at the results that I got, but he was really open minded.

If anyone has any reservations, just give Gary a call."

Judy Kazakowich
Fairview, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: October 22, 1996 to November 24, 1997
Total of 6 sessions
Follow Up: March 7, 1999 - No relapse
Problem existed for 11 years
Please note: The MS is not cured, the emotional symptoms are now eliminated or under control.


"I have had migraines for years. The last 2 years had become really severe. My husband told me to try Gary because he helped a friend. I was very skeptical at first, but I was amazed after the first session. I have had only 3 sessions and I have control of the pain. Who would ever believe it. I have not had a real major headache for over a week and that is really like half a miracle for me."

Over 3 Years Later: "It did work and it is still working 3 years later. I used to go at least twice a month to the hospital to get injections to relieve the pain and I would swallow 6 Tylenol at a time. Now I take no medication. Now I can handle a migraine in 15 minutes, if it comes. They only come about once a month and they are weak. They used to come almost every day. I can lead a life now,... they used to destroy me.

In the first session I was amazed because I came in with a terrible migraine and I went out without it, very relaxed. I would score the treatment about 3 out of 4 or somewhere around 80% over the last 3 years because weak ones still show up now and then.

I would say, give it a try. Do not stay in pain,... there is nothing to lose."

Noreen McLean
Taylor, B. C., Canada
Treatment: October 16, 1997 and November 1, 1997
Follow Up: October 2, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 10 years


"Gary was recommended to me by a good friend who saw him for a pain management problem. I told him, you are dealing with a stubborn guy. I am such a skeptic. I went for weight loss but found there were other underlying problems. It used to be so bad,... certain songs would play on the radio and I would just start crying... I did not know why.

The techniques were unusual but they worked immensely for me in the first session to solve some issues that I did not even know I had... with my sister's dying... even though I did not think it would work. It is amazing how it works.... I was treated for only a total of 11 hours and I was conscious and aware the whole time. There is a huge weight off my shoulders and the acupressure techniques worked right at home.

I have now started a healthy relationship with... those people after 27 years. The changes are huge.

I was really angry, in a rage.... I erased it quickly and even forgot about it the next day.

The neatest thing about these techniques is... I can teach others how to overcome their negativity.

On a scale of 0 to 4, I rate my improvements a 5. Right off the scale!

My close friend agrees that I am a lot more peaceful and laid back now.

Do not feel that it will only work for a successful business man like myself. I would be glad to talk to anyone about this. Call me anytime."

3 Months Later: "I have taken off 39 pounds in 3 months and not an ounce has come back. It is amazing. I have gone up and down constantly over the last 25 years. This is the first time it has not come back. I am in a place now where I have not been for 25 years. I feel great now,... but I had to get rid of my negative emotions before I could get rid of the weight. I discovered so much about myself.

I work in the food industry and I am surrounded by delicious foods everyday but I never gave in. I can beat any urges to overeat now. The techniques are awesome. At first, it is hard to believe because they are so simple. The more I use them, the better it gets.

It is staying off. To me, that is amazing! This was one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made. It was money so well spent. I am referring people to you just by telling them my story."

Ralph Schipholt
Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: June 15, 2000 to August 10, 2000
Total of 9 sessions
Follow Up: September 2, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 16 years
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"I had really serious problems. You can not imagine the rough shape I was in. I could not run my business, I had no energy left to do anything and I was having lots of health problems.

There were great changes in the first session. Acupressure really works,... the subconscious mind is the best way to go. I have done regular talk therapy and it only helped a little.

My outside problems, that I cannot control, are even greater than before, but they do not consume all my time and energy anymore. Anytime a (personal) problem comes up, I use the system to get rid of it.

My health has improved to the point that my doctor reduced my medication and canceled an operation that I was to have,... he knew it was all stress related.

There has been a total turn around. I even taught a friend how to do it (instant stress reduction). I am willing to talk to anyone about this. Phone me anytime you want. I have become a believer."

Follow Up: "It's been over two years now since Gary helped me overcome a lifetime of problems and upsets. I can only say that I still feel great. I have taken emotional control of my life and there has been no return of the problems that once seemed so devastating. I followed Gary's instructions and advice carefully over the last two years and it is still working for me."

Hugh Astrope - Contractor
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: January 12, 2000 to March 29, 2000
Total of 10 sessions
Follow Up: Sept. 4, 2000 - No relapse
Follow Up: March 16, 2002 - No relapse
Problem existed for 12 years


"I was depressed, down,... nothing going right. I had a few problems for many years that really got to me. I had no self esteem or confidence or anything.

I thought the techniques were a little strange at first, but I was willing to give them a try and they worked really well. After 4 hours of treatment, nothing bothered me. I felt a lot better about myself and my problems are just gone. The people that I was upset with,... it does not bother me. It is hard to believe I was that depressed. Now I feel wonderful.

I thought about coming in for a long time,... and I would tell anyone now.... I am extremely happy that I made that appointment. It works... very quickly. On a treatment success scale of 0 to 5, I Ďd give it a 5."

Dale Malkinson
Arras, B. C., Canada
Treatment: August 22, 2000 to September 6, 2000
Total of 3 sessions
Problem existed for almost a lifetime (44 years)


"I was afraid of moths all my life. I would try to talk myself out of it. If we went camping I would stay away from the fire at night. My fear was so strong that I would run into people trying to get away and hurt myself and them. I was in such a panic I could fall into the fire.

When I started treatment, I thought the acupressure was silly in a way. I was skeptical for a little while,... the pressure points soothed me,... it is like a relaxation as well as getting over your problem. It does not take long,... 60 seconds or so.

It does work no matter how skeptical you are,... you will change your mind fairly quickly. you do not have to believe in it,... it just works.

My family is in disbelief. I am not freaking out anymore. My husband and sons are still amazed. They watch me carefully when a moth is around expecting me to freak out again. They do not even get my attention anymore, no nervousness, no nausea, nothing. I can even pick up dead ones and put them in the garbage. I got struck in the face with a moth and I just kept playing cards. My 2 sisters thought,... that is it, she is going to go gonzo,... that is a little too much to take,... but I just continued on. My sisters just stared in disbelief.

I could never walk in the bush even though I loved it,... now I am OK. I found out that this terror started when I was 4 years old. I have had it for 34 years and it only took 2 hours to get over it.

I have my freedom in 2 hours of treatment."

Helga Wills
Fort St. John, B. C., Canada
Treatment: July 19, 2000 and July 25, 2000
Follow Up: Sept. 4, 2000 - No relapse
Follow Up: Sept. 4, 2000 - no relapse
Follow Up: Sept. 2, 2001 - no relapse
Problem existed for 34 years
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"For the last year and a half, I have had big time depression, lots of tears and sleeping, do not want to be out in the world, not taking care of myself,... no light at the end of the tunnel, just no hope.

I came to see you because my sister got over a drastic fear of moths in just 2 hours of treatment with you. It must be magic because she had that fear forever,... we told her she was going to have a heart attack if she does not get it figured out soon. It was unbelievable, the change in her, so I came in.

We did 5 hours of treatment and I have freedom and energy,... learning to relax, live for the moment, give up worrying about the future. I discovered that I had been punishing myself all my life. Since we discovered that in the first session, everything has changed. It is even better than finding the last piece of the jig-saw puzzle. On a an improvement scale of 0 to 5, I would rate it 6,7, or 8. It is just amazing and that not lying or B. S.

The first time using the techniques, I felt silly, but it helps you get there, to get focused. I would tell anyone,... try it,... there will be a light. It is magic.... I would be honoured to talk to anyone about this.

One of my favorite chocolate things,... macaroons, is under control. I had an strong urge for macaroons and I rubbed and pressed it away immediately. The craving was gone and would not come back. I know that this rubbing and pressing technique will give me control over food cravings because it worked so well for all my other issues."

Erika Walter - Truck Driver
Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: August 1, 2000 to September 5, 2000
Total of 3 sessions
Problem existed for almost a lifetime (46 years)


"I was so down on myself, I did not like myself, I had problems talking to other people and I used to cry uncontrollably during the day,... I did not like how I looked, my photos disturbed me, I would not go out in public without my friends to back me up.

I felt awkward with the techniques the first time, then it got comfortable and I enjoy it. It is easier to do when you know it is really helping. Rubbing and pressing was the best part,... it was most effective for me. The tapes helped too because I could use them passively each night.

I can talk to people easily now and if people put me down, I know that they have a problem,... it does not bother me anymore. My self esteem is much better now. If I am mad or upset I can be over it within minutes, even seconds, using these techniques. I even took myself out to dinner alone. All my problems are cut down to a manageable level and I can control my emotions now. There is more calmness. I am now a very relaxed person. I can use these tools on my own. I just could not imagine going through the rest of my life like I was.... I would just be dysfunctional. I thought this would take years of work, not 4 hours. On a scale of 0 to 5, I would rate my improvement a 4.5

If anyone is doubtful, I would say at least come in for one try. I am sure that they will want to come back."

C. W. (name released upon request) - Student
Chetwynd, B. C., Canada
Treatment: June 13, 2000 and June 23, 2000
Follow Up: September 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 11 years


"I have been terrorized by dentists,... I put off going for 8 years. Gary just showed me the rubbing and pressing technique to eliminate dental anxiety and I did it only twice before the next visit to the dentist. I went to the dentist and in a situation where I would normally be quite stressed.... I was getting all this drilling done.... I almost dozed off,... totally unprecedented. There was absolutely no stress at all. It was excellent. Quite remarkable.

I thought that it was just a miraculous coincidence, but a week later, Gary showed me how the same technique could help to improve my golf game. This was my chance to see if the dentist phenomena was an accident or not. I started doing the same technique for my golf game.

On a round of 9, I would normally shoot about 53 to 55,... my scores are now consistently in the mid 40's,... always about a 10 to 15 stroke reduction. I just rub and press only once, before I tee off,... that is all! I can now just think about doing it and it works fine. It is made my golf game a lot more fun, that is for sure.

I am just amazed. It is an exciting technique and one I am very happy to have discovered with Gary's help. I am getting excellent results,... very impressive."

Bob Haugan - Director, Peace Skills Center
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: 20 minutes of informal instruction - June 2, 2000 and June 10, 2000
Follow Up: September 15, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed for 8 years


"My mind is more relaxed on the ice. I started off playing much better and as the game progressed, I got even better. It was fun, it was great,... all my play-off nervousness was gone. There is a big change in my attitude now, I was in a terrible slump for over a year. I am more coordinated and playing much better, my confidence level is 100%.

It is so surprising because we only did 2 sessions,... most people would not believe it,... it is pretty amazing, actually,... it is gone from black to white. The inner game is what really counts,... there is no question about it, acupressure really helped."

G. C. (name released upon request) - Hockey Player
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: February 22, 2000 and February 29, 2000
Problem existed for 2 years

Panic attacks

"I could not watch T.V. or even listen to the radio.... I would get so panicky. I thought the treatments were effective,... a base was established where I did not have to be scared of things. It has been over a year now and my pills are cut in half."
F. F. (name released upon request)
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: February 1, 1999 to March 10, 1999
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: November 1999 - No relapse, greatly reduced panic level is being maintained at status quo
Problem existed for 20 years


"The older I got, the more afraid of things I got. I was afraid of everything.

Immediately after the third session, my fears left. I was totally surprised and very grateful. I have a feeling of total, total freedom. Absolutely great!

When I went home after our third session, I was able to go down the slide at out pool, which I was never able to do because I was petrified. I could not even climb to the top of it, never mind go down. I was like a 3 year old kid, like my little grand daughter, the first time I went down the slide. My husband was in disbelief.

I would never swim alone for fear of drowning. Now I can do that also.

I was afraid of heights. Now I can look over things, look over the edge of buildings and bridges. I was petrified of bees, now it does not bother me. I just do not freak out when I see one coming near me.

At first the techniques seemed silly but they made me feel better, even the first night after my session. Any situation now, where I do not like my emotions, I use the techniques and I feel better within minutes. It just help totally, tremendously. It is unbelievable, after 40 years, I feel great after only 3 sessions. I am not depressed anymore. I am more self confident and happy with myself.

The rubbing and pressing stuff even controls my cravings for junk foods.

If I was a new client, I would keep at it until the third session because that is when it all changed for me. You should also realize that hypnosis is just like day dreaming. You may wonder if your really hypnotized, but you are because things are happening, changing. It is so subtle and soft.

I would rate the results right now at 3 out of 4, but because I am not done yet, in a couple of weeks I would probably give it a 4.

How can you be afraid of something all your life, then suddenly not be afraid? To never be able to do something all your life, then after treatment, to just go home and do it,... it is just unbelievably great."

Katy Dodge
Fort St. John, B. C., Canada
Treatment: July 17,2000 to September 18, 2000
Total of 4 sessions
Problem existed for almost a lifetime (52 years)
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"I was under real pressure... and it spread to all my life.... I was worrying so much and I did not know what to do.

I was surprised and more than a little skeptical when I came in but it did not last long.

After 2 or 3 sessions I noticed there is really something to this. We worked a lot in early childhood and I listened to my tape and fell asleep.

It has been over 4 months now and there are no problems coming back. I have a new job and when I feel stressed out, I can now manage it a lot better than I used to. I do not take the problems home with me like before.

It was money really well spent because it got me over my problems and I can handle any new problems because I know what to do.... I would rate the therapy 3 out of 4 on an improvement scale."

Kim Hample - Office Manager
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: March 20, 2000 to May 1, 2000
Total of 6 sessions
Follow Up: October 22, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed since early childhood (34 years)


"I have hated school since kindergarten. I did not want to be away from home and when I went to school I would get headaches and horrible stomachaches.... I would really feel sick and just want to go home. This happened every single school day for years and years since kindergarten and I am 15 now. The only time I would get relief was when I was home.

I always needed a bathroom around because I would get scared and throw up. I did not want to eat much because of that. I had nothing to live for. I had lots of problems with my friends and I gave up on that.... I never talked to my parents.... I had a bad relationship with my sister and my grandpa died,... it was just too hard.

Antidepressants did not help me,... none of it helped. It would make you happy for about an hour. I would get horrible migraines. My doctor took me off it.

My life was really horrible. I was so sad about school. Even the smallest things upset me.

I wanted to die. I tried suicide 3 times, cut my wrists deep and took aspirin and poisons.

I was skeptical. When I first came in it seemed crazy. I was sure it would not work.

It was amazing. I went from sad to happy,... how fast I changed. After the second session, I was perfectly fine. I feel great now, happy, awake, energized and I feel I can take anything on,... all in 4 hours and with the homework. I am a lot happier. I enjoy things. I am more positive. The first session the stomach pains at school went down about half way.

After the second session it was gone. I feel no pain, my friendships are a lot better. I am just happy.

I could not handle cars. I felt like passing out, it was too hot.... I was really sick,... stomachache and headache. I just did the (technique) and 2 minutes later it was gone. It was amazing! I thought I would have to go to the hospital but 2 minutes later it was gone. I thought... this is impossible, I have got to have a little tummy ache at least,... but I was perfectly fine for the rest of the night. I could not believe how fast it worked!

Suicide is not an option. Life is too precious. It is fun! How could something so painful that you have had with you for your entire life go away in 3 sessions? I did not want to live anymore,... how could that go away in just a few weeks? I hope other people will hear this and realize it can help them a lot,... change their whole life (transcript was originally audio taped). It is amazing. The pain I was going through was unbelievable and it only took 3 weeks. I would be glad to talk about this to others.

Like today,... I was having a bad day but I was still really happy. Out of 4, I would rate the treatment 4 and if I could give it a higher number, I would. It has eliminated painful feelings and given me more peace and harmony. I am so relaxed and not afraid.

I would tell anyone,... do the homework, follow and listen and you will be fine."

Chels. W. (name not to be released without client's permission, although you may talk with C. W. directly if you contact me)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: September 28, 2000 to October 13, 2000
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: October 28, 2000 - No relapse
Problem existed since early childhood (14 years)
CAUTION: For a minority of clients these new therapies can produce spectacular results as you have read above. The majority of clients get benefits that may be less dramatic and take longer than Chels. W.'s treatment. Approximately 10% of clients get minimal results.


"I always suspected that my weight problem was more than dieting. I would lose 30 pounds and put it all back on 2 or 3 times a year for the last 4 years. I was frustrated and scared because I would gain more weight each time.

In the past, boredom had to be filled with food. Now I do not do that anymore. The first time I did the techniques I thought it was crazy,... but it made me feel better so quickly. My self esteem improved and I choose good foods, a salad over a pizza. I make better choices and feel comfortable about it. I am not looking for a chocolate bar.... I am not searching for something to fill a void. There is absolutely no more struggle and my worry level is a way down. I used to spend so much time being uncertain. Now I make decisions and go ahead with it. I feel more confident about what I am doing. I thought the problem was about food but it was really about my emotions. I have lost 16 pounds in the past 5 weeks and we did not even pay attention to food problems,... we worked on my past upsets instead. As I began to feel better about myself, I just started to eat better. I realize now that I am allowed to have feelings and not try to get rid of it with food. I now have a right to feel O.K. with myself.

We dealt with issues in my life that I was unaware of. Now, when I think of those memories I am O.K. with them now. They are not painful anymore.

I was skeptical the very first time. When I did it for a couple of days,... it was working. You do not have to believe in it. I still do not know how it works but it is wonderful. I score it a 3 out of 4 on the treatment success scale of major changes. Try it even if you have tried everything else,... even if you do not believe it will work for you. I feel so much better. Losing the weight is almost secondary. The peace inside is even more important. All the bad feeling are gone and you just treat yourself better. It is so subtle, but it works great. It is so easy I wonder why I did not do this years ago."

Kathy Howe - Restaurant Manager
Fort St. John, B. C., Canada
Treatment: October 4, 2000 to November 7, 2000
Total of 6 sessions
Problem existed for 17 years

Panic Attack

"You worked on my daughter several years ago for an irrational fear and it helped her immensely, so I thought I would give it a try.

I would go to bed and break into a cold sweat. I was thinking of things that happened during the day and it would bother me so bad that I would have to get up,... this went on night after night for almost 3 years.

The first session helped me a great deal and the tape helped a lot. The acupressure works really well. I just went home after the first session and slept great and have continued to do so. I feel really good now,... sleeping well. It does not bother me at all. A 3 year problem gone in 2 hours. It is hard to believe. I never had to use the medication that the doctor prescribed because the problem was gone.

If it helped me, it will help others. I give it 4 out of 4 on your results scale. I would suggest to others who are suffering to give it a try. I would be pleased to talk to anyone and tell them it worked."

Roy Juell - Retired
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: November 2, 2000
Problem existed for 3 years
CAUTION: These therapies are not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment, rather they are a compliment to proper medical procedures.

Over 3 Years Of Pain Control

"I went for pain control about 3 years ago,... carpal tunnel and nerve problems in my hands. After the first session the pain lessened and my doctor said it was fine and dandy to continue, so we did 2 or 3 more sessions on my hands. I have gone on to use it mostly for headaches and other aches and pains. I got tired muscles and it helps me calm down and go back to sleep.

These techniques have lessened the amount of medication that I use,... a big plus! I think it has done a lot of really good things. I use it to get rid of headaches in 5 or 10 minutes. It amazed my husband. It gave me my self control back. To me, that is very important.

I thought it may be all hype at first but I was luck that my doctor said it was worth a shot because it can not hurt anything. I am still getting good results after 3 years. I would rate it 3.7 out of 4 on the healing scale."

Pat Kulachosky - R.N.
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: May 18, 1997 to June 22, 1997
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: November 15, 2000 (3.5 years later) - No relapse
Problem existed for 8 years


"I could not get focused.... I was frustrated. After the first session, I felt, I do not know what, some certain energy to do my work. A big difference resulted. My mark went from C minus to an A. I would rate the effectiveness of the treatment as 4 out of 4, because it has been almost a year now.

If you want to improve your grades, this is a great idea. It helped me an incredible amount."

Cole Tremblay - Student
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: December 6, 1999 and December 13, 1999
Problem existed for 1 year


"I wrote a test and failed it. I then had two sessions with Mr. Gary Lowe. I rewrote the test and passed by 10%. Gary Lowe did help me."
Elbridge Miner
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: September 11, 1999 and September 18, 1999
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"My sister recommended that I see Gary while I was visiting. She worked with him 3 years ago and got wonderful results. I have had severe pain for over 18 months. I have tried musco skeletal work, acupuncture, herbs and vitamins, psychiatry and medications, osteopathic treatments,... as well as deep tissue massage and exploration of my lymph and digestive systems. I have even had my amalgum fillings removed and replaced,... all with limited success. One physician told me my pain might be about emotional stress.

My first impression was sheer skepticism but as we progresses through the treatment, I changed my mind. I was astounded at how effective the procedure was. I could control the pain by reducing my emotions. I had been unaware of the emotional connection. I was able to remove acute guilt, stress, anxiety within 30 minutes.... I might have suffered for days or weeks. It was amazing how I controlled it. I have had to go half way around the world to find relief in a little place called Dawson Creek.

I would tell the skeptical person... be confident, accept the procedures and work closely with Gary. The more you work with it, the more you achieve. I rate the improvements 3.75 out of a possible 4."

Ron Beath - Transport Consultant
Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia
Treatment: November 15, 2000 to November 25, 2000
Total of 4 sessions
Problem existed for over 18 months


"I had constant headaches, lower back pain, pain in my lower body and knees, my ankles. I had pain all the time. After the first session, I could control it and bring the pain down so I could stand it. After the third session, the pain came down even further. My headaches are much reduced and I can sleep through the night.

I have tried for years to reduce the pain. I have tried everything,... every gadget that came on the market I would purchase right away. I tried naturopaths, all sorts of alternative treatments and nothing came close to the relief that I am now experiencing. The pain is minimal now,... nothing else could do this for me,... even 292's.

I really did not believe that emotions had anything to do with the pain. I was skeptical if a psychologist could help me. I did not want to believe that my mind might have something to do with my Fibromyalgia. There is a stigma about seeing a psychologist and I was reluctant and skeptical. At my FM support group no one believed that emotions are part of the problem,... now I know better. I am so surprised about repressed emotions.

Even though I was skeptical, it worked. The techniques are so unusual, it is hard to believe that pressing on certain parts of your body can change your emotions. Now that I have control of the pain, I am now ready to lose weight.

I am more relaxed and at peace. I could never sit still in one place because I would always be worrying. I feel good about myself, life and the future. I just do not worry about being crippled for a lifetime anymore. I never expected this amount of pain relief in 6 hours. This is for real. Just read the testimonials. It worked for me so quickly,... what else can I say. All my friends noticed the change. I rate the improvements 3 out of 4."

Bonny Beattie
Fort St. John, B. C., Canada
Treatment: November 21, 2000 to December 22, 2000
Total of 5 sessions
Problem existed for a lifetime (50 plus years)
Update: November 17, 2003. Bonny informs me by phone that her pain level has risen somewhat since the first treatments three years ago, but she can control it readily with the techniques that she learned. Because I only work on the emotional side of pain, it is the actual physical pain that is making slow progress. She says that the emotional upsets that we resolved remain totally healed and can no longer complicate her life. Bonny feels that this focus on the treatment was just as important as reducing the pain.


"I was afraid to go out in public.... I just did not know what was happening.... I could not work. I had 7 or 8 sessions with Gary and he taught me to deal with the anxiety. I feel better now than in a long time. Things are great. I am back at work and my lifestyle is normal."
Bill Loftus
Fort St. John, B. C., Canada
Treatment: April 11, 1997 to May 13, 1997
Total of 7 sessions
Follow Up: April 13, 1998 - No relapse
Problem existed for 2 years
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"I was at my wits end in terms of not being able to sleep. I had a lot of anxieties and worries.

After 2 hours of treatment I feel quit wonderful,... very clear in my head. I can now get back into the swing of life. I am having wonderful relaxing sleeps and I can put the crisis into perspective in a wonderful and positive way. I expected the old fashioned hypnosis, but it was not necessary. We eliminated things in my past that were affecting my thinking today and it has been fabulous for me. I am sold on these techniques. On a success scale of 4, I rate it 3.9. I really appreciate everything it has done for me.

You can call me! I can tell you first hand how it worked for me and how differently I now feel. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am sure you will not be disappointed with the time that you spend with Gary"

Jody Hammer
Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada
Treatment: December 19 and December 28, 2000
Problem existed for 2 years


"It did not seem anything could help my problem. I had taken medication for a number of years and it did not seem to be helping at all.

I was not as skeptical as most people might be, but some of the procedures seemed almost comical. After the first session I could see that things were actually happening. My blood pressure is finally down and is staying down and I can control my anger almost immediately. I never would have believed it was possible. I rate it a 3.9 out of a possible 4 on the healing scale. It is amazing. I really appreciate everything that Gary has done for me."

Pat Kearns
Tumbler Ridge, B.C., Canada
Treatment: November 11, 2000 to December 29, 2000
Total of 4 sessions
Problem existed for 12 years


"For 7 years I had terrible sleep, due to a previous relationship and other factors. I had been through regular therapy forever and nothing changed. I spent one 2 hour session and that made all the difference... I immediately began to sleep better and I was able to tune out all negative influences. Nothing could get under my skin anymore.

I have slept well ever since, even though I only had 1 session... and that was almost 3 years ago. I would score it 4 out of 4 on a healing scale and I suggest you try this type of therapy because it will probably work for you when other therapies do not."

Rose Doonan
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: May 28, 1998
Follow Up: February 6, 2001 - No relapse
Problem existed for 7 years
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"Ever since I was 3 years old, I could not swallow pills of any type. My mom would mash them up and put them in apple sauce. As a young schoolteacher I still had a terrible time swallowing pills. Until recently, I would choke and choke and try again until it finally went down.

I was skeptical about the technique you taught us but all those testimonials, many from people I knew, convinced me to really try it out. I was struggling, trying to swallow a calcium pill, so I did the rubbing and pressing,... it only took a few minutes. Then I tried to swallow it again,... and it went right down smoothly. I could not believe it! After that, the pills went down easily and only once was there a little difficulty. I only did the first part of the technique and the pill went right down. It has been over 3 months now and I can swallow any pill without difficulty and I do not even have to repeat the technique. How do you explain this?

I would not have given it a try if it were not for the testimonials. It is amazing. I would be glad to talk to anyone about what happened, just get in touch with Gary."

Cathy McKibben - School Teacher
Sunnybrook, B.C., Canada
Treatment: Demonstration to Holistic R.N's. - December 2000
Total of 1 hour training at Dawson Creek Hospital
Problem existed since age 3


"I got into a new business and found myself overwhelmed. It was driving me and my family crazy. If I quit I would lose a pile of money. I was so frustrated and depressed. You helped me with another problem so I thought I would try again.

The therapy made me focused and little things can not upset me anymore. I work more efficiently now and I can laugh at things. In this business someone is always trying to throw you a curve, but I can handle it now. I am becoming a leader and I am respected for it. I feel good about myself now.

I use the techniques on my own everyday. I examine what is upsetting me everyday and I use the techniques to get rid of the upset. I wish that I had this when I was younger because it would have really changed my life.

I would rate the changes 3.5 out of a possible 4."

S. M. - Manager
Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: November 1, 2001 to December 3, 2001
Total of 3 sessions
Follow Up: February 11, 2001 - No relapse
Problem existed for 1 year
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"For 20 years I had this problem. I had become a hopeless case. I was running away and drinking a lot and feeling totally helpless.

I talked to many other people who said that it worked, so when I came in I was not that skeptical. I was amazed after the first session. I was not even sure what was going on but I was getting out of the fog. I was scared that I would be hypnotized and become a different person but we did not use much hypnosis and I was in control all the time. I started to relax. That was a key point in facing my problems and not drinking anymore. It really eased my mind. I sleep good and wake up feeling good about myself. Before, I did not even want to start the day.

I score the treatments 3.5 out of 4. It has been 3 months and I am feeling better all the time."

Calvin Haugan
Gundy, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: October 24, 2000 to December 5, 2000
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up February 20, 2001 - No relapse
Problem existed for 20 plus years


"I have been in complete and utter terror of dentists since I was eight years old. Valium shots were needed to calm me down all the time. When I tried to make and keep a dental appointment I would often be hospitalized because I was paralyzed with fear. I would have horrible nightmares and I could not eat. I would have to cancel the appointment to keep my sanity.

I am in disbelief. We had 2 sessions and I was calm but waiting for the panic to set in. It never did! The day before the dental appointment I was calm and had a good night's sleep and in the morning I even had a coffee which I do not do normally because I would get too worked up. I kept waiting and waiting for the fear and nothing and nothing.... I felt great. I was calm in the dental chair. The needles in the roof of my mouth did not bother me,... that used to be unbearable. They had to do the most work in this first session and I got through it so well, I am sure I can handle the others. The dentist knows me and she said that she would definitely recommend your treatments to her other nervous patients.

I am using the techniques at home regularly and am sleeping like a baby now. I am ever so thankful that you got me in for treatment before the dental appointment. I am almost giddy with happiness. It is such a relief not to experience that horror. Out of a possible 4, I rate the treatment a total 4.

I want people to know that they do not have to keep on suffering anymore. Call me and I will be glad to tell you everything that happened."

Rosemary Katola
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: February 8, 2001 and February 13, 2001
Problem existed for 44 years


"I got a new job that demanded that I climb two hundred or more feet. I would try my best to climb but my hands would cramp up. I kept thinking of excuses not to do it. I would probably lose this good paying job soon. I would get a call to an oil rig to repair something and I would be nervous and worry about having to climb the derrick. I would think, 'Oh my God, I hope I do not have to climb. Maybe I can fix it on the floor?' I would also have to drive a lot in adverse weather conditions and I would have a death grip on the steering wheel and my whole body would be tense. I was jumpy and overcautious,... expecting the worst. It opened up a whole can of worms for me.

My first impression of the therapy was confusing. I thought that I would go to sleep under hypnosis. I was quite amazed at how you contacted the subconscious mind. I even tried it on my wife and she was amazed. I was really impressed.After that session, I noticed a major change. I could climb with confidence and no discomfort. I was not worried about it anymore. I am so confident now that I come down quickly. If you told me that I would do this a year ago, I would say you were crazy. You could not even get me to think about going up, never mind going up and down confidently. It is such a big relief on my part. I now feel really confident with extreme heights. My job was at stake and in 2 hours, it all turned around. Amazing to say the least. The treatment was 8 months ago and it has been getting stronger and stronger and more comfortable all the time. I am also way more relaxed when driving now. I drive calmly and safely no matter how bad the weather gets.

I told everyone,... I rate it 3 out of 4 or higher on your success scale."

Rob Ness
Pouce Coupe, B.C., Canada
Treatment: July 6, 2000
Follow Up: February 25,2001 - Treatment seems stronger


"I felt tremendous overwhelm and frustration. I could not get my head straight... I was full of stress. Two or three times a month I would have a crying session... bawling it out. I have not felt the need to cry anymore. I used to have a know in my gut all the time, but now it is gone as well for the very first time, that is how much better I am feeling. I am doing more, handling complex business issues without any stress and it has been over 3 months now. I am especially impressed because I can now recall previous painful memories without the slightest upset,... it does not hurt anymore. I used to be short of sleep all the time and walking around like a zombie,... but that is over. I can even nap in the afternoon which I could never do before.

I was an emotional wreck when I came in for treatment and I came out totally sane. The treatment is 4 out of 4 all the way. It was like going from black to white. Awesome changes."

Duane L. - CEO
Fort St.John, B.C., Canada
Treatment: September 29, 2000 to December 5, 2000
Total of 8 sessions
Follow Up: March, 2001 - No relapse
Problem existed for 30 years
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"I gained 30 pounds in a few months, I was lazy and had no motivation to go to the gym anymore. There was a gym right across the field from where I live. I did not go to the gym once in two months and I used to go regularly. I had always been active and fit,... I did not know what was going on. I had no idea why this was happening. I did my best to analyze my life. I felt hopeless. I also became a loner and did not socialize at all.

Acupressure relieved my crippling arthritis a few years ago so I was glad to find someone who used similar techniques for emotional problems. Everything began to change for me when I discovered that past upsets were doing this to me. Since coming here and dealing with those things through acupressure for emotions and subconscious mind techniques I am completely motivated to go to the gym, get a nice body and dress attractively and meet lots of people and get lots of attention. It is an awesome change in only 6 hours of coming here.

If anyone doubts that these techniques do work, I am glad to talk to them personally about it. There is just no reason to be skeptical. I rank it 4 out of 4. It really works."

Jessica Crawshaw
North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Treatment: February 21, 2001 to March 13, 2001
Total of 3 sessions
Problem existed for approximately 6 months


"Kelsey was so reluctant to go to school. Everyday she would say she was sick. She was so afraid of school and doing the schoolwork. It was a huge chore and she was so sad. She could not do the times tables at all. She always had to have the full chart with her. She would know them one day and then forget them the next,... it was like she would never seen them before. she would get so frustrated beyond imagination. She would cry while we were doing her homework and crumple up her paper and break her pencil in frustration because she was really trying so hard. Even after we had practiced and practiced, it just would not get through to her.

Now, after 2 sessions, she is so optimistic about school. Her confidence has just skyrocketed. Her retention for the times tables now is great, astounding even. Now she is not afraid of going to school anymore. She even looks forward to school,... who would have believed it. She wants to see what the next challenge will be. This is an entirely different person than before. She wants to be involved and do things. She is spontaneous, laughs easily, brighter and happier.

I thought I might see some improvement in her school skills but it is her self image that changed so much. She takes pride in herself and her schoolwork reflects that 100 percent. She used to be such a timid little girl. She just would not try things. Now she has so much more confidence in speaking and answering questions, and in noticing things. She is formulating her own conclusions.

I rate the therapy 3 out of 4, but Kelsey rates it 4 out of 4, and I guess she should know. Either way, it is wonderful. We are believers now. We have seen it for ourselves."

Val Haugan (speaking of her 10 year old daughter, Kelsey Haugan)
Treatment: February 20, 2001 and March 15, 2001
Problem existed for 5 years


"I was in excruciating pain. I could not eat, could not talk, could not drink water, could not even brush my teeth and I could not sleep. I had this pain in my right jaw for 8 months and I had gone to all the medical professions and they could not seem to help me. If I had not come in on that Friday morning, I would not have lasted the weekend, the pain was so bad and there was no relief in sight. I came in open minded and desperate for relief. I was willing to give it a try and it worked. I have my life back. I rate it beyond 4 out of 4. I would be willing to talk to anyone about this treatment,... it has literally saved my life.

I really have my life back. Now I can control the pain if it tries to return. After the last session, I felt like eating again.... I had lost fifteen pounds since July and I was becoming skin and bones.... I could really bite into that cheeseburger. It was wonderful."

5 Months Later: (This is a testimonial letter from Gail which best describes her condition at this point in time)

"August 15, 2001,

This is my story, which you would not be reading if it wasn't for Gary Lowe. My name is Gail Crowe, age 46, a housewife, happily married for 25 years with two healthy children age ten and thirteen, living in Fort St.John, British Columbia.

Everyone nowadays takes life for granted and I was no exception until illness stopped me in my tracks! My problems started with a simple toothache back in July, 2000, and by September, I had severe muscle spasms in my right cheek. I have spent the past ten months not able to do such normal daily tasks as eating, drinking, talking, brushing my teeth, licking an envelope and kissing my husband. Consequently, I have lost 23 pounds which I did not need to lose.

Many hours have been spent with my dentist, doctor, specialist, chiropractor and massage therapist, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me, until I heard about Gary Lowe, counselling psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist in Dawson Creek.

The pain from the muscle spasms being unbearable, losing weight, my children wanting their mum back, my husband feeling helpless, no resemblance of a normal life, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by going to see Gary. I had my first appointment with Gary in March, 2001 and I have been under his care ever since. To make a long story short, I had a lot of suppressed emotions from a young age which were causing my pain. The pain was actually affecting organs in my body... my whole body was in shutdown! Gary dealt with all the suppressed emotions in my subconscious and I started to get relief and begin to recover.

At this time, I am 98% better and I thank God daily for my precious life that I took for granted,... and that is so easily taken away! There is no other way to say it, 'Gary Lowe Saved My Life!'

I needed to write this testimonial so that people know not to give up hope! There are people in this world that can help you! No one deserves to suffer and go through what I went through. If this testimonial can help one person it will be worth it!

If anyone reading this would like to contact me, I can be reached via Gary Lowe.

Gail Crowe"

Note: I thank Gail for this testimonial to the efficiency of these wonderful new therapeutic techniques. Her recovery was a matter of teamwork involving the registered clinical psychologist who originally trained me in these techniques and her own willingness to heal.

Recent follow up March 26, 2003: Gail reports that there has been absolutely no return of the mysterious pain. She is pleased to be pain free ever since the completion of our last session March 29, 2001.

Gail Crowe
Fort St.John, B.C., Canada
Treatment: March 7, 2001 to March 29, 2001
Total of 6 sessions
Problem existed for approximately 8 months


"My son, Sam, hated Math and Science. He got 28% in Math and was failing Science and doing poorly all around. His whole attitude was bad. He wanted to quit. He tried to study but could not retain anything, so he gave up. He was failing badly and nothing could help him.

I heard you on the radio and thought maybe you could help because nothing else was. Right after the second session there was a noticeable change and by the third session he was his old self. You got rid of the emotional blocks from grade 2, and grade 7 and 8 and that changed everything for Sam. That set him free,... he would have suffered for the rest of his life it was so bad.

He enjoys Math now. He got 3 100% on his last 3 tests and 85% on his last Science Exam. His whole attitude is healthy and lighter,... if that makes any sense? I was so skeptical and now I am amazed. How can that happen in only 6 hours?

He even decided to do his homework rather than go to a hockey game with me. He said that he would like to go but he had to finish his homework and that he would pass on it. My wife and I just stared at each other in disbelief. He even read 5 chapters of a novel in order to complete an English assignment. He refused to read any books before this. This was a first. His priorities have changed.

The best thing we could have done was have him see you,... it saved him, what else can I say. To tell the truth, I was very skeptical at first but by the second session, his changes were undeniable. I was convinced. What you are doing is simply amazing. It only took 6 hours and it was well worth the money. His turn around was worth much more than the fee.

I would tell the skeptic: try it and you will be surprised. I never dreamed this could happen,... and so quickly. I rate it more than 4 out of 4 on Gary's scale. Without a doubt, it is right off the board. He had one bad day but you showed him how to handle it and he did. It has been over 2 months now and the changes are lasting."

Rob Hampton (father of Sam Hampton)
Blueberry Mountain, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: February 15, 2001 to March 7, 2001
Total of 3 sessions
Problem existed for 8 years


"I was failing my grade nine near the end of the school year and it looked like I was doomed. All my friends would go on to high school and I would be stuck with all the little grade niners. I studied hard but I could not get the marks. It was so frustrating and it felt hopeless.

I worked with Gary once a week for a month and by the end of the school year I went from C minus to B plus. We got rid of a lot of stuff from the past that was stopping me from really applying myself at school,... especially in English. By the time we finished, I had about a month of school left and I worked as hard as before, but this time it worked. In only a month, I got a B plus overall. This is awesome and anybody who wants good marks should do this.

Later, I entered an amateur boxing competition and Gary worked with me to become a better boxer and even though I did not win all my matches, it definitely helped me."

Dillon Korbay
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: March 2, 1998 to April 16, 1998
Total of 6 sessions
Follow Up: June, 1998 - No relapse; November 1999 - No relapse
Problem existed for 2 years


"I have had tremors in my neck and a shaky voice all my life, ever since I can remember. The doctor wanted to inject a botulism into the neck muscle to prevent my head from shaking. I was frightened to have that done and I was desperate for help. I tried absolutely everything to stop the tremors and nothing helped.

Right after the first session there was a major improvement. I was in disbelief because it was all about emotions from my childhood,... nothing had been able to get to it before. After the second session the tremors left totally. It all seemed so simple.

I am willing to talk to others if they think this stuff does not work because I was pretty skeptical myself, at first. I rate the overall success of these treatments as 3.5 out of a possible 4."

Giselle Guay
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: February 12, 2001 to March 20, 2001
Total of 4 sessions
Follow Up: June 2001 - No relapse
Problem existed for 50 years


"I could not have been any more down,... I was considering suicide. I considered myself a failure at every aspect of life. I had spent months this way.After the first 2 hour session, I walked out feeling totally different. All these weights, stresses, depression,... gone! This is not exaggerated. I was at peace for the first time in a long time.

The treatments seemed so strange. It is really hard to describe other than you have got to experience it your own self. I was afraid I would be hypnotized and quack like a duck and lose control but my eyes were open all the time and I felt normal. I was aware of everything all the time. I never expected these results. I was completely blown away after the first session. I was amazed. I did not think it was possible. Even in the best scenario I never would have dreamed it possible. I really did not notice anything going on during the session, till the end,... then, whoa! What happened?

I am a totally private person and I was so nervous even trying to talk to Gary about my problem. I have never discussed my feeling with anyone before,... not even my mom! I have always kept everything inside all the time... all my life. Now I am completely comfortable opening up to other people. I can now talk about things that I never dreamed I would be able to talk about before. It is so good for me... sharing feelings and emotions after 40 years of silence.

If you are skeptical, I would say do not judge it until you try it. I was uncertain when I came in, but I gave it an honest try and followed instructions and got super fast results. In 2 sessions I went from despair to confidence. That is all I can say in a nutshell. There are still problems out there but I do not feel hopeless.... I have got a shot at them now.

I would rate it 4 out of 4 without a doubt. No question about it. I know the techniques do not work for everyone but they sure worked for me. Even in my wildest dreams I never expected such changes so fast.

I would be glad to talk to others who are depressed and are not sure if they should try this. It is amazing. Unbelievable. I would tell the whole world and stand in front of God and tell just what happened here."

Peter Jensen
Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada
Treatment: April 12 , 2001 and April 13, 2001
Problem existed for 6 months
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"I was very tired, lethargic, unhappy and depressed and within 4 weeks I feel 100% better. I tried everything to help myself but it always failed and this is the first time something actually worked for me. A friend had been treated by Gary and said I should try it. At first I was skeptical because I tried everything else but she convinced me to go.

I now have energy and focus and I definitely have more self confidence. I feel like I am now, finally, who I am really supposed to be. I am really myself and happy with who I am. I used to try to be someone else in order to please others all the time. They used to put me down and I believed I was no good and I worried so much about it.

I rate it one million out of a possible 4. I truly believe it was worth every penny. How can you put a price tag on the rest of your life? It is priceless to make theses changes. It works and is worth every cent. I would tell a person to give it a chance,... give it a try,... it is worth it. I truly feel so much better. How nice it is to wake up and feel happy. I got a lot more than I ever expected. It surprised me that it took only 6 hours to get over so much upset. I sleep so well now.

It is too bad the whole world can not come for just one treatment.

Zoe Trahern
Treatment: June 28, 2001 to July 24, 2001
Total of 5 sessions
Problem existed for 10 years


"Before, I felt like a desperate individual,... life was not working for me at all. I had a lot of different issues,... anger, sadness and an addiction,... and the change has been amazing. I could hardly go through a day without getting angry and I was escaping through the addiction that was totally out of control. I desperately needed a change and that change has been amazing.

I was never skeptical about this. It seemed I was meant to come here. We did 9 sessions and I feel wonderful. Those daily irritations are gone and so is the addiction problem. I feel happy, I am in control and have freedom and peace of mind,... and stability at last. Most of my life has been a put down and now it does not matter what they think or say. I have left all the old junk behind and brought in new, good stuff.

This was truly amazing and life altering. I rate it 10 out of 4 on your scale of 4. It was well worth the money I spent. There is no amount you can place on your own mental health. Without this help, I would have been a raving lunatic. I dumped a whole load of garbage in just 9 sessions. It is wonderful,... so fast and 100% effective as far as I am concerned! Wonderful! Simple! Fabulous! I am telling all my friends and relatives.

I learned techniques that work for me anywhere at all and I really appreciate getting control without being dependent on a therapist.

Michelle Dedora
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Treatment: July 5, 2001 to August 31, 2001
Total of 9 sessions
Problem existed for a lifetime
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"Procrastination and anger were major problems in my life. It all started when I was a kid,... feelings of insecurity, poor self esteem and all the repercussions from those things really affected the rest of my life. I would not let myself win at things, even when I could do better than others. I have done 4 sessions and I am definitely doing things and not procrastinating any more. My self esteem and self confidence have definitely improved also. I am not afraid to reach out and help someone else on a one to one basis,... I am more accepting and tolerant. I am stronger now and it does not weigh me down any longer. I have more understanding and insights into my life.

I would rate the treatment at least 3 out of a possible 4 and I would be glad to tell anyone that this really works. If others have similar problems to mine, I would definitely suggest that they get this treatment."

Mary Davies
Fort St. John
Treatments started May 24, 2001 through June 18, 2001
Total of 5 session
Follow Up due September, 1999
Problem existed for 50 years


"I have lost 42 pounds since July. Four months ago, I never expected to be where I am today. I was really skeptical and hesitant to begin with, but let me tell you, it really works. It has been a pain free experience,... I do not miss the old bad eating habits,... I do not even think about it.

At first it takes a little adjusting but after the first week there is no problem. I saw Gary 4 times so I averaged about 10 pounds per visit, if you look at it that way. I feel great and it was easier than anyone would believe. The only downside I can find is that I have to buy a new wardrobe."

Sondi Deak
Tumbler Ridge, B.C.
Treatment started April 12, 1997 through June 2, 1997
Total sessions: 4
Follow Up: August 1997 - Lost 22 pounds; October 23, 1997 - Lost 42 pounds
Problem lasted about 10 years


"I originally sought help to become more skilled at day trading but I quickly found out that I had a lot more problems underneath that. I wanted to start day trading again and make some money because I had employment problems, some upsetting relationship issues with my family and others, plus my father just died. This all happened within six weeks. I was depressed, suicidal and desperate,... really down when I came in.

Away back in 1978 a fellow I worked for died when I was a kid. I did not think I had an issue with it at all but I found out it was a source of my misery. We worked though my marriage and other things that were jamming me up. I found out that a real deep key issue was my need to beat myself up and anger and rage ever since I was a kid. We worked through that extensively and everything improved rapidly. I was surprised. The third session was a huge breakthrough and everything got so much better.

I have therapeutic tools that I can use on my won to counteract emotional upsets. They are simple and they work. This has changed my life. I never thought that this could be possible for me. If I had a hole in my roof I could fix it before the rain got in. I can now do the same thing with emotional problems,... I know how to fix them on my own.

I would say to a new person,... come in and get treated and do not try to figure it out or analyze it. It is amazing and subtle but it works. I feel so much better now and people notice this. I can handle the stress now.

I rate it four out of four on Gary's scale in improvements in only ten hours of treatment. I do not know how many hours, or months or years it would take in talk therapy to even find the core issue that was holding me back. If you doubt what I am saying, you can call me or e-mail me anytime."

Chris Reid
Grand Prairie, Alberta
Treatment started June 7, 2001 through July 4, 2001
Total of 5 sessions
Follow Up: scheduled October, 2001
Problem existed for a lifetime (40 plus years)
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"When I saw what the treatments did for my wife's pain, I wondered if it could help me with my weight? Before, I tried everything to lose weight,... every diet and nothing worked. I have been hungry all my life. I could finish a full course meal and still be hungry.

It was easier to lose this weight than I ever expected. I began to lose steadily. My personality changed for the better,... my daughter really noticed. I feel younger and happier now. I have some serious business stress in my life that normally would drive me to the fridge,... but no more. I am really in control of it now. Nothing can make me overeat anymore. It comes off slow and steady. Sometimes it bounces up and down, but at the end of the week, I am still losing.

My wife and son have benefited from these treatments and I would really recommend Gary and his work,... even though I was a total disbeliever. I thought it was all phony. I rate it 4 out of 4 and I can not say enough about the changes. I will gladly tell anyone about this."

Sheldon Crowe
Fort St.John, B.C.
Treatments started May 11, 2001 through August 23,2001
Total sessions: 5
Follow Up: December, 2001: first 5 month, 25 pound loss, never any gain
Problem lasted about 15 years


"Denver hated school intensely... everything about it. He had a hard time writing... it was not legible. He hated school, he did not want to cooperate in school... he had bullies bothering him and he figured he was stupid because he was left handed. He honestly believed that he could never do well in school no matter what.

Gary treated Denver in August, so we had to wait for school to start before we knew if it was helping. He moto-cross raced and right away at the race meets in August, he immediately changed. He raced with more confidence. Everyone noticed and commented on it. It happened so suddenly.

When school started I noticed a real difference in Denver. He said, 'I think I am going to learn something in school this year... I think I will have a good year.' This was certainly a drastic change in attitude. He was enjoying school so much that once he forgot that it was Saturday and was quite upset about it. He is getting there at 7:30 in the morning and he even enjoys his homework because he realizes that if he does it, he wont fail. His writing has improved so much, his spelling is much better and he is reading a novel which he has never done before in his life. He is just totally changed. His self esteem is phenomenal and he is dealing with tons of bullies now and he has actually made friends with some of them now.

I can foresee him getting his grade 12 now, whereas 2 months ago I had doubts that he would get through grade 7. I would rate Denver's improvements 4 out of 4 on the treatment scale and I would be glad to talk to any skeptical parents anytime."

Gail Crow (reporting on her son, Denver, 10 years old)
Fort St. John, B.C.
Treatment started July 17, 2001 through July 31, 2001
Total sessions: 3
Follow Up: December, 2001
Problem lasted 5 years


"I had a hard time making decisions. It was like I had put up walls around myself and I was limited in what I could do or how I could perform,... but now after 8 hours of treatment I feel comfortable with myself and other people. I have learned how to communicate. There is so much less anxiety... I am really so relaxed around others. My energy level is up and I no longer feel trapped like before and all my anger is gone.

It was well worth the money. It is a small price to pay to be out of the doldrums finally and see a real light at the end of the tunnel.

Several other people I knew had worked with Gary and I could see their improvements that the treatments made for them,... so I was eager to try it. I was conscious and aware all the time and the only hypnosis I did was right at home every night that I went to sleep,... listening to a tape. I was uncertain about the methods at first but as soon as I left the office the first time, I began to feel the changes. It is absolutely worth it. I expected the regular type of therapy that would go on for months on end and every time I came up to Dawson, I would have to have another session. I was surprised that I felt better so quickly and especially that I can deal with upsets as they come up... on my own without relying on Gary. It is a great therapy. I call it 3 or more out of 4 on his scale. If you want to talk to me about what happened, I would be glad to do that."

Jordy Purves
Edmonton, Alberta
Treatments started August 20, 2001 through September 18, 2001
Total sessions: 4
Follow Up: December 2001
Problem lasted 20 years
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Needed Something To Let Me Escape

"I was really down on myself,... doubting my abilities, and I needed an emotional crutch to keep me going, and it was getting totally out of control.

One treatment and I came out in control and every treatment it got better. I was not sure what this stuff was at first but the only thing of importance is that it worked. I thought it might be phoney at first but I was sure wrong. I really had my doubts that it would work at the start... because I did not think past events could have any bearing on how I was feeling now. Things in the past that I had totally forgotten about were creating this lack of control that was messing up my life today. I would not have believed it.

It was worth the money because I can deal with whatever comes along now because I learned how to use the techniques on my own. On Gary's success scale it is 4 out of 4 for me.

Danny Moore
Pouce Coupe, B.C.
Treatments started August 15 through September 4, 2001
Total treatments: 4
Follow Up: December 2001
Problem lasted 5 years


"My daughter was very happy with her results she got, so I thought it was worth a try. I spent 5 years with one psychiatrist and a year and a half with another. My daughter said, 'Is not it amazing how many years we have spent in therapy before and we never felt this good and it only took hours.'

Who knows why this works? I listen to the tapes and I am always aware and in control. It brings a calmness to my life. It seems like a silly process when you do it, but it sure calms me down fast and I can get on with my day. It is like an oasis. My self esteem is good,... no comparison to before. A lot of things that came out really surprised me but I am over everything from the past. No more, poor me, poor me. Everything just fell into place. The most important part by far was the feeling of calmness it instills in me. My life is clear and manageable now with 4 hours of treatment. I used to want the world to go on without me but now I get out of bed feeling great.

It is unbelievable but it works. Be skeptical if you want but just follow instructions and it will work for you. It seems too easy yet I know from the way I feel that it works. You do not have to believe in it,... just do it.

It is the best investment I have ever made in myself. It makes me wonder why I spent so much time and money on other therapies before this."

Jenine Welsh
Baldonnel, Alberta
Treatments started June 30, 2000 through July 14, 2000
Total sessions: 3
Follow up: August 14, 2001 - Some minor relapses but basically satisfactory improvements
Problem lasted 22 years


"I had a lot of anger. I was mad and sad as I could be. Summertime would drive me crazy because my work is seasonal. I had a great inability to relax and enjoy things. I drove myself constantly. I was not happy unless I was working and productive all the time. I would get mad and feel guilty if I tried to relax. I even canceled my only vacation after a few days because I worried about my business so much. Then I felt guilty about being unable to take a vacation. There was never ending fear, stress and anxiety and I was helpless.

We only did a few sessions and I am relaxed. The anxiety and tension is gone. I do not make mountains out of molehills anymore. Close friends and relatives have noticed how much happier I am. I went from rock bottom to feeling great in a few hours. I noticed the change the very first time,... as soon as I left the office. I was walking across the parking lot and I knew something good had happened. Now when I look at all that anger I had, I wonder how I could have ever been that way.

These are really strange techniques. I was surprised but not disappointed. I though I would be hypnotized and forget everything but I was awake all the time. I was really surprised that I could do it by myself, on my own, without Gary's help. I do not depend on Gary to deal with upsets because I learned how to do it on my own.

I rate it 3.5 out of 4 on Gary's scale. I put a high value on happiness and well being and it was definitely, definitely worth the money. Give it a try and see how easy it is. The hardest part was making the phone call. I will share my experience here with anybody.

David Toews
Beaverlodge, Alberta
Treatment started June 13 through September 10, 2001
Total treatments: 3
Follow up: December, 2001
Problem existed 30 years
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Important Note:

If you have not discovered a recommendation concerning your problem, please call me. There are over 60 more client statements on file and they are growing in number regularly. Obviously, I cannot reproduce them all at this time.

These testimonials and recommendations are real! Some are direct copies of letters or e-mails sent to me, others are excerpts of telephone conversations that the client agreed to record. Everyone has willingly consented to the use of their names, except for a few clients who prefer to use initials for reasons of confidentiality. My practice is in a small town (Dawson Creek, B. C., Canada, Population 10,000) and some clients live in surrounding villages or even smaller farming communities and they are more sensitive to having their personal problems made public.

These testimonials express the dramatic improvements my clients have made. Because you are a unique individual with your own personal history of problems and stresses, I can not claim that you will get the same wonderful and exciting results that these clients talk about. It is very possible that you may experience similar results or your improvements may be somewhat less powerful or even insignificant.

A recent survey shows that 87.5% of my clients benefit to a significant degree from these new treatment techniques, but that also means that 12.5% derive minimal benefits from the same techniques. If a therapist ever tries to tell you that they have a treatment that works for everyone, all the time - BEWARE! The survey clearly indicates that 9 out of 10 clients are satisfied with their results. I wish I could say that everyone benefits from this type of therapy all the time, but I cannot. No therapy is perfect.

The wonderful thing about these treatments are that it does not take months and years to overcome your problems. Most therapists still use regular talk therapies that are not, in my opinion, very effective and the results are often temporary. These therapists are good people but they have been trained in the wrong area of therapy. They work with the conscious, logical mind.

Almost every client that I work with is skeptical at first, but they quickly change their minds as you may have already noted from the client testimonials. It is no longer necessary to continue your struggle alone or with inadequate help because subconscious mind and acupressure therapies are now available to help you.

Gary A. Lowe, M. Ed. C. H.

(Masters of Education, Couns. Psych.)


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